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like psych much?

Agree/Disagree with below arguement?

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    KellyKKelly wrote:
    kittychan86 wrote:

    from the summary, this show sounds like a copy of usa network's psych (which has already got 2 seasons under its belt, and about to begin its 3rd in july)... the mentalist just seems like a version of psych but with less comedy, more drama...

    opinions anyone?

    Psych was dreadful - poorly acted and all over the place. The Mentalist has a wonderful, charismatic lead actor, a great cast (with a developing chemistry), excellent scripts. It's drama, but it has a touch of mature wit. You can't take your eyes off the guy. I've discovered my new favorite show.

    Poorly acted and all over the place? What have you been watching? I highly doubt you've ever watched an episode, and if you have, please do tell which one it was. If you have, I digress. Your opinion after all. But the number of people who watch Psych seem to disagree with you, especially since it's one of USA's highest drawing programs. To quote James Roday, who actually just said in an interview promoting the next half of the season, enjoy your show! It's good. (and hey, Dule likes it) But you should admit to at least the fact that the inspiration for the Mentalist was obviously drawn from Psych.
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