The Mentalist

Season 4 Episode 17

Cheap Burgundy

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 08, 2012 on CBS

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  • This is EXACTLY why I dislike many of the non Red John episodes. The absurd "deduction" and Janes sadistic attitude.

    And now Lisbon is getting even more annoying. Can someone explain how its in anyones best interest to tell Agent Darcy the truth about Red John? She suspects very strongly anyhow, so whats the trouble? She reeeaaallly needs Jane to confess to murder? And Jane, considering he is a murderer himself needs to be less of a hypocrite. There is just not that much fun in watching Jane torture people just because the stupid writing of the show allows him to get away with it. Honestly, his guess work is shit. The only reason it turns out to be correct is because the writers awkwardly make it so. Also, why are the people investigated so willing to let Jane walk all over them? And why is every law enforcement official willing to go along just because he closes cases? The truth is that if Jane, no matter if he is an actual peace officer or a consultant decided to simply open up drawers, and look into garbage bins without a warrant to do so, every piece of evidence, even a sworn confession that came afterwards would be poisoned. The case would be thrown out. This country believes people have rights and protections. When people invite the police into their homes to talk, an officer can only examine things that are in the open. They can't open boxes, or make themselves tea. If they do, they may as well stop investigating. Its grounds for dismissal. That there is a murder investigation is NOT more important then violating the living. Can't this show be even slightly more realistic and decent. The fact that this is written by Bruno Heller, the showrunner, says a lot. So does the fact that this show got moved to Friday. The ONLY thing worth watching on this show is when Jane confronts Red John, Styles of Visualize or other characters of that sort. The episodes that the writers think of as "fun" are nothing of the sort. They are depressingly silly and make me wonder how Heller sees people in general. I wonder how he would like being treated the way Jane treats people. I only watched this half way. That was enough.
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