The Mentalist

Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 20, 2011 on CBS

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  • Jane goes head to head with a Behavioral specialist. I can't say Behavioral Sciences Expert 'cause well... you know...

    All in all this was a pretty solid installation to the series. Granted I've only been watching for about a season. I always figured The Mentalist was a quaint bit of snarky fluff to be had after something meaty like Criminal Minds. Let's face it, it takes a day to digest most CM eps! They're that awesome! However, with all due respect, I find I'm falling quite comfortably into the arms of CBI's Patrick Jane. He's part "Lie to Me" and part "wannabe BAU" which is just perfectly perfect. He's the idea of what could happen if a behaviorist had a vendetta in one hand and a sympathizer in the other. It's good. I gotta say, though the behavioral specialist was pathetically strident and initially so tethered by the dogma of her science I was turned off, but then, she showed promise, a willingness to 're-define' a hypothesis. Something that's refreshing in the world of the sciences. Jane of course taught her a few things, and I'm sure she taught him a few things though we're not about to find out just exactly what they were, but, the fact was this ep was well written and engaging. And as usual it's the focus on the details that get the deed done. The writers for this show are sadly understated but doing a quality job! That said, I'm a drama/angst junkie. I want more Red John, I want more progress on the case and I want him actively tormenting Jane on a subtextual basis. Let's see some breakdown in his sociopathic tendencies, let's see some more arrogance and perhaps more than just a little taunting, and not necessarily in the shape of more murders, how about some communiques? A note here or there with his sig smiley or grotesque trophyism. I feel like the writers are afraid to get dirty. Get dirty. It'll strengthen the show. You've got a cast of solid actors. Use them, challenge them, and give those of us who know of what we speak something truly challenging. All else.. great job cast and crew. Thanks for the happy.
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