The Mentalist

Season 6 Episode 6

Fire and Brimstone

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 2013 on CBS

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  • only Jane himself has the brains to be Red John

    An episode full of suspense when Patrick gets all the suspects in his old abandoned house and confronts them. (Although I still feel that out of everyone in that room, only Jane himself has the brains to be Red John - and doesn't the smiley on wall look just like him!)
  • Fire and Brimstone

    A good episode that provided some blasts from the past for longtime viewers, and featured a great cliffhanger even if we know Jane, and the real Red John will emerge unharmed.
  • Patrick Jane To Lisbon

    There is something i wanna tell u .. something i should hav said long time wanna Thank u for evrything u hav done.. U hav no idea what u meant to U mean to Owesome. PJ GETS RJ.
  • Ka-boom

    Forget "Who's Red John?" who's alive?
  • Another filler

    If you've missed all but the five last minutes of this one, don't worry: nothing happens. Jane and the team ask the five suspects, separately, to meet him, while Lisbons follows him around begging him to be careful. Seriously.

    In the last five minutes, the actual meeting takes place. We don't learn much except that the tattoo clue is worth nothing, and then it ends in a big fiery cliffhanger.

    What's next? Watching Jane choose a shirt then put it on for twenty minutes? I have very little respect, if any, left for this show, at this point. The burning questions are who's the next suspect we'll hear whistling, and when are the Mentalist's writers waking up from their coma.
  • I am now more sure than anything else....

    that Red John is ...... ........ . Figure it out for yourself ! By that I am sure RJ is none of the 7 people; it is a ruse by ...... ........ . Now, I want you to close your eyes and really really think: Who do you think could have so much money and/or influence besides the 7 people that Jane has already met ? And why does Red John did get to Lisbon ? Has she had an encounter with RJ as well ? Think people !
  • Confusing air date

    The date should say something like: 11/03/2013 for ... (wherever it was aired) and 11/10/2013 for US or something, or was it only in some regions in the US ?

    Now it's just confusing, I watched this episode 7 days ago, it couldn't have aired just 2 days ago :p
  • Wrong date.

    I ve seen this episode here in Canada online on the 4th why the heck they say that aired yesterday?
  • Episode was pushed back a week

    Just watched the episode yesterday after it had been delayed due to a football game that ran long.

    My DVR had not identified it as a new episode (I am recording the series) so I had to manually record it. Thankfully I realized that in time.

    Anyway. A great episode. I love the Red John build up this season with the identification and then elimination of Red John suspects.

    Can't wait til next week.
  • I love the episode hated that I had to Watch it online

    I watched it online try putlocker oh and it will air next Sunday so Great Red Dragon will air the week after that and so on mad at CBS
  • Maybe they didn't want to 'waste it' when it was gtoo late to get ratings

    but I really would like someone to let us know whether it will run next week or be skipped -- which would make no sense at all, but...
  • Rerun instead of "Fire and Brimstone"

    Same rerun problem here. The Fire and Brimstone episode did not air on 11/03/2013 in South Carolina.
  • What happened?!

    i didn't see the episode here is San Louis Obispo, CA! it was a rerun, which made me super upset to wake up to an unexpected repeat!!!!