The Mentalist

Season 6 Episode 13

Black Helicopters

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 09, 2014 on CBS
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When a U.S. attorney is found dead in Mexico with no record of having crossed the border, Jane joins a separatist group to determine if it's murder or a government conspiracy. LaRoche joins with Rigsby and Van Pelt to uncover who's stalking former CBI members.

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  • Not the same since Red John died

    This show is nothing like when Red John was around. It has lost all its essence and it's all focused on the "new" Jane; what happened with the rest of the team? They're targeted but by who? And please don't tell me it's some Red John lost disciple or something; this is not The Following. Even Lisbon is kinda out of the picture; she used to be Jane's partner and now she only gets to play a small part in every episode? The same is with Cho, Rigsby and Van Pelt; what the hell?! The writers really need to show their card before they start losing more fans (I'm about to throw the towel) and get the thing going again. Seriously.moreless
  • Poor JJ

    I wish we would get more reviews of good shows and less reviews of crap like Teen Wolf, Bitten, The originals, The Tomorrow People, etc.

    They did know a "meh" episode of the mentalist was on, right? Now who didn't see JJ geting axed as soon as they mentioned him in this episode and you'd think people would know never go investigate places in the classic "warehouse" district. Your going to get booby trapped, lol.moreless
  • Needs more dark hangar cliffhangers

    Second episode in a row that ends with a fucking dark hangar cliffhanger? Seriosly? The best part of this ep was LaRoche - and then he fucking died...

    I like Ficher though, probably one of the few ones.
  • very disappointed

    this is the worse epi Ive ever watched!!! I totally agree with the coment below!! It was like a slap in my face, after six weeks waiting, this is what we get!!??? Why doesnt the writer realize that we hate jane/fischer relationship, and why does Lisbon apear just in a few takes, she is supossed to be (a long side simon bakers) the main character, and we loooooove her!!! There must be something we can do, as fans to change this!!! And, who rated this epi as a 9?????moreless
  • Seriously! Six week break and this is the best they can do?

    I've been a fan of the show since episode one and this is the first time I can say an episode absolutely sucked !

    Six week break and we get a disjointed mess for our patience.

    I, as I suspect most fans do, want to see interaction between members of the old team to the fore but Jane & Lisbon barely spoke at all in this episode.

    Coupled with this was an idiotic side story about Jane showing off by giving his "new" team a gift each, purportedly being what they have always wanted.

    Even in this, Cho seems to be classed as part of the "new" team and what cracked a smile on the stoic Cho's face?

    Mexican jumping beans. Dear God, I ask you?

    A robot toy for Abbot and of all moronic things, a toy magic wand for Fischer. Sorry writers, you are plumbing the depths here.

    The only one that made any sense was Wiley's Tamagotchi, as any geek would agree. Once a geek, always a geek (I should know).

    As if this wasn't bad enough, we get a weak story about a bunch of misfits, one of who commits murder after being recognised by this weeks victim. Jane performing a vanishing act, without explanation (he disappears through a door and magically re-appears from a hole in the ground).

    And if all this wasn't bad enough, the writers proceeded to apparently kill off one of the most interesting characters on the show, namely La Roche.

    At least the whole gang was back before Rigsby and Van Pelt leave.

    Sorry, this episode underwhelmed me immensly and has garnered my lowest ever Mentalist score of 4.

    As an aside, before she leaves, would someone tell Van Pelt to get rid of those awful bangs? She's a beautiful woman and those hideous things hide her face.moreless
Shannon McClung

Shannon McClung

Agent Collins

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Taylor Nichols

Taylor Nichols

Alex Mildray

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Cindy Pickett

Cindy Pickett

Marcia Wilk

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Pruitt Taylor Vince

Pruitt Taylor Vince

J .J. LaRoche, S.F.P.D. Internal Affairs

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Joe Adler

Joe Adler

Jason Wylie

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