The Mentalist

Season 5 Episode 11

Days of Wine and Roses

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 2013 on CBS

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  • Lisbon tries to get closer to catching Volker

    The Mentalist is back and it starts off with a good episode with Lisbon trying to find a way to catch Volker but because he is powerful he stops every attempt from Lisbon to catch him I have always wanted Jane on the case with Volker and in the next episode he will be because Lisbon did the smartest thing in her investigation and that was asking Jane for help at the end when she realized that she can't catch Volker on her own Will Jane be able to stop Volker?
  • Too many stories?

    I'm all for getting more branching storylines, it opens up for much better writing.

    However it's a bit late to start introducing this concept, and we're still stuck with the very first (Red John).

    At the current time I'd much rather get that closer to being resolved than getting another untouchable baddie. Logically, with the team spreading their resources in more than 1 tough case, will make it all the more hard to resolve either one.

    Settle Red John, or bring it to some part time conclusion at least, before getting too deep in new branches, imho.

    The episode in itself, was a decent mentalist episode, and with a cliffhanger that if nothing else made me write the above paragraph.
  • Days of Wine and Roses

    Glad The Mentalist is finally venturing out and having a story arc that lasts for more than one episode other than Red John, but we did not get enough great scenes here. Volkner is not as evil as he should be.

    Solid episode, but the case was a little bit weak here.
  • Reviews on Wine and Roses.

    My first thought was to pit Red John against Thomas Volker like Jane did against the other guy last season. But we need Patrick and Lisbon to take him down on their own. We also need Gail Bertrum to be around to get involved. He has been MIA since first couple episodes.

    Hope Patrick don't stop him to soon. But Volker calling Lisbon has to get someone else interested in him. She needs to record his conversations. Now with Charles Milk dead it makes it harder to catch him.

    The current case at hand took some interesting turns. Charlie Coats death seemed odd at first. But since Dr. Joanna Lysle did it for the necklace. Oh well. I didn't catch until later Jane asking Joanna Lysle about the cigarettes. I heard it but let it go. I figured the photographer,Moe Collin or Dr. Rubins or roommate, (Suzie),Margarette Hammersby did it. But Janes kleptomania I knew had to be a ploy. Surprised team went along, but they know better. Nice that Charlie's parents, Jefferie and Lisa got the jewelery back. The maid was mentioned but never interviewed. Grace Van Pelt must be close to having her baby. She didn't hide a lot this week.

    We don't have The photographers name, Mo Collin. Any idea who it was?