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FInally! This show is consistently good! The first seasons Jane had it too easy.

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    [1]Feb 24, 2012
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    The only person that didn't fall for Jane's completely obvious tricks was Red John. So...the only episodes I enjoyed were Red John eps. Recently this changed. We now have much less Jane pulling an obvious con, and the hapless bad guys just falling for them like brainless fools. Now we have Styles and the lovely, lovely Erica, played by the lovely Morena Baccarin! This is the WAY TO GO!!! No more Jane duping sissy bikers, or stupid scientists or whatever it is that the old writers thought the world consisted of. I like it far better when the antagonists are realistically capable and a match to Jane! I am now back to watching the show!!!!!! Thank you for the good change.

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    while that is nice, don't forget that we only see "Stiles" normally about once or twice a season. he really hasn't been on the show that much.

    at least so far anyways. i did LOVE the ending where he did that as "Stiles" said so he'd owe "Jane' a favor.

    SMART "Jane' anyways, as for "Erica" yea i agree it is a nice change.

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    I still don't like that the rest of the CBI team can't do anything without him. They should also be a little smarter. The only thing they're good for is role playing in Jane's plans to catch the killer.
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    The title of the series is "The Mentalist," not "The CBI"; the situation is not unlike that in "Castle." In each case, only an already superb team comprised of highly capable and highly individualistic detectives could HANDLE an addition such as Jane or Castle; mixing in a non-detective cannot hurt either strong team, and in both cases, the "new guy" must win the respect of the individual members as he becomes integrated with them into a crime-fighting unit. As Jane and Castle hone their skills and their teammates learn to trust them, each unit becomes even more efficient and successful because it is NOT thrown by such an addition.
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