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With "White Lines" we are three episodes into the post Red John era on The Mentalist. Just to recap Jane, Lisbon and Cho are now members of the FBI office based in Austin, Texas. The senior agent is Dennis Abbott (Rockmond Dunbar) and the team is filled out by agent Kim Fischer (Emily Swallow) and technician Jason (Coyote) Wylie (Joe Adler).

This week's episode starts off with an interesting interaction between Jane and Fischer. Fischer officially welcomes Jane to the team and offers him a desk to work at. Jane tells Fischer he doesn't work at a desk but prefers a couch. Fischer says he can't have a "sofa", only senior personnel get those. Jane says he prefers a "couch" because your mind is more open to clarity when you are lying down. Jane states that this is why psychiatrists have you lie down and asks Fischer if she has ever seen a shrink. She originally denies that she has but Jane knows she is not telling the truth. They are then interrupted by an agent who tells them that are heading to Corpus Christi where five DEA agents have been murdered in their office.

When the team reaches Corpus Christi they head to the crime scene. In addition to the bullets in the bodies, there are bullets in a wall clock and a lamp. it turns out these objects were concealing security cameras and the killers knew where they were. Jane then spots a mirror that is hung very high on the wall and is redundant. They remove the mirror and find a third camera. Fischer and Jane then sit down with a surviving DEA agent who tells he believes the crime to be the work of an unidentified crime boss referred to as Mr. X. He has two or three candidates but Jane is most interested in a beautiful blonde woman on the arm of one of the suspects.

The woman's name is Krystal Markham and is portrayed by veteran character actress Brianna Brown. I have seen Ms. Brown in several roles including a chilling performance as a black widow call girl on Criminal Minds. Now my best friend's father has been watching procedural dramas for several years. His rule is, "Do you recognize the actor or actress?" If yes, they are the perpetrator. Does that ruin the fun? Not always. Utilizing this logic, I was certain Ms. Markham was the ringleader. She is able to fly under the radar because her competition underestimate her and law enforcement discount her out of hand. She is also ruthless as she eliminates her competition coldly and without remorse. So, this is the perfect scenario for Jane as he can use his skills of manipulation and control to get close to Krystal.

Now this plan of attack almost proves deadly for Jane. While the rest of the team are running around town chasing dead ends, Jane is going on dates and wooing Ms. Markham. They finally end up on a yacht in the harbor drinking wine. Ms. Markham remembers to bring her gun to execute her part of the plan. While Patrick and Krystal are enjoying the evening, Lisbon calls because the rest of the team has figured out that Krystal is the ringleader as well. In a slight of hand trick. Jane appears to ignore Lisbon's call but actually takes the call and leaves it on speakerphone. This way the aerial unit of the FBI are able to locate the yacht but not before Jane has to dive overboard and swim to safety.

White Lines was not a stellar episode but was watchable. I think the fact that the perpetrator was fairly obvious made it less enjoyable than it could have been. I think The Mentalist 2.0 is still finding its footing. What did you think of White Lines?

Additional notes:

- Does Emily Swallow not remind you a little bit of Amanda Rhigetti? In one scene at the chop shop, when she got out of the Denali, I did a double take. She's not as striking but her physical build is very similar.

- Is there going to be competition between Fischer and Lisbon for Jane's affection? Their mutual eye roll when he took Krystal's call was hilarious. Lisbon, "She's not his type!" Fischer, "What is his type?" Lisbon, "I don't know."

- Fischer and Lisbon becoming besties?

- Can't see White Lines without thinking about the 1983 song by Melle Mel and Grandmaster Flash about the dangers of cocaine addiction.

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