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I think It might be Bret Partridge... Hear me out:

We saw a conversation between the three people with the 3 dots, where one of them asked "How much does he know?" (I think it was Bertram, but not sure...) and if one of them was RJ, then he should know, because he knows about the list (from s05 final), and besides, RJ should sound more Omnipotent, and less "knowledgeless" or "insecure".
I think that RJ used the tracking Van pelt put, to fake his own death- and then he kidnapped lisbon-he was at the scene of the crime... I think t would be a nice twist (that I spoiled for u all - MWahahahaha [evil laughter])

Sorry 'bout the language, english is my second language, so please don't be a grammar nazi too much.

- You can use curses in comments if it would make u feel better, but please also use logic and back your opinion with good arguments, and not just write "F@ck U" for 1392 times and post it...
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