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Dec 09, 2013
The Mentalist 6X10 (Green Thumb)
I loved this episode (except for the 3 month time jump) it was great. So many classic Jane moves, new fresh characters and a slightly interesting case. Best parts...

1. Jane drinking tea in a very nice detention facility still with his island beard. (which I love by the way ...
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Dec 02, 2013
Let's Discuss: "My Blue Heaven"
So we pick up our story two years after the events of last weeks episode.

What has changed....
1. Lisbon is a Police Chief somewhere, and is really bored.

2.Rigsby and Vanpelt have started their own company and have a kid who is apparently dying.

3. Cho is more ...Read more
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Nov 25, 2013
Who is the Insider?
Hey guys,

After all we have learned about RJ, who do you think the insider is the insider who gave away the list? Jane started to prepare it after 5x08 and Lorelai died in 5x16. So quite a narrow timeframe...

Who is your suspect? Someone from Lisbon's team?
Nov 25, 2013
The Mentalist 6X08 *Spoilers*
Spoilers Inside!
Nov 18, 2013
The Mentalist 6X07 Episode Discussion
Discuss "The Great Red Dragon"
Nov 11, 2013
So I forgot it was a repeat episode. SO now I am angry and depressed. Not to mention I was re-watched the episode so now I am super stressed out all over again. How are the rest of you doing?
Nov 04, 2013
The Mentalist 6X06
OMG!!!!!! I can not really express just how much I have loved these past few episodes and this one is no exception. Just amazing how they made everyone suspicious even Lisbon and Patrick (a small part of me is still hopping Patrick is Red John even though he is not). Also who doesn't love creepy blood cult scenes. Also there was so much whistling. Patrick just epic plus he has so many guns. The last few minutes had me on the edge of my seat. And the reveal that they all have the dots. OMG!!!!! What does it all mean???? Did Red John tag them? And did Patrick really shoot someone? Also, does that mean that the list is wrong? That maybe it could be someone else. Are they all dead?????? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I can not wait for next week?


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Oct 28, 2013
Episode 6X05 The Red Tattoo
I LOVED THIS EPISODE!!! Cho's moments were so funny. It was also great because we learned that Red John has a tattoo on his arm.....I CAN NOT WAIT to find out who Red John is.

What did you think of the episode?
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