The Mentalist

Season 3 Episode 2

Cackle-Bladder Blood

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 2010 on CBS

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    Okay, this was definitely an improvement over that very dismal season premiere, but The Mentalist is still not where the show needs to be right now. Remember when Patrick Zane used to do all of those zany things on a weekly basis? They do not even do anything remotely close to that anymore.

    The show is still different from the rest of the CBS lineup and for that I am grateful, but this show is becoming too generic and too cliched. I became a fan of The Mentalist in 2008 because it was not like those programs, but they need to do better than this.
  • Background is a good thing.

    At least there was a reason to be a bit more sympathetic towards Jane this outing, and as the man behind the character, Simon Baker certainly stepped up to the plate.

    I did figure the culprit to be the fuzzy headed...what was she? partner? I'm really good at getting close in this series, but not quite hitting the baddie on the head.

    There was also a reasonable amount of Rigsby and Cho in this episode, though am I the only one who finds Van Pelt a little too MIA this season? Of course, one can't deny the focus this outing was on Jane and his past catching up with him. Nice that there could be some resolution. After all, like the man said, "Guilt is for Marks".
  • Great episode, lots of background info on Jane.

    We finally get some info on Jane's wife. Her family were carnies along with Jane. They both ran off together to 'escape' the lifestyle. Her brother is a con man and I got the impression that they used to scam people together before Jane ran away with his sister. He and Jane haven't spoken since he called to tell him what Red John had done.

    The brother calls Jane out of the blue telling him he need his help. Dead body, everyone thinks he's the killer and Jane is trying to help him, by either proving his innocence or helping him escape capture. This season Lisbon is really on the ball with calling Jane on his BS which I am more than happy to see. I'm glad that they are showing that even without Jane's help they can still reach the same conclusions about what is going on. Lisbon found Jane twice when he didn't want to be found.

    The brother is still very angry with Jane over what happened with his sister and they have it out with each other. At the end they seem to have made up but I doubt they will be exchanging Christmas cards. They are running a duel investigation with the local cops so when Lisbon's team catches the real killer, she lets the brother slip away before the locals can get there and charge him with fraud. All for Jane of course so I guess now he owes her one.

    And we FINALLY get to learn his wife and daughter's name, Angela Ruskin Jane and Charlotte Anne Jane. No dates on the head stones though which was kinda weird. Sad moment with Jane almost breaking down at his family's grave. He hasn't been there since the funeral. The brother leaves, telling him "Guilt is for marks." Which I guess is his way of forgiving Jane.
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