The Mentalist

Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 17, 2009 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Jane goes looking for the car with the bomb in it, the cars are dry. When it pans to the parking lot with the van and the bomb, all the cars have large water droplets on them.

    • Patrick's blue and white car is a Citroën DS, actually a French car produced by the manufacturer Citroën between 1955 and 1975.

  • Quotes

    • Dan Hollenbeck: I didn't know you were from Iowa. Famous potatoes, right?
      Van Pelt: That's Idaho you ignorant jerk.
      Dan Hollenbeck: Oh, yeah? What's Iowa famous for?
      Jane: Gullible women.
      Van Pelt: That's not fair.

    • (Talking about Jane)

      Lisbon: He needs to go to a hospital. He has to go if you order him to.

      Minelli: I could, but someone did try to kill him, remember? We can protect him better here. At less expense.

      Jane: Thanks, Virgil.

      Minelli: Okay. But this is a favor. If you die in this department, I'm responsible. I do all the paperwork. In fact if he does die for whatever reason, move him to a public area, would you? I'd be very grateful.

      Jane: I hope he's smiling.

    • Jane: Holding something of James' would help me pick up a feel for him. Get a sense of his being.

      Mrs. Medina: Okay. Excuse me. (She leaves the room)

      Jane: Thank you.

      Lisbon: "Sense of his being"? What are you playing at?

      Jane: Just go with it. I have to practice this touchy-feely stuff. It's been a while.

      Lisbon: You're not gonna be blind forever.

      Jane: No, right. Because bad stuff like this doesn't happen nearly as often as people think it does.

    • (Lisbon and Rigsby are looking for a suspect at a nightclub)

      Club Doorman: You, little miss fierce, can come in. Lose the backup dancer. He's too, too butch. (Lisbon shows him her badge.)

      Lisbon: Get lost, fluffy.

    • Jane: Andrews didn't do it.

      Lisbon: Did you sense that with your superpowers?

      Jane: Yes, I did. He's filled with anger, but not fearful, guilty, murderous anger. That has a tang of ammonia about it. His is a more clean, righteous anger. Lemony.

      Lisbon: Lemony?

      Jane: This blind thing really works. Without my vision I can tune into my other senses much more clearly.

      Lisbon: That's great. Let me go make you a superhero costume. What do you want to be called?

    • Lisbon: How long will his vision be affected?

      Dr. Fuller: It's hard to say, really. The body's healing powers are unpredictable. But 48 to 72 hours is the norm. We must wait and see, so to speak.

      Jane: Ha, humor. Great. Everybody loves a witty doctor in times of trouble.

    • Minelli: Another bomb threat. Third this year.

      Jane: Not on my phone it isn't.

      Minelli: Well, granted they don't usually come through the CBI, but that's what the drills are for.

      Jane: The text read, "Are you smart enough to find it?" I think this was directed at me.

      Lisbon: Of course you think this is about you.

    • (Talking about Van Pelt)

      Rigsby: Who kissed her?

      Jane: Didn't catch his name.

      Rigsby: It's probably that knucklehead from payroll. He's been stalking her like a chicken. What did this man look like? (Jane get a text on his phone and he leaves in a hurry.)

      Cho: How do you stalk a chicken?

      Rigsby: You know what I'm talking about.

    • Van Pelt: Hey. Aren't you supposed to be in the hospital?

      Jane: No.

      Van Pelt: Yes, you are.

      Jane: They've had enough of me. Officer Powell here was kind enough to give me a ride back.

      Van Pelt: Well. Thank you...I guess.

    • Rigsby: Jane, I need to ask you a favor. I need you to, uh...I need you to find out from Van Pelt about this guy she's dating. You know, what's the score?

      Jane: The score?

      Rigsby: Is it serious? Are they, uh, you know?

      Jane: Ask her yourself.

      Rigsby: Yeah, right. No. Come on. You know the situation. It's against the rules, relationships between coworkers.

      Jane: What are you, a man or a mouse?

      Rigsby: A man, obviously.

      Jane: Could've fooled me.

      Rigsby: If it's that guy from payroll, I will kill him.

      Jane: Well, that would be a strong, romantic statement. Women like a man that would kill for them. Hey, Van Pelt!

      Rigsby: Don't!

    • Jane: Grace, personal question. Rigsby and I were wondering, uh...who is this man you were kissing by the coffee cart?

      Van Pelt: That's...that's none of your business.

      Jane: Not from payroll?

      Van Pelt: Payroll? No, he doesn't even work here. It's none of your business.

      Jane: Well, thank heavens for that, at least. No killing needed.

      Rigsby: Don't be so sure.

      Jane: You'll see. Honesty's best.

      Rigsby: Yeah, honestly, I'd like to kick your butt right now.

    • Lisbon: What the hell?

      Jane: Oh, doctor's orders. She said it was the best thing for me to do, get back to work.

      Lisbon: She did not. She said you insulted the entire ward and were a complete pain in the ass.

      Jane: Nah. So?

      Lisbon: So, you can't do that.

      Jane: What was I supposed to do, just sit there and listen to television? Besides, the food was terrible.

      Lisbon: You need the rest.

      Jane: I need to work.

      Lisbon: You're blind.

      Jane: It's no problem, honestly. My other senses are heightened. They're super heightened. I'm like Daredevil. Now, if you'll excuse me.

      Lisbon: Okay. (Jane walks off and almost hits a column)

      Jane: Ah, heightened.

    • Jane: Oh, please don't look at each other like that.

      Lisbon: Like what? You can't see.

      Jane: I can feel. I can feel your pity.

    • Cho: How is he?

      Lisbon: Guess what, he's a bad patient.

      Cho: Who would've thought.

      Jane: I'm not a bad patient. She's a bad visitor.

  • Notes

    • This episode had 15.49 million viewers when it originally aired.

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Krevní msta (Blood Feud)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: April 01, 2009 on Nine
      Belgium: May 13, 2009 on VT4
      Denmark: May 18, 2009 on TV3
      Sweden: June 2, 2009 on TV3
      Germany: June 14, 2009 on SAT 1
      Croatia: June 17, 2009 on RTL
      United Kingdom: July 9, 2009 on Five
      Czech Republic: March 15, 2010 on TV Nova
      Slovakia: May 31, 2010 on Markiza
      Poland: March 14, 2011 on TVN

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