The Mentalist

Season 3 Episode 14

Blood For Blood

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 2011 on CBS
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Van Pelt comes under suspicion when the witness in her protective custody is murdered.

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  • Blood For Blood

    This episode was great in my opinion. I like this show because it doesn't stretch out on detail. I hear a lot of people talking about how they forgot this and that, the whole point is to not make it real but to use your imagination. If I wanted to look at a real crime show I would tune into Investigation Discovery channel. This is a comedy drama, just to make you laugh, entertain or give you thrill. It's purpose is not to teach you how to correctly kill someone or how to securely lock down a contaminated room. Some people want these shows to be real life for some reason, I can understand if something is poorly written but to go as far as looking at every detail is crazy. Hell my life is not perfect why would I expect a TV show to be. Popcu I don't think Jane is that dark as your comparing him to the joker, it still way to early in this show to paint a picture. I also believe he's not using his friends like minions. In the beginning I thought everyone was brainwashed and controlled. That's the beauty of this TV show its not real, wouldn't you like to change things that weren't right.moreless
  • OMG....first two minutes and i'm gone.......

    Gesss...the mentalist is one of my favorite's on right now... I got so pissed watching the first two minutes, because it was beyond unrealistic!! So Van Pelt is the Only person protecting a witness the night before he testifies...he's so important he and his daughter will go into witness protection. OMG!!!! What idiot writers do they have for this episode?! NO WAY is she going to be the ONLY officer guarding the witness. I'm any event I'm taping it and I'll watch it tomorrow. VERY dissapointed that it started this way. RUINS the entire episode. SIGH!!!!!!!moreless
  • Talk about an unrealistic premise.

    As someone else said in his review... The show's start is really badly done.

    You do not leave one guard for witness protection. The minimum number is two for obvious reason. It is too easy to get the uperhand when there is only one watching.

    Not to mention on such an important night, before testifying, and AFTER they recieved a call to warn about stuff that might go wrong.

    And what about the house, was there no better protected house available? The door is like paper thin with a lock even I wouldn't trust in my own home. And I live in a safe place.

    And why is Van Pelt participating in witness protection anyway? Since when is that the CBI's job? isn't it the job of marshals? And even if CBI was "helping" they shouldn't have been alone.

    Nah seriously... I get it that there is a need to make plots to involve side characters in the show. But at least, make it believable.

    This makes it really hard to get into the rest of the episode, no matter how well it's done, since it seems so ridiculous and the "illusion" and tension is gone.moreless
  • Finally, a good solid Van Pelt episode.

    So, since we all saw her lock the door, I pinned the US Marshal off the bat. I never figured the daughter at all since there was never anything said of her knowledge of the abuse of her Mom, and while I wanted to assume the aunt was involved, she was too obvious.

    As was the internal investigator guy. In this case. But its a cinch he's a slime ball of some definition.

    And Eric Winter, aka not-quite-sincere boyfriend could be hiding something too. Especially the way he tried to surreptitiously guide Van Pelt into the spy-on-her- co-workers plot. Hmmm, a new puzzle is born...perhaps, ultimately, a set up for the season finale?

    Lisbon has really loosened up since the start of the series. I can't believe she let the kid go, but it didn't take much once inside the "joint" to see that this kid was goaded by circumstances not likely to be repeated, rather than some organic twist of a gene here or there.

    As for Rigsby; come here big fella. I'll give you a hug... ;o{}moreless
  • A pretty poor episode on the face of it, but perhaps crucial in the context of the show as a whole. I think it may take us a step closer to finding out who Red John is.moreless

    Who is Red John? That's the question on the minds of those of us who watch CBS's The Mentalist. Everyone will have a theory, but it seems likely that halfway into it's third season, this mysterious character would have appeared by now as a character other than Red John. It is after all a detective story, so if it turns out Red John is just "some guy" and we haven't seen him before… it will be a bit of a let down.

    For anyone who doesn't watch the show, it is for the most part your typical "police procedural show with a twist". Here the twist is the investigative team are supported by Patrick Jane, an ex fake psychic who now helps solve crimes using his super-duper ability to read people and quite often employing a very obvious con whereby the killer outs themselves. I would say it was like a more fun version of Lie to Me, but no one at all has seen that, so it would be a bad reference. Unlike a lot of these police shows though, The Mentalist occasionally has some very good episodes, such as last season's episode which wrote out four or five recurring characters in one swoop. These episodes almost always involve Red John, a serial killer who shows up every now and then to taunt Jane, not being content with having murdered his family.

    This season has been interesting, as it has slowly shown us different sides to each of the main characters. After a prisoner was murdered in police custody internal affairs has been investigating our team, and while it may seem unlikely any of them are the killer, they are not as squeaky clean as we used to think. Rigsby, the main suspect in the death of the prisoner has lied to his own people in providing a fake alibi for his criminal father. He even went as far as to say his teammate Cho was there, forcing Cho to either lie to his superiors or see his friend lose his job. Van Pelt, as we saw in this episode, is also willing to side with her friends rather than help track down a killer. This all seems fairly innocuous and typical for these types of show, of course the team will stick together, that's what they do. But it has been handled in such a way as to suggest these are not the right decisions they are making. Van Pelt started off by admitting to her fiancé that all she is being asked to do is catch a murderer, and that if she knew who is was she would report them anyway. She then backtracks on this and decides not to help… At first there is a feeling of her doing good, sticking up for her friends, but there is an unease there, underneath it all. This uncertainness is more obvious a few minutes later when we witness the most blatant change in a character yet. This time it is team leader Teresa Lisbon. Having caught a young girl who had admitted killing her father. Jane makes a case for the girl, saying that she was being abused and that it was self defence. Lisbon correctly says that none of that matters, if the girl is innocent that is for the court to decide, not her, and not Jane. Yet in the end Lisbon lets the girl walk – in complete contrast to how we have seen her behave over the past two and a half years. Jane tells a confused booking officer that he has "just witnessed something beautiful."

    On the one hand, this "something" could be Lisbon lightening up, or it could be something else entirely. Since day one Jane has said that when he finds Red John he will not let Lisbon arrest him, instead he will kill the man who murdered his wife and child. In response Lisbon has always said she wouldn't let him, that that wasn't how justice worked. If they step outside of the law, then there is no law. Jane has finally made Lisbon waver on this, he has in a sense corrupted her, and he has done this to the others too. Frequently Jane makes the other agents bend the rules, or even buys expensive gifts for them with money they know has been stolen from their department. He probably knew they wouldn't keep them – but he wanted to see if they might be convinced to. In a sense Jane is quite dangerous, he could be said to resemble the Joker as seen in The Dark Knight – an agent of chaos. It would seem now he has finally succeeded in corrupting the good people of the team, and I would argue this is what the "something beautiful" was. Like the Joker corrupting Harvey Dent, Lisbon was the best of them, and he has finally mad her go against everything she stands for.

    Jane is a master manipulator, and is always five steps ahead of everyone else – much like Red John. Red John also seems to employ a strange cult like following, a weird bunch of brainwashed nutcases ready to kill for him. How does Red John manage to twist all these people to his side, everything seems to suggest he is just a killer with no other special talents. Furthermore, how does he keep getting access to people within the investigative team, from the woman last year, to whoever killed this prisoner – and why would they do as he says? Perhaps they have been manipulated, hypnotised even, by someone who wants to shake things up, to create a little chaos…

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Yancy Butler

Yancy Butler

Aunt Jodie

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Adam Leadbeater

Eugene Boden

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Michael DiBacco


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Eric Winter

Eric Winter

FBI Agent Craig O'Laughlin

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Pruitt Taylor Vince

Pruitt Taylor Vince

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  • QUOTES (8)

    • Jane: Trina, are you there?

      Lisbon: Sweetie, it's all right. We're with the CBI.

      Jane: I know it sounds made up, but we have a web site and everything.

    • Lisbon: How's Trina doing?

      Doctor: Physically, she's all right. Psychologically, it's tricky.

      Jane: Tricky? Is that a diagnosis?

    • Jane: Did you know Nevada is both the marriage and divorce capital of the nation?
      Lisbon: They should put that on the license plate.

    • Cho: Where were you last night at 10:00 PM?

      Mr. Essex: Your mother gave me a booty call. Always happy to oblige the old girl.

      Cho: She's not your type.

    • Jodie: Honey, I-I'm not gonna let you become a witness, okay? I won't put you in danger.

      Lisbon: We'll protect her.

      Jodie: Like you protected her father?

      Jane: Go ahead. Tell you aunt.

      Trina: It's my dad who died, not yours.

      Jodie: Trina...

      Trina: If you won't let me do this, I'll never forgive you.

    • Jodie: (To Lisbon about Jane) What is he doing? Could you please control your man?

      Jane: Oh, believe me, she's tried.

    • Lisbon: We dont' get to choose who gets a pass and who doesn't. That is the job of the courts.

      Jane: Please.

      Lisbon: And our job... our job is to catch the killer. What happens after that is up to other good people who are also doing the best job they can. (pause) Damn it. Why did she confess?

      Jane: Because she's a good person.

    • Jane: Hang on, what are you doing?

      Lisbon: I'm calling juvenile services. I don't want them to take her to county for booking.

      Jane: Really? That's your plan for this girl, jail? (takes away her phone)

      Lisbon: Give me the phone, Jane.

      Jane: No, I can't.

      Lisbon: She took somebody's life. She confessed to a police officer.

      Jane: For God sakes, Lisbon. The girls father was an abuser.

      Lisbon: So was mine. I didn't shoot him.

  • NOTES (3)

    • This episode had 14.86 million viewers when it originally aired.

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Krev za krev (Blood for Blood)
      Germany: Spätes wunder (Late miracle)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: February 10, 2011 on CTV
      The Netherlands: March 24, 2011 on SBS 6
      United Kingdom: March 25, 2011 on Channel 5/Channel 5 HD
      Australia: April 03, 2011 on Nine
      Sweden: May 31, 2011 on TV3
      Germany: September 4, 2011 on SAT 1
      Czech Republic: April 4, 2012 on TV Nova