The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 19

Blood Money

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 22, 2010 on CBS

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  • Jane being Jane got him in trouble.

    The most telling aspect of this episode is that a serial killer initially got away with it because Jane was being Jane.

    All it took for a case to be thrown out of court, and an obviously guilty perp to be set free, was for the defence to 'investigate' Jane, because as the corrupt ADA said, "The whole DA's office knows how you operate, your craziness. I thought there was a good chance you stepped over some line or other. Turned out you had."

    This is the very argument I've made in the past in relation to Jane's antics, claiming sure they've caught the perp, but how will they make it stick in court? Especially those far-too-many times where Jane has gotten a confession by letting the perp believe he was going to die/or be killed if he/she didn't confess.

    I want to see now if Jane has really learned his lesson, or are we going to go back to improbable tricks to elicit improbable non-legal confessions that wouldn't hold up in court, and leave it at that, as has been the case until this revealing episode.

    An aside:
    I had a problem with the 'evidence' Jane used to come to the conclusion that the ADA Marc Odenthal was the one who hired the hitman:
    1) The Drabers didn't kill Flower because they didn't kill Jane and Lisbon, a cop, when they had the chance. (Way to go Jane, not only putting your own life on the line, but also Lisbon's to prove a theory you weren't sure about.);
    2) The Drabers case was a career maker; and 3) ADA Marc Odenthal was an ambitious man, so the Drabers case would be one he'd like to take on; and finally
    4) ADA Marc Odenthal had a stuffed animal in his office, and this coupled with the fact that he knows about handguns, equals he must be a sniper.
    All circumstantial evidence which could have backfired tremendously in his court antics. Evidence which in itself I doubt would get a guilty conviction in a court of law.

    It was pretty dodgy 'evidence' in comparison to the 'evidence' that Jane used to come to the conclusion that Sylvan was the actual murderer of Flower. This I found to be quite astute, and the believable observations of a gifted man who can see more than the average person. This observation then led the team to investigate further, and who would have then probably ended up actually capturing him the right way if Jane didn't interfere.

    Anyway, I'm hoping that from this episode on we see "The Mentalist" head in a slightly different direction, one where we have Jane, a smart and gifted man, who can read people, someone astute, confident and able to provide insight on people, behaviours and personalities, and then able to deduce somewhat accurately how they would behave in a given situation, helping Lisbon and her unit solve extraordinary crimes, without the need of elaborate scheme to get the perp to confess.
  • blood money

    Patrick Jane in court? Absolutely awesome.

    Tonight's episode definitely had its high and low points, but everytime Simon Baker was on screen he stole the show. Probably one of his best perfomances in the role of Patrick Jane this season. He had me laughing and rooting for him in court, exactly what the protagonist should do.

    I did not really like the NCIS style opening where they tease dissension or something big in the group (Grace asking Rigsby to be killed). I just think we all are over 5 and knew she was setting the guy up, so having this here made no sense.

    But a pretty good episode overall.