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Patrick Jane has finally caught and killed his white whale...

While I quite liked this episode and the fact that RJ's identity was finally revealed.

I wish it had been gradual within the episode itself. Within a very short period of time we learned that not only was Mcallister still alive, but he was the head of the Blake Association and RJ.

I wish this had all been revealed slowly over the course of the episode. I also wish that Mcallister had taunted Jane more about all the people he killed. RJ is a very brazen serial killer and his confrontation with Jane felt off. I think he should have told in great detail how he killed Jane's family and he should have blamed Jane for multiple deaths. I also don't think he should have been sorry for killing Jane's family. Mcallister should have played the role much more evil and arrogant. He used seemed so weak and pathetic, not at all like the person we have been led to believe is RJ. This is a man who is suppose to inspire people to follow and kill for him. He is also brazen enough to kill multiple law enforcement including the head of CBI. I just did not get this vibe from Mcallister.

I would also have loved to see at least one flashback where he painted the red smily face on the wall beside a murder victim, it also would have great to see
Mcallister walking up the stairs of Jane's family home.

Also, I wish that the death scene had felt more emotional or angry, I also wish it had taken place somewhere more meaningful, rather then a random park. Maybe the Jane family residence or in the cemetery where Jane's family are buried.

If it had not be explicitly said that we would learn RJ identity in this episode I would be under the impression that Jane had killed another false RJ. It all just ended to fast for me.

When we return on December 1st it will be with a two year time jump, so it will be interesting to see where Jane is and how he has dealt with his the end to his decade long search for the man behind the curtain. I also think that there is going to be a new setting so that should also be very interesting.

This is what I think. What about all the rest of you?

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