The Mentalist

Season 4 Episode 7

Blinking Red Light

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 2011 on CBS

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  • One of the best of the best season!

    Very interesting and satisfying episode of Season 4. Panzer was pure evil. As far as I am concerned, Season 4 is the best season so far. Love so many things about it: Cho and Summer (want them together!) Always Bet on Red, just a great season! Season 5 is not doing it for me. Of course, I only have half episodes thanks to AT&T's erratic scheuling.
  • Red John vs SJK

    This episode has been the best of the season so far.The episode has had the CBI tracking a serial killer called the San Joaquin killer who turned out be James Panzer a man who has apparently dedicated his life to catch him.However Jane has trouble proving it and Jane knows that he will kill again so Jane had Red John kill him by manipulating him to say bad things about Red John on TV.That was definitely the best part of the episode but now Jane has got to somehow persuade everyone that Red John is still dead or if he doesn't they will know that he didn't kill Red John and that he lied to the jury.

  • Excelente

    Episodio sensacional, tipico de Jane.
  • great

    don't think it was 10 but close to it. it was really good, what we waited for a while, classic Jane.
  • Is this episodes 7 ?

    How come this "Blinking Red Light" episode listed before episode 1 ?
  • This was the best episode of The Mentalist in Season 4 for me.


    Apart from the way Jane manipulated the SJ Killer into condemning himself to RJ's wrath, I love how Lisbon worked on following her instincts and the scene where she and Van Pelt searched Haibach's house was almost as spectacular as it could be. You could actually see Haibach's thoughts with the way he physically and gradually broke down under Lisbon's piercing gaze. The entire scene was awesome in its right. As soon as I saw that shifty man, I knew that he was going to be a suspect but that song on the iPod nailed it for me.

    However, I liked the way this episode was tailored. We did not get the usual Jane figuring out the killer at the end. The minute I noticed how obvious they made the killer in the middle of the episode, I was so sure they had something planned. It's nice to see a RJ-episode once again. Now, we get to see the vengeful Jane that I have missed so much this past couple of episodes.

    As for Van Pelt and Rigsby, those two need a new dimension and I would like to see more Jane-Wainwright moments. This is the first boss that I have actually liked in the beginning. I'm just hoping he won't turn up dead or as an RJ spy at the end.....

  • Genius!


    Probably is best episode of the season so far...

    Acting was genuine and the serial killer impressions was really convincing, although predictable.. When Patrick was watching the video of the kid victim with her father; the song... and then playing the same song in the Panzer'sipod ?! Give me a break! but other than this was really really perfect.

    I loved it at the end, when Patrick was playing with that serial killer's mind and when he was looking at the blinking led... it's as if he provoking the serial killer and Red John; hitting 2 birds with 1 stone...
    I felt like he was thinking: this serial killer is getting away and there is not even 1 evidence against him... and if there is a chance, little chance that Red John is out there watching him, and watching an "amateur" serial killer insulting him... he will get back

    I wouldn't be surprised if Red John was thinking that he's helping Jane too! that he's doing him a favor! that he is thinking that Jane was asking for his help... and that both of them make a great team....

  • Best epi ever and it's all in the title


    Love the way Jane drew RJ out to get rid of SJ killer. I believe the reason for his Idea is also the title of the episode. At least when I saw him focused on that red blinking camera light, I just knew RJ would be a part of the "get rid of the serial killer in a less conventional way" plan

  • Best episode of the season so far


    I absolutely loved this episode. I find it the best in season four so far, and definitely one of my top favorites in the series as a whole.

    Simon Baker was brilliant in directing this. He should direct more than the couple that he has. The pacing, the build-up, the acting - all of it just seemed exceptionally wonderful this time around.

    And the end. The end gave me chills. It was fantastic.

  • 407


    "Blinking Red Light" really showcased what The Mentalist has done best in its past two seasons and that is featuring Patrick Jane being "challenged" by someone in a battle of wits like we saw in tonight's episode. Though Jane outsmarting the individual is predicted and expected week in and week out, it still made for compelling television tonight nevertheless and it was still a good hour of TV regardless.

  • Superb, in my opinion the best episode of The Mentalist



    I was taken aback by the genius directing of this episode. I was expecting the usual Mentalist episode, which most of the time - when it isn't a red john centric episode - doesn't really appeal to me. I kept on watching The Mentalist because of its occasional brillant episodes ones in a blue moon.

    The pacing of the episode was spot on. I like the dramatic built-up towards the end. As I was figuring out Jane's next move when he was staring at that red light bulb above the camera.

    The acting was really good. Even Van Pelt wasn't as wooden as usual. The serial killer did a great acting job also. Moreover it felt like an episode from Criminal Minds best seasons.

    Furthermore I like the cinematic approach Simon Baker took it to this episode. We had a couple of POV shots and a lot of in-depth conversations for example with the father of the first victim as he was watching a video of his daughter. Jane being silent, just acting with his body language was perfect.

    The ending is always the most important part of the story, when delivered correctely it can be brillant. This episode delivered, in my opinion the best episode of The Mentalist to date.

  • Excellent!!


    A kind of predictable episode. But with an awesome ending.

    This episode was kind of "all the same" until getting to the end. The it took a Very nice turn of event. Jane`s character is getting a little over the edge with his actions, I mean he KNEW this man James was gonna get killed by coercing him to speak trash about Red John. I personally got anxious to see if Jane was gonna say something to Lisbon or anyone about James being in danger. But when he walked up to James body smiling was the absolutely the best part of the episode. Nicely done.

    I kind of like Jane as a sociopath, he is a very interesting one. And I would like to see him evolve to someone more dangerous. Although it will be a sad turn of events if that happens.

    Anyway, excellent episode and hoping for more like this.

  • Leave it to Jane to get one Serial killer to kill anther



    Simon is a very talented director. I hope we'll get to see him again behind the camera this season, or the next. He has the eye and feel for it. Congrats!

    The episode was amazing. At some point, predictable, but precisely to steer us to an ending we did NOT expect. I, for one, am THRILLED to see RJ back.

    Jane was exceptional as always. Great lines, amazing plan.

    I loved when Jane decided to go on Karen Cross' TV show. How he stared into that camera, knowing he was making eye contact with no other than Red John. How RJ hates to be insulted in the media (something Jane knew far too well) and pushed the blogger over the limit. By having him thrash out against RJ, Jane knew it was a death sentence. Gosh, Team RJ/Jane is creepily awesome! xD

    The end, when Jane walked up to the smiley on the wall. Smiling. Happy/relieved to know 1) The blogger was dead. 2) RJ is alive, and Timothy Carter wasn't him. Amazing ending.

  • According to an interview with Simon Baker, Bruno Heller called this their "best episode yet". The question: Does it live up to the hype? The answer: Oh yes! (Spoiler-free review. May contain subtle hints)


    "Best episode yet" is of course very subjective, and I won't go as far as calling it that, but at the very least it's earned a spot in my personal top 10. Not only is there a brilliant script, but the directing, the music, the acting, everything just flows together that well.

    One thing I immediately notice with Simon Baker's episodes is that he dares to think outside the box. He doesn't tell the actors to stand tall and look cool when they speak their lines. He tells them to eat hot dogs, to rough up their hair and what not. One of the first things you learn when writing dialogue is that you need to add something to avoid stale and plain talking. Those things are just that. Rigsby has maybe two lines in the entire episode, and you still remember his scene because those small touches make you.

    Yes, the murderer is strikingly obvious, but luckily they don't try to make it all that dramatic when it's revealed. Most weekly viewers will probably realize at the same time as Jane, but that doesn't make it any less entertaining, because that's when you can start looking for those small details again. Remember how in episode 4 this season Jane pointed out how normal people tend to mimic each others body language. Once you've finished watching the episode, look at the first scene SJK is in, and compare his body language to the person talking as well as the persom next to him. Details. Brilliant.

    One regret is that I wish we could've seen some more of the FBI agent. She is set to become a recurring, so there should be more showcasing than that. As a Criminal Minds fan, though, I was glad to hear her call SJK an "unsub".

    Putting that aside, there are too many great scenes in this episode to justly point out what's better than the next, but highlights would include anything related to "What a wonderful world", the editing of the scene with fire and a red room and of course the ending. Oh, the ending.

    I expected this episode to be something the likes of "Red Moon". Not quite a Red John episode, but still with a decent amount of mythology relevance. Of course, my mind figured SJK would have some sort of relation to everyone's favorite serial killer, but for anyone thinking the same before watching this: You're in for a heck of a ride. The ending is BRILLIANT, with three exclamation points!!! This is without a doubt the best episode of the season. Kudos, everyone involved.

    Episode score: 9,5

    Season average so far: 8,9

  • I was not amused when Mentalist went to another round. After the slow start I was still looking every episode hoping that it might turn better. But this episode blew my mind. It proved to be: One of the most intense episodes so far.


    I have to admit I had to make a break in the middle of the show. I don't know if it was because the intensity was killing me or I wanted to enjoy the excitement a little bit more.

    Well done. I hope the following ones can keep up with the good work.

  • Love it!


    A brilliant ep. So our beloved Patrick does really everything to achieve his goal. Even to use the ego of the one he wants the most. Dark, darker and one of the best so far.

    I thought after the brilliant finale of season 3 it would be difficult to go forward with clever and brilliant cases but this show is everything but certainly not a disappointment.

    Love the thrill and i can't wait to see the next..

  • Absolutely amazing episode! The truely brilliant plot makes you almost forget how superb the directing and acting is.


    Absolutely amazing episode! The truely brilliant plot makes you almost forget how superb the directing and acting is.

    At first, you notice this episode is different from others because of the creative and cool way it is directed. When the plot thickens, this episode is everything you want from a show like this. Or any show for that matter. Creativity shows in every aspect. From the storyline, to the acting and the directing. It's the kind of episode that could easily have been the season finale, but it isn't!

    The road the makers of The Mentalist have taken is proving to be a realy good choice! After seeing the episode, I can't wait for the next one.

  • Absolute brilliance. Best of season 4. Simon Baker ought to direct more episodes.


    This is quite possibly the darkest episode of the Mentalist yet. If you understand how Jane prevails over the serial killer in the end then you know what I'm talking about. In short, Jane makes the deal with the devil, and I can't say more without spoiling for you.

    His epic Batman gambit aside, this episode is full of dark stuff. And by dark I mean brilliance. You see how Lisbon stares the first suspect? That's Medusa. How the new boss concedes to Jane's hunch? He's the greatest boss since Minelli. How the serial killer outmaneuvers Jane at first? That's nice.

    The only downside of this ep is how little screentime Cho and Rigsby and Van Pelt have, but hey, this show is titled The Mentalist for a reason.