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CBS (ended 2015)
I rather liked this episode the case of the week was not very interesting but everything else that happened was great. Then Jane found a case about a pizza deliveryman who died right in the jurisdiction of a Red John suspect. And because they are the CBI, they can just jet in a take over what ever case they want.

Anyways, it turned out that some guy from the wedding party wanted to steal a really old bible, and when the pizza delivery man, caught him picking the lock he killed him.The only funny part was when Jane did what he always did and got the wedding called off. Then Grace used he really sad story to convince the bride to get married. I think the part that convinced her the most was how Grace still has her wedding dress. And the bride did not want to be that weird lady.

Throughout this whole episode the writers tried really hard to convince us that Sheriff Thomas McAllister was Red John. Because in a “shocking” twist he was afraid of heights. Its not like that’s a common fear at all. So that automatically makes him Red John. The conversation about hunting was also meant to convince us that he was Red John. With the talk of hunting anything with a face, but this is the third episode Red John is not going to be revealed that quickly. So we can most likely cross him off our list of suspects.

The episode got slightly more exciting when the murder suspect took Jane hostage. NOOOO! He is going to die. JK, they are not going to kill Jane off. And it turns out that the Sheriff is not afraid of heights anyways…..

The best part of the episode though was that Rigsby finally proposed and it was really nice, minus the strangers wedding. But as a fan of Grace and Rigsby it was very romantic. So awwww! And YAYAYA! Then they finally got married. And Grace had all the vows memorized, which was funny.

Then the random guy from the episode got all of his reenactment actors together to give the happy couple a 21 guy salute. I half expected some Red John helper to be in the group a shoot Grace, but no they got to ride off into the sunset in a horse drawn carriage. Which was nice.

But I am hoping that there is a major character death this season, before they catch Red John.

This is what I thought about the episode. What about all of you?

PS Did anyone else notice the creepy girl, I do not remember her name but she was part of the wedding party and was in white. She was the one who wanted to see the dead body.

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