The Mentalist

Season 5 Episode 9

Black Cherry

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 25, 2012 on CBS

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  • why is it...

    Van Pelt is only sitting at her table - doing nothing else no more? i would love to see development in every character of the serie! is maybe Amanda Righetti pregnant or ill or something?
  • Black Cherry

    A little bit of an unoriginal and uneventful episode of The Mentalist here, and outside of a few humorous lines from Patrick Jane there was not much in the form of entertainment here. The guest actress tried a bit too hard in her role as well.
  • A clever title goes here!

    I have no review fo this episode. I found it tedious and unimaginative. As far as I can tell, this was simply a filler episode to take up space so nothing is revealed too soon. So we find out Jane would be a jerk if not for the curbing influence of his wife and/or the CBI. I think anyone who has watched te series for any length of time already knew that. Many episodes like this and I will stop watching. I really don;t wasnt to , because I want to know if any of the guesses I've made are right. But I also do not want to waste my time. It just was not interesting. If there is not to be any exploration of 'Red John', at least leat the episode shold be intersting on it's own right.
  • back to normal

    a free-standing episode for the most part. simon got to horse around a lot. besides his wonderful comic timing, he's an excellent physical comedian: the leap over the fence, his "aura" move, how he threw himself to the ground to search the model home. the "kid-hugging" stuff is canned and predictable. cute little boy but what's next, puppies and kittens? at their best, these episodes are a vehicle for jane and lisbon personal interaction or jane backstory. the biggest stretch for me was the idea that loralei didn't realize what she had leaked. the woman who told jane to give the act a rest (really the only instance of anyone calling him on his bull---- and making him back down) would at least realize she made a mistake. this is an instance of the characters doing what the writers need them to do rather than what the characters would do. they made her selectively and conveniently stupid since every viewer and jane knew it the minute she said it. i'm surprised to find myself loving loralei (kudos to the writers on that) and i want her to be just as smart as she is damaged. sorry to have the list of suspects narrowed only because it means the series could be concluding. i'm scouring my "memory palace" for names. gotta be rich, young enough to be virile (3 mistresses, 1 rape) and i hope smart and charming so he's a worthy adversary. if he really is just an "ugly little man, terribly sad" as jane said when he originally p.o'd red john, that would mean jane hit the nail on the head and r.j. killed jane's family because the comment was too near the knuckle. prefer him to be brilliant, handsome, a good dancer and properly slandered.
  • So Dean Harken........?

    Pretty much your normal mentalist episode. After everything that went down last week they needed a more relaxing episode to get things back to normal. The case wasn't that clear, they didn't do as good a job showing the motives of the criminals, what exactly really happened, and there just seemed some things left out. The connection between shooting the guy in the hunting accident and killing off their associate who was going to rat them out wasn't clear at all until the end. Just felt kind of weird. But we don't usually watch the Mentalist to put our top focus to see how great the design of the actual cases are. We saw some interesting stuff

    a) there was more of Cho. It'll be interesting to see what this new gig he has does for him(and I think the next episode stems in part around it).

    b) Mr. Jane was more friendly, fun and loose than we've seen the past few episodes. He really seemed to care about the little boy. Really sympathized with him and convinced Lisbon and Rigby's stickler wife to drop the charges in turn. That was nice to see and they did a good job showing this. In general, I was intrigued by both Jane and Lisbon showing more of a connection to the kids and a desire to help them. You could see how happy Lisbon was when that little kid snuck back to give her a hug. It gave the show a different vibe and I liked it.

    c) I would have liked to have seen more into the gang connections and past. After the girl dropped the gun at them and they we saw them briefly being interviewed, there wasn't a whole lot. That was a really interesting theme they had set up.

    d) The scene where they caught them was classic Jane although it wasn't again that clear what exactly they had to convince them they were guilty and to surrender. And really, 3 guys vs Jane and Lisbon and they all surrender? Not sure about that.

    e) Not much in the way of character interaction. Lisbon and Jane had some interesting quibble at the beginning but not too much there and other than your classic cliff hanger(if you want to call it that) of "you were talking in your sleep and drooling.....wait people are coming" and it never being brought up again, we didn't see alot. The rest of the characters have been demoted in terms of their role and importance on the show this year and that trend for the most part continued.

    f) Even though this was only touched upon at the very beginning and ending of the show, along with some parts of the case and the connection with the kids this is what we'll most remember from the show; the Red John search. Just like they had Jane just haplessly try to jump prison fences a few weeks ago like someone with no plan whatsoever, they have Jane writing down every one he has ever shook hands with in an attempt to find Red John. A similarly hopeless plan as Lisbon tells him but in the last 30 seconds of the show we get a hint onto a name that crosses Jane's mind in the beginning and that he can't get his eyes off of at the end: DEAN HARKEN. The guy from Code Red back in season 2. Him as Red John? You've read lots and lots of theories on who Red John could be; that would probably be the last name on any list you've seen. And the reason is because we didn't see him really after that episode and he just seemed like a typical character, nothing that would make you think he's Red John other than his riches and arrogance. We don't really have anything to go off with him. Going back and scrutinizing those scenes from 3 years ago won't do alot of good. The key information has yet to be shown. But we can say this; there's a reason the show wants us to see Dean Harken as a suspect in Jane's mind and create suspicion of him in our minds. What that reason is time will only tell but everything with this show happens for a reason. We probably won't get any more insight into that until 2013(the last episode of 2012 doesn't have any Red John mention in its description) but stay tune. Look for things to pick up again around mid season with the Red John arch---both in terms of suspected people like Harken, Mr. Homeland who the show also planted to create lots of suspicion dating back to the limo scene, and Lorelei who will undoubtedly meet Jane again(she's signed on for 3 more episodes).