The Mentalist

Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 17, 2009 on CBS

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  • Patrick Jane is temporarily blind

    Jane left temporarily blind after he gets a tip about a bombing near the CBI shortly after he finds the bomb it blows up leaving him blinded for a short while.However nothing has changed with Jane as he is even funnier and still annoying Lisbon in this stunning episode.

    This episode was amazing. From Jane being blinded by the explosion to the Rigsby's jealousy B story. Everything was awesome! I felt like the writer, Gary Glasberg, did an amazing job revealing the bomber's idenity as Van Pelt's new boyfriend and blending the two storylines together. It was a shipper's dream to see the "Jisbon" moments, "I want to know what your face feels like when your smiling." Although, I prefer the Rigsby/Van Pelt matchup, It was great to see the moments with Van Pelt and Rigsby flirting with each other. In summary, "Bloodshot" was the best episode of The Mentalist to date!
  • Patrick Jane is temporarily blinded.

    Finally The Mentalist is back. The lack of new episodes was really putting a damper on my Tuesday nights.

    The beginning of this episode felt pretty lackluster. I can't quite put my finger on it, but the writing just seemed off, and not as unique to the five main characters as it should have been. The ending was great though as I really should see these twists coming by now, but for some reason I did not. The action was nice and it felt like a scene from the Rush Hour movies with some comedy thrown into the excitement as well.

    Another great show. Keep up the good work.
  • Very cool episode.

    Very interesting episode. Jane's made a lot of enemies, it was only a matter of time. The son was very unreasonable though – Jane told the wife very little and kept it incredibly vague, the wife already knew he was cheating, Jane was just the catalyst.

    Someone knows Jane very well – knew he would find the bomb in time and see the victim and message.

    Lisbon is very cool sometimes – a taser – obviously a tiny woman like her needs a different way to fight.

    It was inevitable that one of Jane's marks would return for revenge – word must have gotten out about his change of heart – it's amazing someone hasn't targeted him before.

    Poor Rigsby – he loves Grace so much and she ignores him and goes for the total psycho. She has horrible taste in men. Think Jane's onto something – there's something about Rigsby that's scaring her off.
  • Starts off GREAT but falls apart near the end

    This one was so good...until it wasn't anymore. Jane being temporarily disabled, and using his blind time to reflect on some related moments in the past that might explain a current murderer's actions, was all good. Since Jane is always 99% in control it was good to see this reversed for a change in which he is not so able to see 100 steps ahead and discern everyone's innermost thoughts and motivations, and has to focus all his efforts on just getting by himself. However, after some interesting plot developments it comes up with a very lame and simplistic conclusion. It's like the writers were having these huge strokes of brilliance for the first part of it - what would Jane be like blind, what if someone from his past career comes back to get revenge on him, etc., etc. - and then after all that good stuff suddenly realized they were running out of time and came up with the simplest quickest way to wrap things up. Kind of a let down in that way but i still see this as a 'pretty good' episode. If they stretched this over two episodes to allow a more complex ending it might have turned out better...
  • .

    Jane is absolutely hilarious in this episode. I like this show because I find Jane's behaviour amusing, but in this episode actually made laugh out loud. The one thing I do not understand is why Jane was so rude to the hospital staff? He is normally a very nice and polite gentleman. I have also found in the last couple of episodes that Lisbon has become more annoyed and rude with Jane, before she seemed to be amused by him. I like how Van Pelt was quite jealous last episode that Rigsby went on a date, e.i. moved on from her. Van Pelt got a boyfriend pretty quick and wants to keep it quite... from Rigsby maybe???
  • An ok episode..

    Hey, like I've said before, when I first watched The Mentalist, the show Psych came into my mind. Cause both guys use their great perception to help solving crimes. But everything else is different..

    I liked the blind Jane aproach. It was interesting to see how amusing he still is even without his eyes. Thought the writers could make Jane stick with the blindness for a few episodes. Would've been a good change..

    Another thing would be showing more of Jane's personal side. Sure, on the first episodes we saw that although he's always cool and nice, deep down he's a very lonely man who sleeps in a big empty house.
    We can see he's got something going on with Lisbon. It's subtle but it's there, and growing..

    Van Pet and Rigsby.. oh, come on, make up ur mind already.. lol

    Red John was the reason why Jane quit his psychic gig but the writers have been playing that card like the gravedigger on Bones.. one or two episodes with the character and "monster of the week" 20-21 episodes..
    But RJ means a lot to Jane so finding him would bring closure to him.. and perhaps something could happen between him and Lisbon..

    Ok, enough for now.. just my thoughts.. lol
  • Patrick finds himself forced to employ his other senses, as he is temporarily depraved of his sight. He makes do with his fear and inhibitions pretty well, and manages to solve the case while he's at it. Go Jane!

    A bomb is planted in the parking lot of the CBI headquarters, and the perpetrator sends a personal message to Patrick. The bomb goes off very near him and he loses his sight temporarily. A seemingly irrelevant man is killed in the explosion, as he was tied into a van with the bomb. While using his hearing and other senses instead, Patrick and the team find the link between the dead man, Jane and the killer. It turns out to be someone from Jane's past, who had suffered severe personal and professional damage due to Patrick.

    It was very interesting to observe the various subplots running in this epi. Van Pelt dating another man and Rigsby being horribly jealous, Patrick reminiscing his past as a spiritual advisor and realizing how hypocritical and ruthless he was, and how much damage he did to people. The teporary blindness and us worrying whether something like that could be permanent. And of course, trying to figure out how the killer, the victim and Jane were connected. All these keep the viewer fairly occupied, while the episode has a darker atmosphere as well. Compared to the previous episodes this one is more serious, adventurous, has more suspense and huge, exciting things happen (like the explosion, the blindness, the killer turning out to be Van Pelt's new boyfriend, Rigsby being beaten down, Van Pelt almost kissing him) so there's never a moment of boredom. My opinion is, less stylistic episodes and many more episodes like this one!!
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