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    I am a big fan of this show. I eagerly await its return every new season. But frankly I thought the season 6 opener was downright lame. Way too contrived. Lisbon's actions at the end were inconceivable. And Jane's uncanny decision to turn down the road that led them to the diner was a bit much. This show is like so many others that I've watched over the years, one that its writers are starting to run out of ideas for. If it doesn't get any better than this I think this should be the final season ... UNLESS ... they actually expose the tiresome Red John maniac. I have always thought that the Red John thing was unnecessary for this show, in much the same way that I thought the whole Trudy thing was with Monk, which the Mentalist reminds me of. Patrick Jane and Monk both have startling powers of observation. In my opinion, the sooner they get rid of Red John the better. It's like some kind of anchor weighing the writers down, actually stifling their creativity.

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