The Mentalist

Season 5 Episode 2

Devil's Cherry

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 2012 on CBS
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Episode Summary

A girl who claims to be his late daughter, Charlotte, distracts Jane during the investigation of a murdered diamond cutter.

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  • A haunting performance from Simon

    This episode was developed very nicely with obvious parallels to Alice in Wonderland. With Jane chasing the rabbit to him peering through a looking glass (all very cute) we enter Jane's dream. It's clear Simon Baker knows his character Jane inside and out and it shows in this episode. But here he goes beyond the charming child like antics, we see layers and depth in Jane, sides we've rarely seen. There is an especially haunting seen in which she (the ghost of Jane's daughter) says to Jane "I love you dad" as the ghost of his daughter fades away Jane pleads "wait" The expression on Jane's face touched my heart.moreless
  • Devil's Cherry

    Another solid episode here. I liked the side storyline with Jane and the ghost of his daughter, but I also believe that the case here in this show was solid. This has been a good season thus far, and tonight was another shining example of that.
  • So good, yet so sad

    That was the best episode ever, yet it was the saddest one. Loved it! All he wanted to do was to see his daughter again, even knowing he could die. It almost made me cry. How come this guy can break a case even when he's sky high?
  • Great episode

    Nice new turn in the writing; well done. Hoping to see some more focus Rigsby, Van Pelt & Cho. Very much enjoyed the Cho line last year.
  • Jane is drugged and starts to hallucinate but for those few hours he becomes truly happy to be with his daughter.

    This was a highly anticipated episode that didn't disappoint when Jane is drugged at a crime scene and he starts to hallucinate seeing his daughter Charlotte and despite going to hospital he is happy that he thinks he is spending time with his daughter who was killed by Red John.Jane tries to use the drug he had taken to help solve the murder.Even though his daughter isn't really there you see the different side of Jane where he is a dad and not a con like what he has become after the death of his wife and daughter.This episode had funny moments as always and emotion as the drugs had left Jane's system and it showed his daughter leave him.When she left him it was like she had gone again and he couldn't cope so in the end Jane puts the drug in his tea again and he starts drinking it because to him its the only time he can see his daughter but seriously could effect his life.moreless

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    • Jane: I had a daughter named Charlotte
      Charlotte: I know..
      Jane: No you don't. who put you up to this? Red John?
      Charlotte: Red John, Red John, Red John. I'm so over Red John!
      Jane: You are not my daughter. My daughter was murdered. I found her body.
      Charlotte: you are safe, you are loved and you are wise.
      Jane: Who told you those words.
      Charlotte: You did. Every night when you tucked me in the bed.

    • Charlotte: Well, to be honest, dad, your obsession's a little creepy and weird, you know.
      Jane: What? I do it all for you. And your mom.
      Charlotte: Yeah. And I hate to be the one to break this to you, dad, but there's nothing that you can do for us. We don't give a damn what happens to Red John. I mean, we're dead. Gone. And you need to start dealing with that.
      Jane: I deal with that every day.
      Charlotte: Maybe that's the problem.

    • Jane: Hallucinations are part of the subconscious. Mine could be clues.
      Lisbon: We'll go when you're lucid.
      Jane: Well, when I'm lucid, I could forget everything. But right now, let me tell you right now my visions are very, very real!
      Lisbon: In other words, you want to use drugs to solve a case.
      Jane: Some great minds did their best work on hallucinogens.
      Lisbon: And now you have a great mind?

    • Van Pelt: Preliminary forensics report. There were no useable prints on the teapot or bowl. Well, except for Jane's prints.
      Rigsby: Great. Smudging fingerprints, drinking evidence, he's like a drunk uncle.

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