The Mentalist

Season 5 Episode 4

Blood Feud

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 2012 on CBS

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  • La Roche is The Rock

    To the reviewer that guess that Laroche is Red John because his last name sounds similar to "le rouge" (the red in French), well, learn French or use Google Translator, because "la roche" in French is "The rock".

    I don't think neither Red John or the writers of the show would go for such weak, feeble and far fetched alledged similarity in sound. Is more or less as saying that Rigsby is Red John and his two other personalities Green Tom and Blue Harry because his name contains R G and B in it.
  • Rigsby worries his father will die.

    This episode saw the return of Rigsby's father when he is injured at a crime scene next to another victim who is dead Even though his dad is alive he still has shotgun pellets in his heart and they could kill him if he carries on drinking smoking or getting into fights. Rigsby knew from then that his lifestyle would probably kill him I don't know how Rigsby could just sit there and let him drink until he just died We know that his father is a bad man because he is a ex con and always getting into fights and had a fight with Rigsby on another episode but when he dies we see how much Rigsby still cares about him and he manages to get his revenge on the person who shot him I was also glad to see the return of La Roche one of my favorite characters and in the episode looks at the shooting of the killer who was shot by Rigsby to see if he killed him just because he killed his father La Roche also thinks Jane planned the whole thing so Rigsby was able to kill him and we know Jane wouldn't have a problem with revenge.
  • Blood Feud

    The gang war storyline was a little weak, although I did like seeing two former castmembers from The Unit appear as guest stars. I also was not really enamored with the whole storyline involving Wayne and his father. A solid episode overall though.
  • J.J. Laroche is Red Jonh?

    In French 'le rouge' == 'the red', it was changed to "laroche" (sounds similar), and is the only one who can beat Jane easily.

    And remember Janes look at the end of the episode.

  • LaRoche is back and must decide if Rigsby is guilty of murder

    Rigsby's father is shot and ends up dying in Rigsby's arms. Naturally, Rigsby wants revenge. Good story with good ending. I am however wondering what happened to Rigsby's girlfriend and mother of Benjamin. In this episode, Rigsby is arrested by the CBI at the beginning in his dark and dreary apartment. There is a nanny that evidently looks after the baby when Wayne is at work and no mention is made of the mother to my knowledge. I am 65 yr old and don't have the best hearing and I'm wondering did I miss something in one of the previous episodes where she left them. The last scene in this episode, Wayne is back at his dark and dreary apartment, holding little Benjamin, and crying about his dad. Very sad to me. Is the baby's mother gone for good?

    I love this show and can't wait to see what's going to happen each week!
  • Sins of the father

    Solid episode this week for the Mentalist.

    ***Spoiler alert***

    I was bit puzzled when Wayne Rigsby was about to be cuffed and dragged away by a couple of Agents, in front of his new son.

    Why he would need to be effectively arrested for an Internal Affairs interview, I simply don't understand. If he had been charged with something previously, shouldn't he have been in custody already?

    We knew before that Rigsby's dad was a bad piece of work and in this episode, he made very sure we continued to believe it, coming across as a real nasty piece of work. It was way too difficult to have any sympathy for him at all.

    Rigsby's love for his presumably abusive Sire only came through when he dropped in the bar and died.

    We also found out, during the IA interview (with the welcome return of the laconic La Roche) that Rigsby and his girlfriend had split up (possible Van Pelt shippiness?) and left him with his son.

    I did feel a tad sorry for Grace when Jane and Lisbon went to interview Moss, believing she had perhaps not asked the right questions.

    The two gang bosses were ridiculously stereotypical with the female kingpin a real harridon, hamming it up for all it was worth.

    The set up of the bad guy was excellent and the teams backing of each other shone through. I particularly liked Cho ignoring the fact that Rigsby shouldn't have been at the "take down", presumably understanding full well, what was going to happen.

    Although La Roche couldn't prove it, he was sure Jane was the "brains" behind Rigsby's revenge and here, Lisbon and Jane backed each other to the hilt.

    All in all a very steady episode, if not great but I really wish they would get some follow up to the infamous "love you" comment and all the questions posed in the hallucination episode.

    I can't believe there has been no follow up to the final scene a couple of weeks ago, where Jane is apparently about to neck down some more Belladonna tea???
  • Great writing cum great acting. Bravo Jordan Harper & Owain Yeoman.

    I love the idea of Jane's plan for Rigsby's 'legal revenge'. It's a new angle and keeps the show fresh! Best line: Your instincts to protect your team are admirable, and your biggest flaw. Aaw~ We have the best and the loyalest team ever! Can't wait for Red Dawn.
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