The Mentalist

Season 1 Episode 22

Blood Brothers

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 12, 2009 on CBS

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  • Jane excels once more, not hesitating even to lure children into his mental confusion traps, in order to dig out the truth. And of course, he pulls everything off in impeccable style. Gotta love him!

    This was a very entertaining story, having to do with a juvenile delinquents school, located in the middle of a forest, run by a strict principal who was supposedly helping the kids overcome their discipline problems by bonding them with nature and making them follow a hard schedule. Of course, as the episode unravels we understand that the kids are more oppressed than aided, and that the principal's morals and severity are simply superficial, as he is sexually exploiting an underaged student. (Loved the scene where the sheriff hit him in the face, that served him right!).

    The investigation in particular concerns the murder of one of the students, that turns out to be related to a secret club they have founded, inspired by an old legend about the ghost of a woodsman, Zachariah, who supposedly runs around the woods with an axe, hacking people up. Jane exploits the kids' credulity and impressionability in the best scene of the episode, where they are gathered around a bonfire and he builds up the story to a climax, scaring the killer into confession. By the way, Rigsby as a decaying corpse, that was priceless! Moral dilemma: should parents trust the discipline of their kids to programs like that one, or is there another solution? I think there is a subtle answer in the scene where the parents accuse the principal of not living up to his responsibilities. Nobody can really help the kids better than their own parents.

    Great, fun episode. Now for the finale!!
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