The Mentalist

Season 4 Episode 11

Always Bet on Red

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 2012 on CBS

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  • On to the second half of the season....

    Loved the first scene- Cho and Lisbon running TOWARDS the boat, Jane AWAY from it -you've got to love him. I like Summer a lot more without the "pink tops", and when she visited the poker club with Cho, she looked downright classy. More and more, I see her as a good match for Cho- he needs someone a little more extroverted to thaw out.

    As for Jane-I might be alone with this opinion, but I feel sorry for him. Hunting Red John sure has changed him, and he is in a whole lot of mess. Somehow, I can understand why he doesn't feel that he can tell the truth- he's just in far too deep. I think he wants to do what's right, but Red John's always been the worst possible influence on his moral equilibrium. It's bad that Darcy's been caught in the crossfirebut I'm still sure that Jane is a good guy. He's just right: "Chasing monsters is changing you".

    That he's ready to besmirch Mayor's reputation by framing him as Panzer's killer might seem cruel, but it fits Jane's view of life and death: the dead are dead, and he has a life to save. You see that he somehow has a bad conscience- he honestly liked Mayor. The letter he wrote to Mrs. Mayornice twist of the screenplay that Jane actually finished reading the letter to the crowd after the widow's voice broke- creepy and heart-wrenching. All comes down to one sentence: "Hunting monsters changes you". It has changed him for the better, and for the worse.

    I certainly loved this episode, although it was a sad one. And it showed clearly why Lisbon isn't to be envied- she still has a hard job to do with keeping him in line. And stopping him from hurting himself. The last phrase sets the tone for future Red John episodes- how will Red John react?

    My favorite scenes: The urgency which with Jane acts when he realizes Darcy is in danger- the whole scene, from him pulling out his cell to Grace kicking in Darcy's door, is great. Full of tension. And it soothed my heart: my Jane- he's a good guy, despite the web of lies and deceptions he's entangled in. It's strange that Red John brings out his best as much as his worst sides- but whenever the killer's in the picture, there are people Jane has to protect, too. I also loved the scene where Jane catches the divorce attorney's killer: it had something of a classical thriller-atmosphere, all suspects gathered in a circle, and Jane solves the puzzle effortlessly- he's the master, after all.

    Lisbon and Jane weren't fighting as hard as I had anticipated, and I was relieved to find that there's still this very nice companionship they've had since "Scarlet ribbons"Jane saying that he only told Lisbon about Red John and that they should keep this between them made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. As did the fact that she actually went along with his "deniability"-stuff and didn't ask any further questions. I know, she's bending the rules for him, that's not good, she's a naughty, naughty girl- but secretly, I find myself pumping my fist thinking: Yeeeeeessss
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