The Mentalist

Season 6 Episode 21

Black Hearts

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 11, 2014 on CBS
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The head of a kidnapping ring is sought by Jane and Lisbon as the victims begin to run out of time. Meanwhile, Lisbon makes her decision about whether to move to Washington, D.C., with Agent Pike.

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  • Silly episode

    Silly episode where Jane and Lisbon kidnap a suspect and make him think they were removing the organs of his friend while he was alive and screaming on the table next to him, the suspect would be next if he didn't tell them the password to his laptop. Of course they get away with it and don't end up in jail, like they would in real life while the suspect would go free,moreless
  • Had its highs but was ultimately pretty disappointing

    The buildup beforehand for this trafficking story had a far more intense and dark tone as opposed to this one - Ridley was never at all intimidating and an extremely dull rehash of Tommy Volker except on a larger scope - Jane made a fool of him and this episode never had enough developments to build up to a satisfying conclusion, though I must say Simon Baker was absolutely brilliant in this and his scenes with Ridley were made better by him. A bunch of time was wasted with Lisbon and Pike and the episode felt way too light. Ridley came across as very shadowy and here he's some dumb businessman not even trying to look innocent - they just brush past everything he does and he looks bored in every scene he's in. Never menacing. Perhaps that's the angle they were aiming for, since Jane described the murders as plain business and Alexander Lark and the rest of the company were sociopaths, but this episode seemed to lack a sufficient climax besides that initial bomb scene. I expected far better from Ken Woodruff.moreless
  • Black Hearts

    Their stunt was a little bit over the top (Lisbon would not agree to kidnap a suspect and try to deceive him for a confession) but it was an okay episode here. Kind of a disappointing end to this multi-episode arc though.
  • clueless

    How can Jane be so good at reading total strangers, but can't read all the signs Lisbon gives him about her feelings for him? At least I know that he finally gets a clue in the next, last episode of the season.

    I like how they developed Abbott. At first he was all for the rules and very disapproving of Jane, but now he actually gets a twinkle in his eye every time he hears about a new scheme of Jane. He really seems to enjoy the kind of crimefighting he can do with Jane.

    Great scene how they got the bad guy to give up all the information. I think he only bought what Jane and Lisbon did, because he was still a bit drugged, as they didn't seem 100% believable. Jane's method was definitely not legal, even not moral, but I think in this case 100% justified, as it would have been so much worse to get the bad guy get away with it ( it would help if the bad guy wasn't played by a known actor, as in the first scene you see him in you immediately go: this must be the bad guy, otherwise they wouldn't have taken a known actor for this role).moreless
  • Black Heart - WOW

    Jane comes up with some far fetched schemes to get the bad guy; and, Lisbon good at helping him pull the schemes off! Sure hope DC is not in the plans! Thanks to all the fans, and CBS, for Season 7 - just wish airtime would change - on Sunday nights: never know if we will get to see episode or not grrrrrr
Zuleyka Silver

Zuleyka Silver

Daniela Walker

Guest Star

Nandy Martin

Nandy Martin

Amy Walker

Guest Star

David L. King

David L. King

FBI Head Don Anderson

Guest Star

Joe Adler

Joe Adler

Jason Wylie

Recurring Role

Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal

FBI Agent Marcus Pike

Recurring Role

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    • Ridley: You've misjudged me. I've done nothing wrong.
      Jane: You truly believe that, don't you?
      Ridley: Of course I do.
      Jane: It's just business to you, all these women dead. It's just numbers on a spreadsheet, figures on your bottom line.
      Ridley: First of all, I didn't kill anyone. But perhaps the man who did wasn't solely concerned with money. Perhaps he had a greater cause in mind. Perhaps the lives of these women were taken so that the lives of important men could be spared, scientists, leaders, philanthropists, people who shape the world.
      Jane: I-I'm not sure how I'm supposed to react to that.
      Ridley: Oh, come on. It's just us. If anyone could understand that perspective, it's you.
      Jane: Well, you're right. I've worked with psychopaths and monsters for years, so, yes, I do understand your perspective...very well.

    • Lisbon: I got offered a job in D.C.
      Cho: You gonna take it?
      Lisbon: I don't know. Maybe. Don't tell anybody, all right?
      Cho: Okay. It'd be a great move, though.
      Lisbon: You think?
      Cho: Absolutely. You remember the first day we worked together?
      Lisbon: Sure.
      Cho: I almost quit.
      Lisbon: Really? Why?
      Cho: Rigsby. But then I saw the way you worked. I knew I had to stay. I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for you. Whatever decision you make, it's been an honor.

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