The Mentalist

Season 3 Episode 19

Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 2011 on CBS

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  • Jane focuses in on the widow of the owner of a matchmaking service as his killer.

    Perhaps I misread Ken Woodruff's talent as a writer. While the quality of Erika Green Stafford's episodes has remained high all three seasons, the quality of Woodruff's episodes has gone steadily lower each season. "Every Rose Has Its Thorns" played like something that was either written quickly to fill a script quota or written quickly as an excuse to stunt-cast "V"'s Morena Baccharin. Yes, there were some nice touches (like the succinct establishment in the first scene of why CBI is involved, van Pelt hushing the dog of the victim's ex-wife and Cho's line about why Grigsby should try a matchmaking service), but the value of touches is to enhance the episode, much like spice enhances food, not act as as a substitute for a story. Here, there was no food to enhance, or (to coin a phrase) there was no there there. Patrick is immediately convinced the victim's widow is the killer, and I kept waiting for the big twist, especially after Jane accuses her to her face of the crime and she looked startled. Surely it couldn't be as straight-forward as Jane has laid it out, I said to myself. Maybe the litigator attracted to Grigsby is the killer and/or the widow's accomplice/lesbian lover. Instead, what do we end up with as a climax? A recreation of the Columbo pilot, "Prescription: Murder." Both Simon Baker and Baccharin gave good performances and one can imagine the director Charles Beeson desperately trying to salvage gold from lead, but their (and the rest of the cast's) efforts were wasted on a script that really went nowhere, and where it did go was kind of ridiculous. Since when does Jane confront suspects alone on their home turf (he's a po-po consultant, not the actual po-po)? CBI doesn't have any regulations against dating material witnesses while the investigation is in progress? I was even predicting some of the lines. This may be the first time I've seen one of the best episodes of a series immediately followed by one of the worst episodes of the same series. Hopefully the last few episodes of the season will clear my palette of this one.
  • another good episode with classic twists of Jane !

    the owner of a matchmaking company is found dead at the marina. Jane persistently tried to prove that the wife killed is the murderer, because she was definitely trying to outsmart him. That's one of the qualities we love about Jane. He knows his tricks. He knows exactly what to do, and he knows how to prepare his traps with precision and patience. That's exactly what he did and he got a confession by tricking her into it. All in all, not a boring episode. I kind of miss the way Jane acts like he did in this episode. I hope that the rest of this season will not be disappointing in any way.
  • Tribute to Peter Falk. *SPOILERS*

    This episode is basically a copy of the first episode of the legendary Columbo: "Blueprint for Murder". Identical in the final. Jane is unable to engage the suspect. The only alternative is to convince the accomplice to accuse the guilty. But his accomplice loves her. Jane uses the same trick used by Lieutenant Columbo in the first episode of the series. Jene does believe the suspected that the accomplice has committed suicide and causes to make her confess that he don't loves him. At this point the accomplice confesses.

    A few days after the death of Peter Falk I like to consider this episode as a tribute to the great actor.
  • Sick, sick episode. Jane is back with vengeance.

    Now that's the Mentalist that I know! Jane the manipulative bastard has returned. It has been a long time since Jane crusades himself investigating a murder and explains the tricks--which are very clever ones! Not simply face expressions and trivial stuffs. They're stuffs that the audience can investigate on its own, which make them even funner and enjoyable to watch! I cannot spoil it them for you, too bad. And Jane's final trick--the most twisted one--it has been long time since Jane pulls that masterpiece.
    Nice break from Red John MythArc, all in all. Solid 10.
    Oh, and the ending is really sweet.
  • Every Rose Has Its Thorn...

    For what is essentially a police procedural The Mentalist sits just a tier above the rest when it comes to dealing with character and emotion. I don't know whether the writers are just better or the show has a stronger concept than something like CSI, but every time I sit down to watch it, I leave feeling a lot more satisfied than I would have had I been watching mindless test tube shaking and super close ups of hair. This week's "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" had steep competition on the emotional front after last week the show dealt with the concept of impending death and ultimately suicide. Following the CBI as they investigate the murder of a professional matchmaker, the episode pits smooth talking yet twisted hero Patrick, against a woman that he is certain killed her husband. The episode focusses almost entirely upon the ins and outs of how a woman with a seemingly solid alibi managed to pull off the murder, but with manipulation on both sides of the fight, Patrick ultimately comes out on top. Tricking the killer into turning her accomplice against her wasn't exactly an unexpected turn for the episode, but more often than not the murder mystery isn't really what makes The Mentalist a show worth watching.

    Simon Baker is a thoroughly interesting man to watch on TV as it is, but episodes like "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" really give him something to work with. As he tries to crack the case Patrick is forced to confront various feelings about his murdered wife and what it is that he loved about her. Whilst it wasn't overwhelmingly impactful relative to some of the material that The Mentalist has delivered throughout its run, comparative to the mindless forensics filled alternatives, it remains great television.
  • 319

    "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" is a very entertaining episode of The Mentalist, one of television's least consistent shows. When it is good though, you can see why it has such a large, loyal fanbase.

    Morena Baccarin, most known as Anna from V, guest starred as Erica here (perhaps a reference to Anna's nemesis on that show?) and did a good job as Jane's "challenge" so to speak tonight. The scenes between the two were exciting and you were pulling for Jane to finally catch her and outsmart her, which he ended up doing in the end.

    A tease of some Lisbon/Jane romance down the line with the way she looked at the video at the end, but I think this show is smart enough to never venture down that road.

    Very entertaining episode here. Even Rigsby had some fun moments here, including a very lucky one for about 30 seconds with a gorgeous half-naked woman on him.