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Red John suspects:
- Bret Stiles: is probably an old friend, but definitely not RJ or one of his cult(minions).
- Reede Smith: i don't think he is connected to red john(but there is no hard evidence that he is not RJ or that he isn't connected to RJ).
- Bob Kirkland: I don't think he is red john(in one of the episodes he killed a man who knows who RJ is, Heller wouldn't chose RJ to be that obvious) but RJ's right hand man.
- Sheriff Thomas McAllister: i don't think that he related to RJ at all, he only appeared in the first episode and he wasn't that special(but who knows, there is no evidence that he isn't RJ, but if he was it will really be a bad decision from the creator)
- Brett Partridge: i don't think he is red john but maybe a one of his minions, and Bruno Heller stats in an interview that red john isn't a basement kind of serial killer(which Brett seems to be, as remarked by Jane in S01E01) and he also doesn't seem to have the money red john seems to have, he also isn't that high in the society or work as Red John seems to be, and he doesn't have the "looks", because RJ isn't just a serial killer he is a cult leader, so how he looks is important
- Gale Bertram: i just don't think he is red john, for a lot of tiny details that don't add up, but i think Jane is gonna suspect him for a good while.
- Raymond Haffner: He fits all the criteria so far, he is a high ranking member of the CBI,a Visualize member, and after the evidence from "The Red Barn" it seems possible he was at the farm in 1988 when one of the first Red John smiley faces was drawn. He fits the age, description, seems to have money, and mental intelligence, he is also interested in Lisbon and tries to befriend her (if he was red john that is probably what he would do), and most of all he is called ray, and we know that red john nickname is Roy !!
f we were to trust that these characters were the same age as the actors that will mean:

Sheriff Thomas McAllister, Gale Bertram and Bret Stiles can't be RJ because RJ was a teenager during 1988 in the red barn, and if Reede Smith is the same age as the actor that plays him then can't be RJ because he is too young to be in the red barn.

that means that Red John is definitely one of the remaining three :
  1. Ray Haffner(That's who i believe is RJ)
  2. Bob Krikland(That's who i think is RJ right hand man, or at least connected to him some how)
  3. Brett Partridge(He may be one of RJ minions)
  4. Reede Smith(even though the actor that plays him is young, he doesn't seem young in the show)
- None of the above (His father, someone else): I don't think that he is none of the above because if he wasn't I think he would probably mocked Jane about it in the video at the end (also he said, that because of what Lorelei said to Jane(as if Jane cheated when Lorelei told him that information), the game rules is going to change, so if what she said was wrong he wouldn't really bother), and it isn't Jane's father because he was a fraud and didn't have a problem with it, unlike red john who seems to be a man of honor in a way (S01E01, the note he leave's to Jane about killing his family) but I think that his father may be one of red john's minions, and Heller said the RJ is in that list and one of the 7 names and that there is no more tricks or games just the chase. - JANE HIMSELF!!: that''s not possible for a thousand reason:
1- he isn't a Visualize member
2- he doesn't have the time(he was awake for a whole weak during the finale episode, so he couldn't have killed RJ's last victim)
3- he can't possibly handshake himself
4- Lorelei wouldn't lie to him (about handshaking RJ) and in the same time plan to kill his alter ego "RJ" for killing her sister
5- Bruno Heller said that RJ is in the list and Patrick Jane isn't.
6- 7- 8- 9- (i am just tired of writing)
- All of the seven names or more than one of them! : that's not impossible per se, and it would actually make a great twist if RJ isn't a single person but a group of people pretending to be one person, but still i don't think that and don't want to think that this is what will happen actually.
And about how RJ knew about Jane's "Happy Memory" that RJ stole the finale episode, i think at some point red john hypnotized Jane(He was alone with him for some time in one of the episodes) into telling him god knows what, Or Jane's father Alex maybe one of RJ's minions or at least his related to him somehow and he spoke with RJ about that "Happy Moment" in Jane's life.
but what is really wired how did he know the list, there is a few explanation:
1- he is watching him all the time or making someone watch him and he deducted the 7 names from what he learned
2- the video is edited and is made/edited after Bob Kirkland(who is related or is RJ) saw what Jane was working on in his secret hideout, and deducted the names from what he gathered and edited the video that he made of Lorelei and put the names in it
3- something else (But certainly Not PSYCHIC related)
(Note: this article is subject to change (cleaning up, adding more information) but if i do any major change i will mention it)

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