The Mentalist

Season 6 Episode 19

Brown Eyed Girls

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2014 on CBS

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  • nnn88iii

  • Uninteresting storyline

    Uninteresting storyline about human trafficking. Lisbon asks Patrick about his feelings concerning her moving away with Pike. Patrick tells her to go for it.
  • Brown Eyed Girls

    The human trafficking story could be good, but it depends on how edgy they want things to go, and CBS rarely pushes the boundary. As for the Lisbon/Pike story, I could not be less interested.
  • Breaking hearts??

    I love this show, but Pike need to be a real heart breaker??? Maybe be one the secret list of the Red John whit out the tattoo back to solid 10's ratings like the episode Violets.

    That is the main reason Jane is in the FBI after all because that "LIST".

    Abbott is partner whit Jane better of any one else right now
  • Brown Eyed Girls

    Great episode - really enjoying the new "Mentalist" - Patrick, Lisbon and Cho are so good!!!
  • Brown Eyed Girls

    The Mentalist had a strong run with the last couple of episodes and this one continued the trend. I liked the story line, it was good to see the "old" team of Lisbon, Jane and Cho work together. Though the ending was rather sad. Lisbon looked quite okay at first with Pike but as soon as she had to tell Jane it looked like she was trying so hard to be happy while her smile and actions looked rather forced. And the utter surprise and despair on Jane's face after she told him about Pike's request to move to DC with her - he was clearly stressed. Now the question remains - will he do something about it and if so, what?
  • Heart break

    This episode for me was a solid ten. The human interest story arc is excellent. Who would have guessed that Abbot and Jane would work so well together. Classic moments. Kimball Cho effecting an accent so perfectly. The look of surprise on Jane's face. The utter despair on Jane's face when Lisbon told him about pike's request was heart rending