The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 12

Bleeding Heart

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 2010 on CBS

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  • I figured it out, I just thought who would be the most unlikely suspect and the reporter had the most advantage over the case, but I figured it out!

    Okay so maybe there were others that aced the detective case solver (or whatever you call it), but sometimes I am left guessing, having two possible suspects. It's always cool when you favorite shows leave you thinking all the time.

    I was just happy to have Jane confess his true feelings without any smart come on. The moment the camera's were all over his face and he became on edge, I thought of the last time he was on camera and the impact it left on his family life. This was a good episode for revealing things. Especially for Van Pelt and Rigsby, but did they really have to say they were 'lovers', how about 'in a relationship' the rest could have easily been implied.

    What I admire most about The Mentalist is their consistency with good quality episodes. Every episode is clever, and details a reasonable twist, that certainly has something to do with their cast, because I am really impressed. I also appreciate the emotional connections within the series; it is not just a crime drama, but it has substance. We get detailed references about each character and every individual is complicated in their own way, even 'hard core' Teresa.

    I doubt she would do anything much about Van Pelt and Rigsby's relationship now, maybe it could hamper her decisions when it comes to them teaming up together. It seems as though the writers found no reason to keep their relationship a secret, but now that it's out would it change anything? For now, I think they would be okay. Jane was obviously happy they confessed, especially since his hold on them was over - to an extent.

    The 'J' character came off somewhat cheesy and I am usually game for episodes that convey that type of realistic dilemma, maybe it was the actor, anyway I look forward to next week, I have no idea what to expect.

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    Four Stars

    Grade B+
  • Bleeding Heart

    This episode had a compelling mystery for the people like me who watch the show for that reason, and also had some development in the Rigsby/Van Pelt relationship, for those who watch for that reason. The Mentalist's version of Jim and Pam revealed their affair to the rest of the CBI, but it turned out that Lisbon was the only one who did not already know about it. Meanwhile, Patrick ended up being kidnapped by an alleged terrorist trying to clear his name.

    The episode may not have had too many memorable sequences, or Janeisms, but it was well-written and flowed well, eliminating a lot of the fluff that usually plagues this show.
  • Did I enjoy it? Always. Was it memorabile....not really.

    In this episode we have a camera crew following the team around to gain positive publicity since the Bosco murders. Understandably the team isn't thrilled with this and Jane is especially hostile at times. Lisbon eventually confronts him about it saying he should be the one most confortable. He reveals the last time he was in front of a camera it didn't turn out so well, and understandably Lisbon feels guilty for not being more sensitive. I think they cut this scene too short, they had a real oppertunity to have a "moment" between Lisbon and Jane and they rushed it in my opinion. Jane doesn't confide his feelings very often when it comes to his family and Red John but when he does it always seems to be to Lisbon. I wish they would put more into deepening their friendship. The reporter questions Lisbon about her weekend life....needless to say she got very defensive revealing that she has absolutely no life outside of work. Cho did a good job of turning the reporter's questions against him much to the amusement of the camera man and Rigsby. Gotta love him! Jane is kidnapped but not to worry Rigsby and Cho get his location out of an accomplice through manly intimidation. Lisbon cracks a rare smile when she's uncuffing him. At the end Grace and Rigsby announce to the team that they are lovers. Lisbon is the only one that is surprised and is now worried that she has to do something about it. Jane and Cho question what she's gonna do, then they cut to credits. I think it's obvious that she's not going to breakup the team but we'll have to wait a couple of weeks for her official answer.

    Was surprised who the murderer was, had no clue til the end. All in all I enjoyed it but like I said it's not going to be one that sticks out in my memory.
  • Where to start...?

    Well, first with Sean Maher (Dr. Simon Tam of "Firefly"). It was great to see him again as I always thought he was the great disappearing act after Firefly ended, and wondered why. He was suitably earnest in his portrayal of the would-be eco terrorist who had wormed his way into the mayor's office. Not very 'terrifying' when it came right down to it.

    And then there was the "Cho interview"! He ALMOST smiled; it was right there but he got it under control. I love this character more each week.

    And last but not least: the big announcement. Funny that everyone buy Lisbon knew; some investigator she is! I can't imagine that she will be able to do much, especially if she admits her developing feelings for Jane.

    I must admit to not figuring out this week's bad guy until after Jane started peeling him away layer by layer. That's unusual for this series, but a nice change, and I guess it signifies I was wrapped up in the fun.