The Mentalist

Season 4 Episode 11

Always Bet on Red

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 2012 on CBS

Episode Recap

A divorce attorney named Creek calls upon the CBI to protect him from death threats. Just as Team Lisbon arrives at a marina to meet with him, his high-speed boat explodes. Looks like the death threats were serious.

Team Lisbon sets about trying to figure out who the Creek's killer might be. Creek, not being the most pleasant guy, turns out to have a lot of enemies, so the process of elimination might be difficult. Fellow lawyers at Creek's firm Larry and Colette don't offer much information.

Either there's a Red John copycat on the loose or Jane didn't really kill him. Agent Darcy, who's in charge of the Panzer case, wants to question Jane about Red John's demise.Lisbon is perturbed that Jane hasn't come clean that Red John is still alive.

Van Pelt shows Jane video of someone tailing Darcy. When Jane receives a note from Red John saying "She's cute. This will be fun," he and Van Pelt rush to her hotel room. Darcy seems unfazed by the prospect of a copycat killer coming after her. But Jane knows it's the real deal and worries they can't keep her safe.

On the murdered-lawyer case, Cho and Summer uncover Creek's gambling debts to a mobster named Ed Marx.

Lisbon wants Jane to tell the truth about how Panzer was murdered, but he refuses and insists he can handle things himself. When the father of Panzer's first victim kills himself, Jane ends up framing him as Panzer's killer by planting fake evidence. Jane could give a toss for how the father's widow might feel hearing that her husband is a murderer.

Cho and Summer bring in the mobster and the two lawyers from Creek's office for questioning. Jane pops in to play mind games with them and declares Colette, the lawyer, to be the killer.

At the funeral of the victim's father, Darcy shows up and announces all the evidence that Maier killed Panzer as if he were Red John was found on a drifter. Jane couldn't be more pleased, since now Darcy is off the Red John hunt, which takes her out of the serial killer's path. Lisbon warns Jane that this might anger Red John.