The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 16

Code Red

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 11, 2010 on CBS
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After being poisoned with the toxin she was working on, bioweapons researcher Dr. Alicia Seberg asks Jane and the CBI to find her killer.

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  • Went too far

    I thought the whole point of Jane's offensiveness is that he only does it to bad people . murderers, people who are cheating on their spouse, someone overly arrogant, etc). In this episode he tells a building full of completely innocent people that they are going to die, and even lets them call their family members?? At that point I felt disgusted and a little sick. Do the writers actually believe Jane could be a credible character after something like that? As a viewer, why would I want to empathise with a sociopath?moreless
  • Shouldn't Jane be in jail for life? That was the most silly episode yet. he endangers hundreds of people every time he touched those vials. Thats not really worth catching a killer. This show is going downhill fast.moreless

    That was so far from reality it was difficult to watch without disgust. No one would allow a consultant or a cop to be that near such dangerous chemicals. The safety of an entire building of people was compromised every time Jane went near those vials. He had no idea how they react even by being gently shaken. If that had really occurred Jane would be in jail for the rest of his life. A hoax like that is very illegal and for good reasons. I know this show is mostly just comedy, but the message it sends is sad. Catching a murderer is far less important then the safety and happiness of people still living. Having a carnival worker handling biochemicals that could kill an entire city is not really a good idea even if it leads to the conviction of some guy that killed someone. Patrick made a fool of himself far more then he made a fool of anyone else this episode. Maybe some better writers are in order.moreless
  • sorry but

    sorry but this was an awful episode, I'm afraid I have been a little disappointed in the way the character of Jane has been written this season, we have always known he's arrogant, with a seemingly complete diregard for other peoples feelings and abilities, but I am afraid in this episode he was totally over the top and annoyingly smug into the bargain, not only did he risk everyones lives with his silly misuse of a labs equipment and personnel, but it was shrugged off at the end with a smile and a smirk, sorry just really annoying, please get back on track .moreless
  • An overall excellent episode of The Mentalist.

    A very good episode of The Mentalist, one that reminds me a lot of the first season. The level of disbelief you need for this episode is reasonable. Sure, positive pressure suits would have been nice, but they aren't exactly wonderful for character development. The complaint of the virus being let loose through the door can be explained by the closing procedure (close one door before you open the other), and by keeping the room at a different (negative) pressure from the entryway, thereby not allowing the virus to leave. Again, this is TV, small things like this can be ignored for the sake of the story.

    Mystery was solid, I was quite sure it was going to be the bureaucrat guy, what with being at a generally low level (no picture on the ID card) and angry (controlling/bullying others to make himself feel better) man. His mentioning of possible thievery right away also put him high up on the suspect scale.

    Quite a satisfying reveal, spilling the substance would be an excellent way to cover your tracks. They didn't really focus too much on figuring out who the killer was through the show, rather Jane chose the sensible thing and made the killer show himself. The open eye scanners made the list of suspects too large to analyze, and eliminating one person from such a large group is much easier than finding the one person responsible. Providing the fire bombing as a way of starting a new life with your riches was obviously very tempting for such a greedy man, forcing him to jump at it.

    Character development was decent, you can see Jane does care about people, at least enough to make that girl go and grieve with a friend. The death probably also reminded him of his wife and daughter, and brought him back to their last moments. Did the daughter know what was happening, or was Red Jon merciful and killed her in her sleep. Tough way to go through life.

    Lisbon was suspicious from the get go, and I'm surprised she only punched him for lying to her like that. Quite a serious breach of trust, especially from the guy who has told you to trust him numerous times.

    Anyways, solid episode, I hope the next one is just as good. Too bad we'll have to wait two weeks again. CBS seems to want this show to fail.moreless
  • Worst plot ever...still a good story within this plot, but you can only take it so far. A little research and all would have been so much better.

    I am an biologist so I know what I'm talking about. And I'm talking about labs and security. There are certain rules that you learn on your first day after donning the lab coat and entering ANY lab. One of them is: Cover your body. When you are in a lab, be it chemical or biological, you wear a coat. That's to protect you from harm. So don't ever go into a lab with more or less harmful agents with a T-Shirt or a skirt or sandals. NEVER. And that goes even for you run-of-the-mill school lab. this episode we have a biological warfare research lab stuffed with all the baddies from anthrax to an engineered supervirus. Every sane person would call that a lab with biosafety level 4, that's the highest possible level. If you feel lucky you can call it a level 3 facility doesn't really matter in this case. Because in both you have some pretty high standards concerning storage, handling, and access. And concerning appropriate personal protective clothing. You remenber the movie "Outbreak"? That was the same level. All those science guys stompüing around in their own personal one-man coverall haz suits looking like astronauts. THAT is how you do it. You NEVER handle a potentially very dangerous agent just protected by a pair of rubber gloves and a strong will not to get infected. That's how people die, quickly. Those people don't become scientists, they become corpses. It's called evolution. To get your (very well protected) hands on such a vial you will pass through at least two airlocks with higher pressure on the outside and a special shower with aggressive chemical agents, UV light to kill any virus/bacteria. NOBODY will ever lay hands on those vials outside this room and without proper protection, even IF there were such a thing as an unbreakable container. Even if those little suckers were encased in big block of Cantbedestroyedium. That's how it works, even in small labs with no kill-you-all virus. Even the CDC person did some incredible handling (without gloves) while a whole bunch of civilians stood around him. And he really called a fridge with a glass door a "safe"...LOL

    The worst thing could have worked with a more realistic view of a level 4 lab. A few tweaks here and there, a hole in the hazmat suit, a contaminated needle on the door knob, you name it. Probably the writer had no clue about labs in general and no interest to face reality and kill his little unrealistic plot. Sorry, 8-9 points for Jane, but with that faulty plot a 3 has to suffice.moreless
Tony Curran

Tony Curran

Dean Harken

Guest Star

George Newbern

George Newbern

Dr. Cliff Edmunds

Guest Star

Amy Price-Francis

Amy Price-Francis

Dr. Alicia Seberg

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • As Agent Cho is ending his interview with Griffin Wells, he states "You'll be the richest man in Folsom."
      Folsom is a prison run by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation in California State. It is located in the city of Folsom, 20 miles (32 km) northeast of the state capital of Sacramento.

    • When Dr. Seberg finds the opened Cryptohansa B vial she stops Dr. Welks and Harken from opening the door, because she knows the virus must be contained within the chamber. Seberg responds to Jane's question that the killer would have taken the antidote in advance of opening the vial, the only way it will work. Although having taken the antidote protected them, it is never explained how the killer managed to leave the contaminated chamber without releasing the virus.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Dr. Seberg: Good morning, Mr. Jane. My name is Dr. Alicia Seberg. I gather from a brief search on the internet that you're the best detective in my immediate vicinity.
      Jane: Oh, well, um, you flatter me, but, uh, I'm not actually a detective.
      Dr. Seberg: I need your professional assistance. Please come immediately. I've been murdered.

    • (About Scott Price)

      Jane: You know he didn't kill Alicia Seberg, you just like scaring people, right?

      Harken: Hey, if there was a murder here, I think he's a very good suspect.

      Jane: Why? He has no interest in her death, it could only lead to discovery of the security breakdown.

      Harken: We'll see if he had any other motives.

    • (Harken is inteviewing suspects)

      Jane: This is ridiculous.

      Lisbon: Just let it go.

      Harken: Let's have some quiet back there, huh? Now, Mr. Tipp, please--

      Jane: (interrupting) Why?

      Harken: Why?

      Jane: What difference does our silence make? Silent or not, you're still wasting everybody's time with this nonsense.

      Harken: You guys called this homicide, so now we have to run the paperwork. That's how it works.

      Jane: Still a waste of time.

      Harken: I thought I made the deal clear to you guys. You really wanna mess with the C.D.C.A.?

      Lisbon: Absolutely not. I apologize for my colleague's rudeness--

      Jane: No she doesn't. I retract that apology. Show some mettle, Lisbon. You know as well as I do, if I have ten minutes with these people, I will get the truth. If there's any useful truth worth having.

    • Rigsby: Anything to be looking out for in particular?

      Lisbon: Oh, uh, one of them released a lethal supervirus that could kill half the state of California, so I guess we're looking for someone with a prior background as an evil supervillain.

      Cho: Okay.

      Lisbon: That last part was a joke.

      Cho: Yeah, we get it.

    • Lisbon: Tell me the truth. This is a trick, right?

      Jane: No. Why would I do something like that? What would be the point?

      Lisbon: Swear on your child's grave.

      Jane: You know I don't do that. Not for anything.

    • Griffin: What are you doing?

      Jane: What does it look like I'm doing?

      Griffin: Trying to make us nervous?

      Jane: Correct. How am I doing?

      Griffin: Doing well.

      Jane: Excellent.

    • Edmunds: Fidelity is simply a cultural convention.

      Jane: Like clothes or not killing people?

      Edmunds: You could say so.

    • (Jane has tricked Lisbon into thinking they're about to die)

      Lisbon: Don't you have anybody you wanna call besides Cho and Rigsby?

      Jane: No...and If I were dying, I'd wanna call you, but you're already here, so there's no need.

      Lisbon: Me? What would you say?

      Jane: Uhh...

      Lisbon: Uh, wait-- wait a minute. If? If I was dying?!

      Jane: Yeah, you're not really dying. I wrote a label and put it on an empty flask and then I convinced poor Lilith Nash to run away. I feel kind of bad about it--

      Lisbon: You son of a bitch!

    • (Talking about their latest murder case.)

      Jane: Ooh, this is a good one, eh?

      Lisbon: Good?

      Jane: Well, interesting. Unique.

      Lisbon: If you're a jaded, ghoulish adventure seeker.

      Jane: Ghoulish? Listen, if people are gonna kill each other and we have to catch them, I would much rather the go about it with some kind of originality.

    • Jane: Cheer up.
      Lisbon: Why?
      Jane: Uh, 'cause it's better to be happy than sad.
      Lisbon: I'm not sad.
      Jane: You're very sad. You've been sad for months. Ever since, uh --
      Lisbon: Oh, what? Is this some sort of therapy session? Did you bring tissue in case you make me cry?
      Jane: There we go. Zing of anger. Gets the blood up. That's a good start.
      Lisbon: Is this what you came here for, to zing me? Because I've got paperwork to do.

    • Lisbon: This is politics. The C.D.C.A. is rich, mean and well connected. The CBI in comparison are like poor orphans. We can't make enemies out of them. We need to cooperate with this man.

      Jane: He irks me.

      Lisbon: Say it. I understand.

      Jane: Mhmm.

      Lisbon: Go, find yourself a vending machine, buy yourself a candy bar and come back when you're ready to play nice.

      Jane: Give me a dollar and I will.

    • Lisbon: And reason number two?

      Jane: The second and most important reason is doesn't it feel great to get your life back? Don't you feel good right now? Don't you feel happy to be alive?

      Lisbon: No!

      Jane: Oh, I know you do. You know you do.

      Lisbon: If reason number one does not pan out very, very soon, I think I'm gonna punch you in the nose.

    • Patrick Jane: Confess, you do feel better. You feel much more alive, I know you do!
      Agent Lisbon: You know what made me feel better? Punching you in the nose.
      Patrick Jane: Huh. Glad to be of service.

  • NOTES (4)

    • This episode had 16.02 million viewers when it originally aired.

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Rudý kód (Red Code)
      Germany: Code red (Code red)

    • Simon Baker (Patrick Jane) and Caitlin Keats (Greta Skye) previously worked together on the movie Women in Trouble (2009).

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: March 11, 2010 on CTV
      Australia: March 22, 2010 on Nine
      United Kingdom: June 4, 2010 on Five
      Sweden: June 15, 2010 on TV3
      Germany: September 5, 2010 on SAT 1
      Czech Republic: November 8, 2010 on TV Nova
      Slovakia: August 30, 2011 on Markiza
      Poland: November 14, 2011 on TVN