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Sunday 10:00 PM on CBS (Returning Early 2015)
I loved this episode (except for the 3 month time jump) it was great. So many classic Jane moves, new fresh characters and a slightly interesting case. Best parts...

1. Jane drinking tea in a very nice detention facility still with his island beard. (which I love by the way and hope he keeps for sometime yet):

2. The Case of the missing stabler and Lisbon's expression as she realized just how far she has sunk from head of a division at the CBI:

3. Jane psychic thing with the gypsy women.

4. Kim awkwardly asking if Lisbon and Jane had ever been involved.

5. Jason Wylie. I love him and really hope he is hear to stay. he is so funny.

6. Wylie not knowing why people can call him Coyote.

7. Jane spray painted road map for the FBI, that they would have had to use satellites to find

8. Jane laying down while still eating a bacon wrapped hotdog

9. The psychic, getting murdered all Dexter Like and buried in the garden by Defiance's hot tempered boyfriend.
10. Jane threatening the FBI, with a fake list.

10. Lisbon is joining the team and giving Jane socks.

This new set up feels like a fresh start but with characters we love. I can't wait for the rest of the season, I really think it will be fun and enjoyable.


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