The Mentalist

Season 5 Episode 9

Black Cherry

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 25, 2012 on CBS

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  • back to normal

    a free-standing episode for the most part. simon got to horse around a lot. besides his wonderful comic timing, he's an excellent physical comedian: the leap over the fence, his "aura" move, how he threw himself to the ground to search the model home. the "kid-hugging" stuff is canned and predictable. cute little boy but what's next, puppies and kittens? at their best, these episodes are a vehicle for jane and lisbon personal interaction or jane backstory. the biggest stretch for me was the idea that loralei didn't realize what she had leaked. the woman who told jane to give the act a rest (really the only instance of anyone calling him on his bull---- and making him back down) would at least realize she made a mistake. this is an instance of the characters doing what the writers need them to do rather than what the characters would do. they made her selectively and conveniently stupid since every viewer and jane knew it the minute she said it. i'm surprised to find myself loving loralei (kudos to the writers on that) and i want her to be just as smart as she is damaged. sorry to have the list of suspects narrowed only because it means the series could be concluding. i'm scouring my "memory palace" for names. gotta be rich, young enough to be virile (3 mistresses, 1 rape) and i hope smart and charming so he's a worthy adversary. if he really is just an "ugly little man, terribly sad" as jane said when he originally p.o'd red john, that would mean jane hit the nail on the head and r.j. killed jane's family because the comment was too near the knuckle. prefer him to be brilliant, handsome, a good dancer and properly slandered.