The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 6

Black Gold and Red Blood

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2009 on CBS

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  • Black Gold and Red Blood

    I thought this episode showed what his teammates means to Jane and vice versa. And yea I'm wondering whats the deal with Bosco and Lisbon. This goes out to seriesguy3998 and if anyone that haven't seen the the series up to date don't read his reviews he reveals what happens to a certain character in future episodes. Seriesguy3998 not everyone saw the series up to date I know you already know this otherwise you wouldn't have posted the fact what happens to this character later on. Next time be considerate and put "SPOILER ALERT" or something.
  • The crimes are getting pretty easy to solve.

    Don't get me wrong I love this show and I think it's cool that they are adding different storylines , such as Rigsby and Van Pelt , Bosco , etc. but crimes themselves are easy to figure out. I mean , last episodes they most unlikely suspect is always the murderer. This episode , the young wife , last episode the nephew of the heir to the mansion's fortune ,the other one the son of the lawyer , I was able to solve who the murderer was halfway thorugh the episode.I think they need to change just that, the other aspects of the show are perfect. I need more Red John episodes.We need more clues about him and his realtionship with Jane. I remember season one finale , the scene where they show a cup of tea which was the same kind in which Jane drunk in the blind's woman house.I also notice that Jane drinks a cup of tea in every episode , so that might be a clue to Jane's relationship with Red John. My guess is that Red JOhn is some kind of evil twin or splitted personality of Jane , but that's just my wild guess.
  • Boring and bad episode in which Jane manage to solve everything and the rest of the team seems to be bad at their job?

    In the beginning I really loved this show but it's getting worse and worse. I was kind of disappointed by this episode. Ofcourse it's fun that Jane can help the team out and that he knows a lot and sees a lot that the others obviously don't. But in my opinion it's already for a long time that I don't even know why the rest of the team is there, they don't seem to be good at their job. It's always Jane that sees and knows everything. And that especially goes for Lisbon. It seems like Lisbon isn't as good at her job, and that they need Jane to close cases as Lisbon stated in this episode. I think they should give Lisbon and the team more credit, they haven't become cops by doing nothing I suppose.. What also annoys me that Jane always gets EVERYTHING done that he wants. So unrealistic, like the guy he phoned and then got in prison, what a coincidence that his plan worked and that he came in the exact same prison etc etc. I think the plot is becoming very superficial throughout all episodes. I really hope the show will become better.
  • Jane goes behind bars

    The Mentalist
    Season 2
    Episode 6: Black Gold and Red Blood
    During a murder investgation, Bosco arrests Jane for planting a mic on them and spying them on the Red John case. Jane goes to jail, but he manages to solve the murder there and escapes.

    Pretty good episode. It was interesting and pretty cool. At the end it is revealed that Lisbon and Bosco have a leverage that could ruin both of their carreers. An affair? Thats what I think. Possibly, as Jane said, Bosco murdered a criminal and Lisbon didn't tell on him. That sounds about so. Whatever it is, it has made a pretty good deal of suspense. But in further episodes Bosco dies, so I dont know if we will ever find out. Maybe Lisbon tells Jane. I dont know. But this is going interesting.
  • Fun!

    The Mentalist had been a little bit off its game earlier this season and I contemplated tuning out but this episode just reminded me of the quality of the show in the first season.
    I admire what the writers are doing in trying to create a bit more tension with the Red John case, but I can't help but wonder how long this is going to go on for? I mean, eventually, Red John will get boring (As will naming each episode something to do with red)
    But back to the actual show, this episode was interesting and fun and the premise was really cool.
    Keep it up!
  • One week after Van Pelt and Rigsby's relationship revelation and the chemistry was the ready, set and going.

    I am happy the didn't dip too much into it and focus solely on Jane instead. They might think that Jane isn't fully aware, but Van Pelt should know better than that. His sensors goes up like crazy for those things. Given the right moment, all would be revealed. It's just like the pilot, only when Van Pelt question him, did he throw out the heat between her and Rigsby.

    On the side of everything, the one thing I wouldn't imagine was a Patrick Jane in prison. It's about time Boscow discovered the bug in his office and he may have intentionally wanted to teach Jane a lesson and get him out of his way. At first I believed that he had the 'hots' for Lisbon, but it could have easily been the material she held over him. I did not believe the 'happily married stunt'. Boscow knew that Lisbon could compromise herself as well as him for the cover up, but he also developed a fondness for her.

    Van Pelt's 'I see the way he looks at you' gave that away. Boscow could have easily lost all respect for her when she threatened to reveal his past if he didn't cut Jane some slack. I didn't believe that it was so easy for Jane to break out of jail and for him to get away scot free. I would have thrown in some community service to make it believable.

    On the Jail topic, Jane was surely the psychiatrist in the prison. He leant an ear to his cell mate about his parent and to the labeled 'bad boy' in prison, which officially made jail time his big break, especially since he broke out just to solve a case. Jane's smart boy routine could only last him so long. He has lost all perspective and has set his life on one goal, finding Red John. He broke out of prison, because her knew he could and solved a good case to get back in good faith with the CBS, but his action could bare its consequences and land him in a place worse than jail - where he would have nothing to do with Red John.

    Somehow I keep getting this deep connection between him and Lisbon. I believe Lisbon sympathizes with him and lends him a bone once in a while. Jane is scared on a deeper level since the loss of his family and compassion is thrown his was. Even Rigsby and Cho was willing to get their hands dirty to help him out of another deep pit he got himself into. Jane remains smirk because he believes that his friends would always lend a hand to help him.

    I was glad Jane was able to point out Lisbon's connection to Boscow, I really thought he was head over heals for her and jealous of Jane, I still think so, but on another level of devotion. Now let's see what conflict Jane would stir up next round.

    Lexa Reviews


    Four Stars

    Grade B-
  • Bosco is a hypocrite, spouting off rules are rules nonsense, when he himself broke a pretty big one himself.

    At the beginning we see a little Grace/Rigsby moment. He thinks Jane knows about them and Grace disagreed. He probably does know but he hasn't said anything as of yet. Back at the office Bosco comes in and arrests Jane because he found the bug he planted in episode 2. Lisbon was pissed and I think a little fearful for him. Bosco gives Jane the option to leave the CBI for good or go to prison....he chose jail "welcoming the new experience". Jane is as close to shaken as you're liable to see him, but not to fear he quickly makes friends of the dangerous sort. Back at CBI Bosco is worried about Lisbon being upset with him and seeks her out saying his only problem is with Jane and not her or her team. He appears to really care about her opinion of him which we later find out why. She understands why he did what he did but she's not letting him off the hook as of yet. The team asks Lisbon to talk to Bosco, saying that since he has a thing for her he's bound to do her biding. She obviously denies his attraction toward her and sticks to her guns that Jane is getting what he deserves. Jane gets Lisbon to visit him and he confronts her with the knowledge that she can get him out anytime she wants with her "influence" over Bosco. She lets slip that his interest in her has nothing to do with romantic feelings. Some good Lisbon/Jane bantering in the scene. Later Jane escapes to catch the killer in this weeks murder mystery and Bosco asks Libon to call him and convince him to turn himself in. She asks how she is suppose to do this and Bosco says that they are close and that he will listen to her, which she finds amusing considering that everyone has been telling her the same thing about her and Bosco. Later after the murderer is caught and Jane re-arrested, Lisbon realizes that Jane is not going to learn any kind of lesson from being incarcerated so she finally goes to Bosco and tells him to let Jane go. He doesn't want too so Lisbon tells him she'll talk about "what happened 8 years ago" if he doesn't. He doesn't believe her at first and questions why she would ruin both their lives and careers over Jane. She gives a lame "he closes cases" excuse which Bosco seems a little insulted over and asks if that all it is. Lisbon doesn't answer and leaves. Next we see Jane out of jail back in the office were he thanks Lisbon for springing him, which she denies having anything to do with. Jane agrees that while Bosco does love her, with a cute "How could he not" thrown in for us Jibson fans, that he wouldn't bend his principles for love and he concludes that she must have something more concrete on him, after a small fishing expedition we learn that Bosco probably killed a man he couldn't catch and Lisbon found out about it but let him go. Which explains why he was so willing to return the favor a couple of weeks ago. Now I know that we've been lead to believe that they had an affair back in the day as well, but I just don't see it. While Bosco has feels for her, I've yet to see a trace of Lisbon returning those feelings. She seems pretty in denial that it's even possible on his part. Just think it's funny that Jane thinks Bosco loves her and Bosco thinks that Lisbon loves Jane, kind of a weird theoretical love triangle.
  • I think Mentalist is back on track

    After a series of more or less average episodes at the beginning of the season, The Mentalist establishes a strong foothold with this one. A solid, strong and exciting episode which leaves the viewer anticipating the future. First of all, Jane's character is properly illuminated from a somewhat less advantageous side, which was crucial for his character to have depth and be believable. I think in this episode I realized for the first time during the whole series, why he behaves the way he does, and why he insists in displaying himself as an obnoxious, arrogant and indifferent person. In truth I think he suffers so deeply for his family's death that it's difficult for him to interact with other people. It's difficult for him to get out of bed, to continue with life's everyday routines. So he has invented a facade of gracious fake smiles and appropriately inappropriate manners, and he uses his ability to gain control over any given situation, because that's the only way he can survive. He's not like this because he chooses to, it's just the best he can do with the pain he feels. I like him much more now.

    The incident with him going to jail had me worried for a while, I didn't believe he could make it but at the same time I was curious to see how he would react. When he rejected police protection at first I thought he was being self-destructive. It turned out however,that he knew exactly what he was doing. He can take care of himself in an impossible situation, even a dangerous one, and not only that but he can override it as well. Which is what happened when he escaped. Also, the way he lured the suspect into attacking Rigsby and being transferred to the prison facility, that was ingenious!

    I imagined there had to be something else going on between Bosco and Lisbon, the love interest didn't seem enough to have him so worried about her reaction. So we end up realizing how much Lisbon cares about Jane, since she was willing to ruin both her and a colleague's career to get him out of jail. I loved the dialogue exchange in the end between her and Jane, he is grateful but the script didn't revert to melodrama. Bosco is kind of right to be furious about Jane having tapped his office, but on the other hand he comes out as unsympathetic, since he refuses to keep Jane in the loop and to understand what he is going through.
  • Jane does an Andy Dufresne...

    Patrick Jane was on a roll this time doing all sorts of impossible things like create a personality profile out of thin prison air and trap a mouse using cranberry muffins and a bible. Well, even though the bar here far above the believable benchmark, I honestly do not care as long as the 40 odd minutes are entertaining as hell.

    Though we had a good mix of comedy, crime-solving, and Jane's usual magic, there is also a hint of long term mystery involving Lisbon and Bosco. I loved the way the writers almost convinced us that Bosco was looking for some sort of a sexual favor from Lisbon, which would have been creepy by the way. Good episode.
  • Good episode.

    The Mentalist has not been that great this year, but this was definitely a strong episode. Having Patrick Jane isolated in a prison, showing off his skills and mentalist abilities is what this show is all about. Taking one of TV's unique characters and creating new interactions is good TV, something that this show has not been doing that much of as of late.

    The episode did seem eerily similar to the season premiere of House which saw the extreme star character go to a mental institution and end up getting all his fellow inmates on his side. But is comparing The Mentalist to House anything less than a compliment?
  • Great!

    This season just keeps getting better! There hasn't been a single episode of The Mentalist that has left me feeling cheated or let down and it continues that streak with episode 2x06 "Black Gold and Red Blood". The execution of this episode was fantastic. I loved the scene where Jane instigated the arrest of Roddy Gerber by calling him up and pretending to be Rigsby. The scene where Jane escaped from prison was well thought-out and geniusly written and it really shows you how much disregard Jane has for the law and how much he feels that no matter what he does he has nothing to lose. I thought the conclusion was planned perfectly and I can't wait to laern more about what happened between Lisbon and Bosco 8 years ago. All in all, another great episode!
  • I have no love for Bosco, but...

    ...much of what Jane does (and did last season) would not really hold up in court and is occasionally, blatantly illegal.

    So the premise of this episode is not far off the pace, but what the execution of the episode is, is getting back to one of the things that almost turned me off last season:

    Jane's character, which I originally felt to be so powerful in his quest to use his abilities for appropriate purposes after the death of his family, often deteriorates into this spoiled brat who behaves as if a law unto himself. And isn't that what got him into his alone-state in the first place? Now, unless this is a tactic to repeat the original offenses and draw Red John out...which just occurred to me and would be writing genius, then I am not interested in seeing this side of Jane too often. I mean, there weren't even any good, tantalising Rigsby-Van Pelt moments to break up the cringe-factor.

    Okay episode, but not the caliber of the rest of the season to date...
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