The Mentalist

Season 1 Episode 22

Blood Brothers

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 12, 2009 on CBS

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  • An Improvement.

    Another point-of-a-gun confession, like that of two episodes back –Red Sauce- that on its own would not hold up in court. This "confess or die" trick, simply means that the confession was garnered under duress, under threat of life. It therefore means that the confession itself is suspect.

    Unlike the Red Sauce episode, this time at least the writers followed through with having the kid confess again at the station house, where he wasn't under any threat of life.

    As well, this time it was good to see Jane explain how he came to his conclusions. It was also good earlier to see the rest of the team ask him how he did something, and even come across as fed-up or annoyed when he didn't answer, letting Jane know that they aren't simply his ready-made audience when he wants to show how smart he is.

    Now all that's needed is for someone to smack the smirk off his face –fugitively of course- and let him know that they rather he save his condescending smile for the perps and not for his colleagues and friends.
  • I don't want to be concerned, but I am...

    I started out this season thinking the "Jane" character was the strong element in the series and there was some catch-up to do with the rest of the characters. That catch-up occurred and for one brief shining moment that was known as mid season, all was right with the series.
    But there has been a slow, inexorable slide, in the stories but also in the main character until, with this episode, I am starting to find him...well...annoying!
    And I am really surprised.
    What happened to the character of understated tactics and presentation? What happened to the quiet reliance on his past experiences as the means to bring his gift to bear on his present work? "Jane" is in danger of becoming obnoxious and spoiled and unpleasant to watch.
    I hope the early success and the hype about the sexiest man thing, etc., hasn't fatally detracted from a series that was...could still be...about substance. Reign it in CBS...
  • Jane excels once more, not hesitating even to lure children into his mental confusion traps, in order to dig out the truth. And of course, he pulls everything off in impeccable style. Gotta love him!

    This was a very entertaining story, having to do with a juvenile delinquents school, located in the middle of a forest, run by a strict principal who was supposedly helping the kids overcome their discipline problems by bonding them with nature and making them follow a hard schedule. Of course, as the episode unravels we understand that the kids are more oppressed than aided, and that the principal's morals and severity are simply superficial, as he is sexually exploiting an underaged student. (Loved the scene where the sheriff hit him in the face, that served him right!).

    The investigation in particular concerns the murder of one of the students, that turns out to be related to a secret club they have founded, inspired by an old legend about the ghost of a woodsman, Zachariah, who supposedly runs around the woods with an axe, hacking people up. Jane exploits the kids' credulity and impressionability in the best scene of the episode, where they are gathered around a bonfire and he builds up the story to a climax, scaring the killer into confession. By the way, Rigsby as a decaying corpse, that was priceless! Moral dilemma: should parents trust the discipline of their kids to programs like that one, or is there another solution? I think there is a subtle answer in the scene where the parents accuse the principal of not living up to his responsibilities. Nobody can really help the kids better than their own parents.

    Great, fun episode. Now for the finale!!
  • Another dazzling mentalist episode.

    I love this guy. He is just such a pleasure to watch. This episode really gives Mr. Patrick Jane the stage. He's dealing with kids and he clearly feels he needs to put on a show to win them over. He does both. He's so smooth! he shows his usual disrespect for authority figures and his glib yet melancholy disdain for the morally depraved. But figuring out which rotten apple did the murder is not as simple as it might at one point seem when everything points to that a certain someone being a total moral letch. Instead, they have to go deeper int the secret subculture that has been ruling the kids for the last couple of years.
  • Pretty good episode.

    Not outstanding by any means, but this was still a fairly good episode of The Mentalist. I think the problem is that the show is just not as original as it once was and is really starting to be very similar to the rest of the CBS procedurals such as Numb3rs and CSI: NY. It is almost as if they order a script and can just give it to any show, put in some minor tweaks and put it on the air.

    Formulaic? Yes, but I still really love watching the program and cannot wait until next week's [epic] finale.
  • Quite a cool episode.

    Buried alive – one of man's most basic fears. Definitely impulsive because the killer didn't even make sure he was dead.

    I don't like the camp leader's treatment of the kids during the initial talk to them. Let the kids ask questions or all you're going to get is wild rumour and gossip.

    Patrick's very good with kids – teenagers are naturally gruesome so using the ghost story to flush the killer was genius. So much for vetting the students – this little sociopath slipped through the cracks. He is very smart but reckless. Problem is he's a juvenile so the records will be sealed – I think he's a budding serial killer.

    Interesting episode with an unusual locale.
  • Trouble teens in troubled times. Terrific story line with us seeing that sometimes trouble kids need more than just strict discipline.

    A terrific story line. We get to see "Jane" take on a group of students that have been enrolled in a "boot camp" set in bush land. A secret society based group is formed based off an Urban Legend of a murderous wood cutter. The murder of a teenager brings us to the camp where we meet the Principal, the local law enforcement, a troubled recluse and a group of trouble kids who are there because their parents couldn't deal with them.

    Justin was sent there not because he was violent (his parents confirm this) but because he is argumentative. How many other children there truly deserve to be? We find out as the show continues that there are very few who should be away from their families.

    There is an un-announced smarminess with the Principal as soon as we first meet him we are introduced to him and already he unsettles some viewers, we are also introduced to the law enforcement officer who has a very strong dislike of him. We are perhaps led to believe it was romance gone wrong.
    You do see the clues, if you are able to catch them, the outcome is a puzzle falling into place/
    The cast gave their regular performance, we have a great group of leads and Simon Baker again steals the show.
  • My "Mentalist" Enjoyment

    This is only the 3rd episode I watched so far, as I do not watch much T.V.. I was very interested in finding out what my friend was so cleverly and magically interested in accomplishing by having me watch this most captivating and mezmorizing show!
    This particular episode provokes many of your inner
    subconscience thoughts from subtleness to intensity in only a minute's time. Keeping that in mind. One's subconscience is aroused and left for bare instantly!
    Saying WOW! That was really something! Therefore,
    I have now been watching them..Yes. Hmmm. Obession? I love Magic! I love finding the detective come out in me! So watch and have a magical experience!
    I was devastated to find out that the Season finale is this week as I have just begun watching the program! Thanks for all of your Magic!

  • Fantastic episode!

    Jane must find a clever way to convince a group of students at a wilderness program to confide in him the truth surrounding the death of their peer. This was a very well written episode. I loved the way it all played out from the story of the mad axman Zacheriah and Z Krew to Mr. MacLean's affair with Cassie to Jane's little story he told to get the kids to confess. Everything was well thought out and well played. And, of course, we get to see more of Jane and his usual antics including tying up a teacher to get some alone time with the students and hitching a ride on a random passing golfcart, even the aforementioned ghost story he made up to get the killer to confess. Another very entertaining episode of The Mentalist. Season finale, here we come!