The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 16

Code Red

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 11, 2010 on CBS

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  • Went too far

    I thought the whole point of Jane's offensiveness is that he only does it to bad people . murderers, people who are cheating on their spouse, someone overly arrogant, etc). In this episode he tells a building full of completely innocent people that they are going to die, and even lets them call their family members?? At that point I felt disgusted and a little sick. Do the writers actually believe Jane could be a credible character after something like that? As a viewer, why would I want to empathise with a sociopath?
  • Shouldn't Jane be in jail for life? That was the most silly episode yet. he endangers hundreds of people every time he touched those vials. Thats not really worth catching a killer. This show is going downhill fast.

    That was so far from reality it was difficult to watch without disgust. No one would allow a consultant or a cop to be that near such dangerous chemicals. The safety of an entire building of people was compromised every time Jane went near those vials. He had no idea how they react even by being gently shaken. If that had really occurred Jane would be in jail for the rest of his life. A hoax like that is very illegal and for good reasons. I know this show is mostly just comedy, but the message it sends is sad. Catching a murderer is far less important then the safety and happiness of people still living. Having a carnival worker handling biochemicals that could kill an entire city is not really a good idea even if it leads to the conviction of some guy that killed someone. Patrick made a fool of himself far more then he made a fool of anyone else this episode. Maybe some better writers are in order.
  • sorry but

    sorry but this was an awful episode, I'm afraid I have been a little disappointed in the way the character of Jane has been written this season, we have always known he's arrogant, with a seemingly complete diregard for other peoples feelings and abilities, but I am afraid in this episode he was totally over the top and annoyingly smug into the bargain, not only did he risk everyones lives with his silly misuse of a labs equipment and personnel, but it was shrugged off at the end with a smile and a smirk, sorry just really annoying, please get back on track .
  • An overall excellent episode of The Mentalist.

    A very good episode of The Mentalist, one that reminds me a lot of the first season. The level of disbelief you need for this episode is reasonable. Sure, positive pressure suits would have been nice, but they aren't exactly wonderful for character development. The complaint of the virus being let loose through the door can be explained by the closing procedure (close one door before you open the other), and by keeping the room at a different (negative) pressure from the entryway, thereby not allowing the virus to leave. Again, this is TV, small things like this can be ignored for the sake of the story.

    Mystery was solid, I was quite sure it was going to be the bureaucrat guy, what with being at a generally low level (no picture on the ID card) and angry (controlling/bullying others to make himself feel better) man. His mentioning of possible thievery right away also put him high up on the suspect scale.

    Quite a satisfying reveal, spilling the substance would be an excellent way to cover your tracks. They didn't really focus too much on figuring out who the killer was through the show, rather Jane chose the sensible thing and made the killer show himself. The open eye scanners made the list of suspects too large to analyze, and eliminating one person from such a large group is much easier than finding the one person responsible. Providing the fire bombing as a way of starting a new life with your riches was obviously very tempting for such a greedy man, forcing him to jump at it.

    Character development was decent, you can see Jane does care about people, at least enough to make that girl go and grieve with a friend. The death probably also reminded him of his wife and daughter, and brought him back to their last moments. Did the daughter know what was happening, or was Red Jon merciful and killed her in her sleep. Tough way to go through life.

    Lisbon was suspicious from the get go, and I'm surprised she only punched him for lying to her like that. Quite a serious breach of trust, especially from the guy who has told you to trust him numerous times.

    Anyways, solid episode, I hope the next one is just as good. Too bad we'll have to wait two weeks again. CBS seems to want this show to fail.
  • Worst plot ever...still a good story within this plot, but you can only take it so far. A little research and all would have been so much better.

    I am an biologist so I know what I'm talking about. And I'm talking about labs and security. There are certain rules that you learn on your first day after donning the lab coat and entering ANY lab. One of them is: Cover your body. When you are in a lab, be it chemical or biological, you wear a coat. That's to protect you from harm. So don't ever go into a lab with more or less harmful agents with a T-Shirt or a skirt or sandals. NEVER. And that goes even for you run-of-the-mill school lab. this episode we have a biological warfare research lab stuffed with all the baddies from anthrax to an engineered supervirus. Every sane person would call that a lab with biosafety level 4, that's the highest possible level. If you feel lucky you can call it a level 3 facility doesn't really matter in this case. Because in both you have some pretty high standards concerning storage, handling, and access. And concerning appropriate personal protective clothing. You remenber the movie "Outbreak"? That was the same level. All those science guys stompüing around in their own personal one-man coverall haz suits looking like astronauts. THAT is how you do it. You NEVER handle a potentially very dangerous agent just protected by a pair of rubber gloves and a strong will not to get infected. That's how people die, quickly. Those people don't become scientists, they become corpses. It's called evolution. To get your (very well protected) hands on such a vial you will pass through at least two airlocks with higher pressure on the outside and a special shower with aggressive chemical agents, UV light to kill any virus/bacteria. NOBODY will ever lay hands on those vials outside this room and without proper protection, even IF there were such a thing as an unbreakable container. Even if those little suckers were encased in big block of Cantbedestroyedium. That's how it works, even in small labs with no kill-you-all virus. Even the CDC person did some incredible handling (without gloves) while a whole bunch of civilians stood around him. And he really called a fridge with a glass door a "safe"...LOL

    The worst thing could have worked with a more realistic view of a level 4 lab. A few tweaks here and there, a hole in the hazmat suit, a contaminated needle on the door knob, you name it. Probably the writer had no clue about labs in general and no interest to face reality and kill his little unrealistic plot. Sorry, 8-9 points for Jane, but with that faulty plot a 3 has to suffice.
  • A case with very bad science, but watchable for the fun Jane has with Lisbon and the CDC overseer.

    It was an interesting change of pace to have the victim start out alive and ask Jane to solve her murder before she actually died. How often does Jane get to meet the victim? Unfortunately, the science surrounding the case was completely ridiculous. What kind of scientist works with a deadly airborne virus without using some sort of gas mask? Why wasn't the isolation chamber double sealed? Seriously.

    The best way to watch this episode is to ignore the players in the case, who were either uninteresting or just plain bad (the victim's death scene was so poorly acted I thought it was a joke) and focus on the great classic Jane moments. In Code Red, Jane consoles a grieving daughter, uses his mad hypnosis skills, annoys the CDC Officer in charge, pokes around dangerous lab chemicals, cheats Lisbon out of a dollar, and perpetrates a grand lie to everyone, including Lisbon, to smoke out the killer. This lie leads to a nice scene that reveals how Lisbon would face her own impending death. Of course, when Lisbon does find out she's been tricked-- silly Teresa, when will she ever learn?-- this leads to the best part of this episode: she punches Jane in the nose. The Lisbon and Jane interaction was great in the episode, but otherwise, a sub-par episode overall. Cho, Rigsby, and Van Pelt were hardly used at all.
  • I normally like this show, but this episode seemed a little flawed as far as the plot is concerned and it also had a huge logical fallacy..

    When the victim first enters her lab, the vial of virus is already opened sitting there on the floor so the air in the room is FULL of the deadly virus whose potency is enough to kill everyone within a quarter of a mile once airborne which suggests a high diffusion rate. But the thing is 'she opens the door' (at least for a second) to enter the inner lab where it is airborne, so it should get diffused out into the adjacent lab. So how does everyone who enters the lab survive? That and the overall incoherence of how the killer is caught makes my rating for this particular episode drop.
  • Code Red

    Very interesting episode of The Mentalist tonight. I like the idea of an entire episode taking place in a research lab. The storyline was enjoyable and definitely deviated from the formulaic course this show has been on this season. The Mentalist has hit a bit off a sophomore slump this year, but occasional episodes like this show that it can still be an entertaining and compelling drama. The ratings for The Mentalist continue to be through the roof though so I do not expect too many changes creatively. While I am not hating on this installment, as it was a good one, the show is down a bit in quality from where it was this time last year.
  • A doctor is exposed to a deadly virus and the CBI comes into find the person that has given the doctor a death sentence.

    Sorry, but this episode just felt flat. Not a lot of interaction between the entire cast with Jane and Lisbon in one place and the others either in the office near a desk or in a van... it gave you the feeling some of the cast was on vacation during the shoot and they were therefore written into quick cut away shots. So the chemistry between all the players was non-existent.

    Moving on, the story had very huge holes. Where you could usually say okay that's possible... okay that is far fetched but possible... at least you can in most episodes. This one was beyond the possible... you see the silliness of it in the opening scene where the doctor walks into a lab and finds that someone has dropped the flask of deadly virus. Now she isn't wearing a suit and hasn't licked anything, yet she is now going to die... of course no one else in the facility is even though they would have been exposed as much as she was simply by the fact that she opened the door... but we are supposed to ignore that fact... just as we are asked to ignore the fact that a lab doing bio-weapons research would require people near viruses to wear positive pressure suits which are not used here at all ( I guess they would have been too much for the budget )...

    Now ignoring all the technical problems... the chemistry just isn't there this week. It is almost as if the show asked everyone to perform with zero emotion and they all managed to do it... just a very dead episode.
  • Very good especially after last's week episode.

    Quick run down someone has let loose a lethal virus killing a scientist so Lisbon and Jane go to check it out. They essentially watch her die and have to watch the husband and daughter grieve. To catch the killer Jane makes everyone think that they have been exposed to the virus and are going to die in a few hours. Lisbon suspects him of course and almost begs him to tell her it's his doing, asking him to swear on his daughter's grave, which he will not do. Obviously when Lisbon does realize that he was behind it she punches him, lol.

    At the beginning Jane is still bugging Lisbon about her being "sad" for months, since Bosco dying. She doesn't want to talk about it. Watching the scientist die and the husband grieve visibly upsets Lisbon and Jane bonds with the daughter over a webcam and gets her to go to a friend.

    We do get more insight into Lisbon's family though. When she thinks she is dying she tell Cho to call her brother Tommy and tell him that she forgives him and to make piece with his brothers, so there is some family drama going on but with the speed that they are revealing personal info about the characters it'll be 2 years before we find out why.

    Jane says he has no one to call and IF he was dying that he would call her. Lisbon is touched until she realizes that he said IF, then she gets pissed. At the end of the episode Lisbon is smiling again and she attributes it to hitting Jane in the nose.

    The actual murderer was a mystery to me til the end just because it really could have been anyone and they didn't put too much energy into the case I thought. Turned out to be another scientist that was selling the virus on the black market and he spilled it to cover his tracks. All in all a very good episode I thought.