The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 18

Aingavite Baa

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 08, 2010 on CBS

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  • Sigh.....

    This episode had alot of good points. But OMG...get rid of Hightower. The "boss" has never had so much air time as her. Please, writers, there is nothing "cute or funny" with Hightower and Jane's exchanges.
    Thinking positive that someone "gets rid of her!".....either fired or in a body bag. I wasn't going to bother with a review....just sort of pissed me off that the writers chose to go in this direction...with the new "boss"
    I'm sure I'll get ALL thumbs be's just my opinion
    Still don't have one hundred words....Love the rest of the cast. I hope Grace isn't really gone!!
  • bah

    The best part of this episode was Patrick Jane beating the kid at their billiards wager. There was nothing overly "mentalist" about that either. It was just a clever scene.

    But when the show clearly tries to make Rigsby and Van Pelt their Pam and Jim, that I do not like. I think they realized they pulled the trigger on this relationship to early and are trying to cover their tracks, but I simply do not care about this. When you watch a show on CBS, a drama on CBS, you are watching for one reason, to see a murder be resolved, not grown adults cry about not being able to do the no no anymore without getting fired.

    Not a terrible episode, but just please give us a break from this relationship.
  • Although their still exists a deep lack of mental acuity, the promise of character developement is enough to keep me watching.

    Another cliche plot line involving little psychology and based more around urban myths surrounding amnesia, however the sub-plot involving Van pelt and Rigsby is interesting as is the friction caused by the new hard-case boss. We are teased at the possibility that Jane, in his loyalty to Lisbon will try to outmanouver the new boss and I'm sure this will be developed further in later episodes. However, as it stands, although harmlessly entertaining, the show still really lacks the intellectual element and psychological insight that it's name would lead one to expect. Light hypnotherapy and tricking people into incriminating themselves, is not what I was hoping for when the show started. The plot line of revenge for Jane's murdered family has also almost entirely evaporated.

    I like the show and will continue to watch it as a mindless 40 minutes before I go to sleep. But as it stands it is turning into a lazier written version of Lie to Me, which in comparison is far superior in almost every way.
  • I applaud The Mentalist for an amazing effort tonight.

    Hand The Mentalist a fire extinguisher because tonight's episode was on fire! I loved the idea of a "Jane Doe" with amnesia. The storyline was enjoyable and I definitely had trouble figuring out who the killer was. I thought the sub-plot involving Rigsby and Van Pelt was well played aswell, and the writers managed to counter-balance the two storylines nicely. Hightower showed off a softer side of her character tonight, compared to a rough debut last week, which was a very pleasant surprise. All in all, The Mentalist delivered a solidly-written, well-thought out and deftly-plotted script, superbly acted by the cast and an all around damn fine episode of The Mentalist.
  • Okay. I'm prepared to concede that I may have been a bit hard on "Hightower"...

    The operative word here is "may". I may have been too hard. Seems she does have some insight; that she may be willing to give her team members credit where it's due. At least some of them.

    And instead of being a distracting component to this episode, her involvement and/or interference was actually a nice adjunct. It kept the tension higher on the entire story line but did not dominate the case aspect of the episode.

    Still think that Lisbon will have a black mark on her file, wonder if either Van Pelt or Rigsby will be leaving the show (nah...), and continue to be amazed at the total pragmatism of Cho. Jane is still teflon, and Lisbon looks waaaayy out of her element in having to support her tearful team member! As for the case itself, toxic dumping is becoming a bit cliche, but up until those last moments the mystery was high. And then, it just seemed to...end...