The Mentalist

Season 6 Episode 22

Blue Bird

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 18, 2014 on CBS
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In the sixth-season finale, a new lead in a cold case surfaces, forcing Lisbon to postpone her plans to relocate, and this delay allows Jane to examine his feelings for her and decide how to proceed.

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  • another romantic cop show?

    I don't mind romance, but this once good serie becomes a boring serie, i miss the original cast. and the CBIThe cases arn't interesting.
  • Finally

    I just gotta say FINALLY. Now they have to by clever and not mess it up like it happened in Bones or Castle.
  • the mentalist

    Good show
  • Blue Bird

    It was a little bit of a sappy romcom moment with Jane running to the airport to talk to Lisbon, but it was also a very sweet and enjoyable moment on the plane, even if we have not really been craving a romance between those two during the show's run.

    I think they did this in case it was the series finale, and while I don't think it was the right decision, I can't say I did not thoroughly enjoy the episode.moreless
  • Jane's childish need for DRAMA!

    This episode was a perfect ending for season 6,Jane solves another murder,plays with peoples feelings manipulates them because of his childish need for drama which i don't blame the guy and in the end he gets the girl.

    I am really happy that Red John is dead and Jane can finally move forward and create a family although that concept for Jane is still terrifying for obvious and clear reasons which is why i understand why it is that Jane kept Lisbon at arms length but still cared deeply for her.

    I just hope that nothing wont take this new found happiness from Jane because he deserves to be happy after all the hell that he has been through and Lisbon is the perfect woman for him she cares for him and is the only one who can keep up with Jane in almost every aspect.

    Sorry for the long rant but had to say it and i really hope that Red John is dead and gone cause if he comes back is gonna bad.moreless
Skylar Brown

Skylar Brown


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Josiah Blount

Josiah Blount


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Kara Royster

Kara Royster


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Joe Adler

Joe Adler

Jason Wylie

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Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal

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    • Jane: There's something I need to say.
      Lisbon: I don't want to see you. Go away.
      Jane: You're right. You're right. I-I have forgotten how to act like a normal human being. And I play games and I lie and I-and I trick people to avoid the truth of how I feel. And the idea of letting anyone close to me is is-is terrifying, for obvious reasons. But the truth, Teresa, is that I can't imagine waking up knowing that I won't see you. The truth is... I love you. Whew! You can't imagine how good that feels to say out loud, but it scares me... and it is the truth. It is the truth of what I feel.
      Lisbon: It's too late. Jane, it's too late.
      Jane: Maybe. And I understand. That's okay. I needed to get to this, and you deserve to hear it.

    • Jane: You know, I'm-I'm sorry that I tricked you. I just... I just, uh...
      Lisbon: You just what? Jane, what were you doing?
      Jane: I just don't want you to leave.
      Lisbon: You don't give a damn about what I want or need. I am just a convenience for you. You used me. It's all about you. You used a-a woman's murder, Jane. You basically dug her corpse up for this crap. You are so twisted up in your own dishonesty, you have no idea how to act like a decent human being. No idea.
      Jane: I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry.
      Lisbon: All right, well, if you're really sorry, why don't you just leave me alone?

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