The Mentalist

Season 5 Episode 18

Behind the Red Curtain

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 24, 2013 on CBS

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  • Ok but Kirkland ...

    The story of the week was very good but think Lennon know red john's identity and red john will not do anything !!!! Someting is wrong !!!
  • Everything is too obvious, isn't it ?

    each red john's associate has a signature, you can spot them out so easily, no surprise.

    is the previous rating of the show has rotted the writers' brain? It seems to me that writers don't squeeze any juice from the story construction work anymore, everything is just so straight forward and does the producer ever feel that Jane be way beyond reasonable to solve case without any plausible step except his sniffing nose ?

    don't blame my english, i am not local.
  • Disgusting continuation of stupid Red John plot.

    Agree completely about CBS' lack of consideration for it's series audience. This would have been a nicely done stand alone Mentalist episode, I would have rated a ten. But it's pretentious Kirkland/Lennon end to continue a long too carried out Red John theme causes me to rate it a 1. I cannot tell you how much this ending disgusted me. It was a build up to a ---- in the hat end that totally disrespects any want of loyalty from a viewer. Surely the whole Lorelei affair deserved a better follow through than this.
  • Didn't get to see the episode

    Really frustrated that I didn't get to see the episode. Tried to find a rerun of the episode on TV but couldn't find one. This happens way too often.
  • At least let us watch it online!

    First they start 45 minutes late and outfox me, because I have my DVR set to record for an hour and a half, so I still missed the end. And when I go to the CBS site to watch it, clicking on The Red Curtain plays Red White and Blue. Arrggghh!
  • CBS is horrible

    I love The Mentalist but if they keep playing The Goodwife far into The Mentalists time slot, I'll just wait for them to show on TNT!
  • Behind the Red Curtain

    Just not one of the more interesting murder mysteries this season. The idea of behind the scenes drama at a theatre production could have been so much better than this.

    Just average.
  • Okay story of the week Not so Okay Red John Crap StoryLine!

    The story of the week was okay not much to wow in it but it was solid entertainment combined with Van Pelts return. The writers had to go and spoil it by continuing the Red John storyline and this is why I don't bother watching this show much these days.

    Red John is as unbelievable as The Following or The Cult ( why they have to make the creepy peopel his followers crappy writing) . The writers have been milking it and not letting it go so much so its BORING!!! I couldn't care less if they said they will reveal who he is. JUST stop with the Red John story And get on. It makes Jane Boring, Lisbon Stupid and the show crappy!
  • once again sport runs long

    I might be able to review if b-ball didnt run 45 mins over. Pushing The Good Wife into The Mentalist. Seems list its always a sport event that runs over causing my recordings to come up without an end.
  • Tired of Red John now

    So tired of the Red John storyline! For me this was a 'filler' episode and not very exciting. Great to see Van Pelt back though.

    For those of you who are sick of the Red John can tell you who RED JOHN is........................ he is the whimpy creepy CSI guy that was just on the episode. Red Lacquer Nail Polish. He has been on the show, i think twice before. IN any had the episode on my DVR of when Patrick was tired up and Red John whispered in his ear. I compared Red John's voice and to to the CSI guys voice and it is definitly him. Strange he doesn't seem like the type of whimpy, that could get all these people to FOLLOW him. In any too wish they would wrap it that i Know who Red John is.
  • Jane loses another chance of getting to Red John.

    In this episode Jane is frustrated at leaving the hospital where Jason Lennon is because he has to work on a case The case was about the death of the lead in the local theater production because she was pushed and fell to her death The case brought back Van Pelt and La Roche who played a vital part in catching the killer But all episode I was waiting for Jane to get the phone call about Jason Lennon waking up from the coma and when he did Robert Kirkland stepped up to finish him off This could mean he is either Red John or is an accomplice but because Red John gets other people to do his dirty work I don't think its Kirkland but Jane definitely suspects him now and I wonder what his next step will be.
  • I dunno

    Can u watch it from here