The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 9

A Price Above Rubies

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 10, 2009 on CBS

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  • Average.

    The Mentalist has a certain charm that lets it stand out from the rest of CBS' dramas that are usually pretty dull, with the exception of a good episode. Most installments of The Mentalist are enjoyable, and this certainly was, but was not one of the season's best.

    I think the main problem with this show is that the guest stars are hard to tell apart. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit is the quintessential example of how to book guests. The victims, the suspects, they are all very easy to follow and keep track of, but for The Mentalist it is the exact opposite. I am not saying they need to book big names like SVU does, but get actors who can distinguish themselves, or you are going to confuse a lot of viewers.
  • Bosco is dead. Minelli is retired. And a new chapter of "The Mentalist" begins.

    What better way to start afresh than with a gala event in formal attire. Lisbon appeared stunning(especially with the tiara) and Jane seemed right at home in a tuxedo working "a fat crowd of suckers." Cho looked as if he just stepped off a James Bond movie set and Rigsby and Van Pelt made an attractive couple.

    Admittedly, the plot was rather convoluted in the beginning but finally smoothed out. There were also some notable personality changes that may only be temporary or could be a pattern for the rest of the season. Lisbon seemed somewhat subdued; however, Bosco's death is probably still weighing heavily on her mind and heart. As for Jane, some of Bosco's tough guy routine may have rubbed off on him. He seemed much more aggressive in his approach to witnesses and suspects with such lines as "this is a murder investigation and I can be as hard ass as I'd like to be." Cho and Rigsby didn't appear much different, but Van Pelt is definitely looking ahead in her relationship with Rigsby. The rules are the rules and if their relationship is exposed, one of them will have to leave CBI. Van Pelt would be the likeliest candidate, especially as a Red John victim.

    On the heels of such a tragic-ridden episode as "His Red Right Hand," this episode seems more transitional in nature, and the writers would certainly not want to give away how the rest of the season will play out. It was well worth the watch and the season still has a long way to go.

    "The Mentalist" is still a "must watch."
  • Meh...

    After the power and emotion of His Red Right Hand this episode was pretty low on my favourites scale. Jane's magic trick was cool, and his little speech about what all those rich people had and should be thankful for was exactly what I'd come to expect from him, but other than that... I was disappointed.

    Lisbon snapping that rich old lady's head off for offering sympathy for Bosco and his team's deaths was, I guess, something someone mourning like Lisbon is would do, but the fact that she just bluntly stated that they don't talk about it is very telling. Bottling stuff like that up is dangerous, especially in the line of work she's in. Which makes being betrayed by a therapist earlier in the season all the more dangerous; she's about as against shrinks as Jane claims to be and, clearly, she's not talking about what happened with her team (that wouldn't be like her, anyway) and the show has yet to give her any support system outside of the CBI -- and with Manelli gone, and Bosco dead, the people inside the CBI she might have gone to are few and far between.

    The case itself wasn't all that inspired, either. It almost bordered on cliche, really. I had the killer figured out long before Jane started focusing on him; it was clear to me from basically the start.

    All in all not the best episode.
  • Really good episode to come back to after the 2 week break.

    I really enjoyed this episode. We start up with the crew at a fundraiser event where Jane has been volunteered to "preform" for the crowd in hopes of raising money for the CBI. He of course goes off course and tells them that they are all lucky and don't know what real problems are so they should give there money to do some actual good in the world. He is very charming of course and the fat cats start writing checks. The host of the event brings up the murders of Bosco and his crew and it is obvious that Lisbon is still very shaken up about it and doesn't wish to discuss it. Next the host receives a phone call telling her her husband has been shot while their jewelry store was being robbed.

    Typical case stuff happens, Grace brings up to Rigsby that she's not happy hiding their relationship regardless of the rules and Rigsby kinda blows her off saying they will talk about it later. Jane definetly knows about them though he hasn't said anything directly. Lisbon and Jane are paired up a lot for this episode doing their cute bicker thing that they do, earning them an eye roll from Grace at one point. Jane even posses as Lisbon's husband so they can get access to records at a rehab center. Lisbon is not impressed but she plays along. Nothing earth shattering like the last episode, just a good, entertaining Mentalist for this week.