The Mentalist

Season 5 Episode 2

Devil's Cherry

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 2012 on CBS

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  • A haunting performance from Simon

    This episode was developed very nicely with obvious parallels to Alice in Wonderland. With Jane chasing the rabbit to him peering through a looking glass (all very cute) we enter Jane's dream. It's clear Simon Baker knows his character Jane inside and out and it shows in this episode. But here he goes beyond the charming child like antics, we see layers and depth in Jane, sides we've rarely seen. There is an especially haunting seen in which she (the ghost of Jane's daughter) says to Jane "I love you dad" as the ghost of his daughter fades away Jane pleads "wait" The expression on Jane's face touched my heart.
  • Devil's Cherry

    Another solid episode here. I liked the side storyline with Jane and the ghost of his daughter, but I also believe that the case here in this show was solid. This has been a good season thus far, and tonight was another shining example of that.
  • Great episode

    Nice new turn in the writing; well done. Hoping to see some more focus Rigsby, Van Pelt & Cho. Very much enjoyed the Cho line last year.
  • Jane is drugged and starts to hallucinate but for those few hours he becomes truly happy to be with his daughter.

    This was a highly anticipated episode that didn't disappoint when Jane is drugged at a crime scene and he starts to hallucinate seeing his daughter Charlotte and despite going to hospital he is happy that he thinks he is spending time with his daughter who was killed by Red John.Jane tries to use the drug he had taken to help solve the murder.Even though his daughter isn't really there you see the different side of Jane where he is a dad and not a con like what he has become after the death of his wife and daughter.This episode had funny moments as always and emotion as the drugs had left Jane's system and it showed his daughter leave him.When she left him it was like she had gone again and he couldn't cope so in the end Jane puts the drug in his tea again and he starts drinking it because to him its the only time he can see his daughter but seriously could effect his life.
  • Strange yet very good episode

    It was a strange episode with Jane tripping on that poisoned tea, yet one I really enjoyed. The case was mediocre at best but the other stuff made for some really interesting scenes.

    I liked that "Charlotte" showed up and we got to see some inner workings of Jane's mind. Mainly some truths he hasn't yet admitted to himself - maybe that life is worth living after all and should not just be about the pursuit of RJ and vengeance. As I mentioned last week I still think the way the relationship (and I don't mean romantically) of Jane and Lisbon is progressing is portrayed wonderfully. It's good to see the issue addressed directly in this episode, that maybe Lisbon is the one really good thing in his life. The only sad thing was Jane drinking that tea again at the end of the episode - it could provide some nice drama in the future though.

    Let's hope they can keep up the good work the whole season!
  • Alice, er, Patrick in Wonderland

    Overall, loved it. It was so out there and it took me a minute at first to realize what was going on. It brought to the surface a lot of the issues that Jane hasn't come to terms with for him - about the deaths and about his obvious feelings for Lisbon. I liked the way the story was able to be both bizarre and at the same time have all the ingredients for a good who done it. For me, the red john story has become more of an ongoing reference than something that I care about overall. I thought at the end of last season they were going to finally resolve it, but I think the writers may think they need to hold on to that. Maybe it's their rabbit in the hat, they'll pull it out if the ratings need it. I do think the other characters (rigsby, cho and van pelt specifically) have lost some screen time lately and hope to see a bit more of them. It was a great way to see another side of Jane
  • What was that?

    Wow, what a strange episode. Talk about having alot of questions.

    a) what was with the whole scene at the beginning with Cho and Rigsby about how does Jane feel that the Lorelei case is back with the FBI? Does that mean that the FBI legally stole Lorelei from jail even though her paperwork was clearly way wrong and something was clearly off in the first episode finale?

    b) why did they decide now, in the fifth season to bring back this idea of Jane seeing his family? What were they really trying to accomplish?

    c) The actual case didn't make as much sense as usual either, strange how it all developed. d) The hallucination idea just got taken too far, it was very strange(the daughter swimming pool, the muttering of Lisbon in the hospital, the going into an ambulance, it wasn't particularly realistic). The whole general idea of Jane's hallucinations solving the case in theory is a good idea but it wasn't well executed.

    e) The daughter saying Jane basically isn't doing what he should be with his life. That his wife wouldn't be happy with what he is doing, that he's wasting time and that he isn't really moving on and accepting what's happened. That all has its role but why did the writers feel like dropping the "we don't give a damn what happens to Red John, we're dead anyway"? Now, you want to bring that up, in season 5, at that moment? What are the writers expecting to come of it in terms of building off it and where will this idea go from here on out? My guess, it just gets thrown under the rug for the most part.

    I'm usually a big fan of the show, many episodes people don't like I usually do. I'm one of the few who still has some interest in the Red John story line. But this was just a bizarre episode that wasn't particularly well done. There were still some interesting moments and good acting, but this is the type of episode that seems forced and an attempt to generate attention. It just wasn't well done and it brought up some questions the show had never addressed before and did so in a random, sudden rather awkward manner and really there's no real way to build off the questions asked in this episode down the road. Most likely everything that happened now will be ignored in future episodes. All in all, for all my negativity, it still wasn't a bad episode and I'm still glad I watched it. But this was one of the weaker episodes of the show that I've seen in a long while and worse than that, the direction of the show seems to be following a path I'm a bit weary of. We'll have to see, I'll give it the benefit of the doubt, but after a strong season opener, I didn't like what I saw tonight.