The Mentalist

Season 4 Episode 14

At First Blush

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2012 on CBS

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  • A Summer Fall

    Great fun -- Jane correctly discerns innocence from observing eclectic details of the accused murderess, a rich and successful woman who wants to keep her vineyard small rather than going corporate, as her partner desires. Although she is beautiful and wealthy, Eve reveals a startling lack of concern about her appearance in an impromptu news conference on the courthouse steps: runs in her nylons, messy hair, a missing button from her wrinkled and tattered raincoat these are not the marks of a guilty woman who is putting on a show. Neither is her body language, which reveals honest love for, and grief for, her parents when Jane questions her briefly about them. Using that verification of her "body English" to evaluate the rest of her answers to reporters, he immediately assesses her innocence. With the help of the team, Jane not only proves Eve's innocence just before the verdict is read but also assists in capturing both the actual murderer and a dangerous Irish criminal on the lam in California.

    The real fun, however, occurs when Cho reveals to Summer, most reluctantly, that "I do like you" unfortunately, not readily enough to avoid a quick slap, since he had had the temerity to fire Summer from her job as confidential informant for taking reckless chances, but in time to avoid its follow-up -- and in time to be rocked on his feet by Summer's passionate kiss of apology and emotion. As the elevator door closes upon Cho's enthusiastic initiation of the next kiss, we know that he will have sufficient motivation to toss the pain pills about which his partner was worried. And we're looking forward to next week!

  • Another Great One

    This case I couldn't predict it got me by surprise. I even thought that Jane might of got something mixed up, but it was right on the money. The writing was great and Cho and his informant are good together I'm starting to liker her more and more. Just an excellent performance on Jane and Lisbon for their great on screen chemistry on this episode. They don't question or need to ask they just do what each other want, its amazing how all of them got so close. Oh yea what happen to Cho other girlfriend, they seem like they were getting real close?
  • Finally, Kimball's turn.

    Each characters got their own love lives and all of them were driving the audiences crazily-addicted. Now, it's Kimball's turn. A tough guy finally met his passionate woman. Couldn't wait to see more!!
  • Left something hanging

    What was the deal with the missing overcoat button?
  • Awesome episode!!

    This was an exceptionally great episode.

    The little twist of solving a case that is already on trial made this story more suspenseful.

    I also loved the little accent contest and summer and cho's story line!
  • At First Blush

    I really enjoyed this episode of The Mentalist. It was different, Jane was trying to find the real murderer while a verdict was nearing, not before, and it was not that predictable because I did not pick the right killer. The side storyline with Cho was okay, I suppose, but the main plot is what made it for me. A very entertaining show from start to finish tonight.
  • Really good episode.

    I really liked the case this episode but the best part is that their given Cho a background story and going in to detail, Can't wait till next week.