The Mentalist

Season 1 Episode 17

Carnelian Inc.

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 24, 2009 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Carnelian, the name of the company in this episode, is a a pale to deep red or reddish-brown semi-precious gemstone used in jewelry.

  • Quotes

    • Jane: You're very confident of his innocence. How can you be so sure?

      Jessie Skelling: Because I asked him if he did it and he said no, he didn't do it.

      Jane: You suspected he might indeed have done it. But he denied it. You believe him.

      Jessie Skelling: Lee don't lie to me. He'll cause me trouble a hundred which ways, but he don't lie to me.

      Jane: Wives often say that about their husbands. Easy to fool yourself that the people you love are honest.

    • Lisbon: I know. I can read your mind.

      Jane: Oh, you can?

      Lisbon: You're thinking Mr. Skelling is innocent and we should release him. (Calls out to Cho) Cho.

      Jane: That's amazing. That's exactly what I was thinking. How do you do that? Let me try. You're thinking, Jane is right, the man is innocent, we should let him go.

      Lisbon: No. I think you want him to be innocent because his guilt would be too simple. He has a motive, opportunity and no alibi.

      Jane: Yeah.

    • Lisbon: Any word on Skelling?

      Rigsby: Couple potential sightings in the Mount Whitney area. Locals and park services are all over it. We'll get him

      Jane: I doubt it. Skelling's in his element up there. His survivalist fantasy come true. He's gone aground like a grizzly bear.

    • Lisbon: There is an explosive device of some kind under your bed.

      Mr. Faulk: Oh my god.(He starts to get up from his bed.)

      Lisbon: Wait.

      Mr. Faulk: Wait?

      Lisbon: Just let me get a better look. (Looks under the bed) No, I don't think there's a pressure trigger. You can get up now.

      Mr. Faulk: You don't think?

      Lisbon: I'm sure it doesn't. Timer's set to go off in 10 minutes, so we have plenty of time. If you'll just get out of the bed slowly. We don't wanna jar the device in anyway.

      Jane: Boom! (Both Lisbon and Faulk look at him startled.)

      Lisbon: For God's sakes!

      Jane: Sorry, I couldn't resist.

    • Mr. Faulk: You have no legal proof whatsoever.

      Jane: Meh. Legal proof will be found, no doubt, but personally I don't need it. I just like to know that I'm right.

    • (It's dark outside, Jane is driving and Lisbon is sitting next to him with her eyes closed)

      Jane: Talk to me.

      Lisbon: Do I have to?

      Jane: No, I can just fall asleep and we can drift into oncoming traffic. Your call.

      Lisbon: (She opens her eyes and sighs.) Have you seen any good movies lately?

      Jane: No. You?

      Lisbon: No.

      Jane: Interesting.

    • Lisbon: You threw a cat, all right. What valuable insight did you glean as a result?

      Jane: Nothing. It's a little disappointing.

      Lisbon: Well, maybe, just maybe, this case is exactly what it looks like. Bitter unsubs with a grudge against the fat cats.

      Jane: Nice drive though.

      Lisbon: Nice three hour drive.

    • Jane: We should talk to the Carnelian executives again. Throw a cat among the pigeons.

      Lisbon: You think? Why?

      Jane: What if this is not what it looks like it's about. What if it's something else entirely.

      Lisbon: Like?

      Jane: I don't know.

      Lisbon: So you're suggesting we throw a blind cat among the pigeons?

      Jane: Yeah.

      Lisbon: No. (Jane laughs and leaves her office)

    • Jessie Skelling: I can't even look at you people, you make me so mad. Lee's done nothing. Nothing.

      Jane: Jessie, if your husband is innocent then we're your best friends. We'll prove he's innocent. Will you help us?

    • Lisbon: Jessie Skelling?

      Jessie Skelling: No, I'm Cindy Crawford. Jessie's on vacation in Mexico.

    • Mr. Faulk: David would want us to continue.

      Mr. Breamer: Yes, he would. Yes, he would. David would never back down.

      Jane: David wouldn't want you to respectfully acknowledge his tragic and untimely death? Oh, well, okay. He wouldn't want it to interfere with your kayaking schedule.

    • Jane: Wait. I think we should wait.

      Lisbon: What for? What could possibly happen?

      Jane: I have no idea, but it's a pleasant spot, and I have sandwiches.

    • Jane: Where is it?

      Lisbon: Mojave Desert. Middle of nowhere. Quarter of a mile from the highway.

      Jane: Interesting.

      Lisbon: Boring. Three hours away.

      Jane: Desert's beautiful this time of year. Let's all go. We can bring a picnic lunch.

      Lisbon: Someone has to stay and answer the phones. (Van Pelt sits down at her desk, disappointed as everyone else leaves the room.)

    • (A guy is walking around the CBI office with a paper in his hand)

      Cho: He's from the A.G's office. We're catching a hot one.

      Jane: Hooray. I was about to go mad with boredom.

      Van Pelt: Don't say hooray. Someone's died.

      Jane: Well, if they have, my happiness makes no difference to them.

      Van Pelt: Nor does catching their killer for that matter.

      Jane: True, but it makes a difference to the killer.

    • (In the Mojave Desert)

      Jane: Look what I found.

      Lisbon: What is it?

      Jane: It's a worm, fossilized worm.

      Lisbon: I'm happy for you.

      Cho: Alright, this is it. This is the spot.

      Rigsby: 11:04 and change. Right on time.

      Lisbon: For what?

      Cho: There's still 15 seconds to go.

      Jane: You know, when this worm was alive, this whole desert was the floor of a great sea. There were dinosaurs swimming above us.

      Rigsby: That is kind of awesome.

      Jane: Yeah. (Jane throws the worm to Cho)

      Jane: Sharks the size of buses, brilliantly colored sea monsters. Those mountains, they would have been volcanoes. (Cho examines the worm)

      Cho: This is a goat turd about six months old.

    • Jane: Really, you don't trust me?

      Lisbon: Of course not. How many times have you lied to me, misled me, tricked me? Is that trust? No.

      Jane: Well, we have to remedy this. Let's do a trust fall.

      Lisbon: A trust fall?

      Jane: Yeah. I'm sure you did one on your CBI retreat. It's when you turn around and fall backward, and I catch you.

      Lisbon: Oh, yes, we did do that.

      Jane: Mm-hmmm.

      Lisbon: No.

      Jane: You won't?

      Lisbon: We have a long drive still.

      Jane: Ah. Here we have two co-workers recognizing the boundaries of their professional relationship. See, you want to trust me, but there's something holding you back.

      Lisbon: Yes. You're untrustworthy. It's my job not to trust you.

      Jane: Lisbon, I want you to know that you can trust me. No matter what happens, I will be there for you. I will. I need you to know that.

    • Lisbon: What's in the bag?

      Jane: Oh. A picnic lunch.

      Lisbon: What's in the bag?

      Jane: A bomb.

      Lisbon: Ha ha ha. What's in the bag? Seriously.

      Jane: Seriously. A bomb.

  • Notes

    • This episode had 17.62 million viewers when it originally aired.

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Carnelian s.r.o. (Carnelian Ltd)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: April 22, 2009 on Nine
      Belgium: May 20, 2009 on VT4
      Denmark: May 25, 2009 on TV3
      Germany: June 21, 2009 on Sat1
      Croatia: June 24, 2009 on RTL
      United Kingdom: July 16, 2009 on Five
      Sweden: September 8, 2009 on TV3
      Czech Republic: March 22, 2010 on
      TV Nova Slovakia: July 13, 2010 on
      Markiza Poland: March 21, 2011 on TVN

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