The Mentalist

Season 4 Episode 10

Fugue In Red

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 15, 2011 on CBS

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  • Not so sure about that one

    The episode started out okay, but then came the whole clichd I-lost-my-memory-but-conveniently-got-it-back-at-the-end-of-the-episode plot, which I think might have been done a little better. The idea was not bad, but somehow, throughout the episode, I personally found it a bit cringeworthy at times. Whereas I usually prefer episodes where there's a bit more character involvement and personal issues, this one wasn't one of my favourites.
  • Best Episode of the Season

    This episode is everything I love about The Mentalist. Rich character exploration. Plus a truly challenging mystery. And lots of humor and great dialogue. It was refreshing to see Patrick Jane as he was before the death of his wife, and then heartbreaking in the end. Any episode that can make me laugh and cry (well, you know, feel something anyway) has done its job well.
  • red john

    finally! a bit of a different story and idea, which is good, and this is a bit offpoint but since the red john plot has gone longer than some soap opera storylines, which is ridiculous, even the notion that they are so close to finding him and with technology nowadays have not been able to? its PREPOSTEROUS, and i have seen the flaws in some episodes, where in real life, red john would have been identified and caught... The writers have to seriously come up with a new storyline and kill red john by the end of season 4 or i refuse to watch this show again.
  • The Mentalist?

    A different episode of The Mentalist. No, it was still the same generic procedural plot, but we had Patrick Jane show more charisma, show more Barney Stinson-esque feelings toward women, and show some shock over what happened to him in the water. I don't want to see this carry over, but for one night it was a fun escape from what we usually get.

    It was different, but I liked it.
  • Great episode.

    What a great half season finale.

    In the past we've come across a few conmen during the show and I've always felt there was such a big gap between their personalities and Janes. To the extend where I'd think he was almost too likeable, I found it hard to imagine Jane being one of these people who prey on the losses of others.

    Until this episode. He was a picture of shallowness. He conned and manipulated left and right with no morals. In 30 minutes I could fully belive in Jane pre-Red John, and that makes the change and effect of his loss and his new goal in life really shine.

    2 moments that stood out to me in regards to the further story.

    1 is when Lisbon tells the angry (and rightfully so) team, that Jane was always this person deep inside. The murder of his family simply brought it out. The proof? Thesmall gesture with the little girl, finding her doll and making sure she didn't witness the darker side of her father.

    Secondly, Evil-Janes statement in the hospital about letting a shut door stay closed, and Lisbons decision to force it open in the end.

    I cannot see Jane hating her for it. Regardless of him not remembering the event, Red John is still out there. He still murdered his wife and child. Forgetting it, doesn't erase their existence. There is no way the Jane we know, would prefer living a life as a conman, happy and rich, but oblivious to his loved ones, and the fact that their murderer is still out there.

    I do hope he retains some of his fun loving and more calculating self though. it might even come in handy for him finally getting that last step up on Red John that he needs.
  • loved this one

    The mentalist has seemed to have lost its edge this season. However this episode reminded me of why I use to love this show so much. I hope the shows writers are back on track and that when the season resumes after the new year we'll get to see more great episodes like this one.
  • Certainly will be one of the top 10 The Mentalist episodes ever.

    Actually, I'm really impressed and enjoy this "new" Patrick Jane, but to be honest I want the real Patrick Jane back safe and sound. On the other hand a combination of the two might be something interesting. Come January 12, 2012 we'll find out how the writers and producers decided to resolve this aspect of Patrick. As the saying goes only time will tell the tale (unless you're one of the writers and then you most likely already know).

    This episode has to be one of the best ever, but won't be the best. Many of the best episodes have been the ones dealing with Red John, so maybe the best will be when Patrick and Red John finally resolve their differences, or maybe the best will be something completely off of our radar. Yet, this one will have to be in the top 10, for sure.
  • Awesome Episode

    I love the new Jane, cunning and not naive. He's the best conman. Lisbon should just leave Jane alone. He's better when he's happy. He's smarter and charming. Love the episode, something new and this is not just another boring filler. Keep up the good work team mentalist. Love to see Jane as a real troublemaker, especially his juvenile attitudes.
  • Heartbreaking, painful, but great

    First of all, let me say this: I still don't know what I'm feeling at the moment, but I absolutely didn't dislike this episode, even if I'm not sure if I'd like to go back there and watch it again. DAMN- this one put me through so much emotional anguish and I was SO unbelievably glad when Jane got his memory back in the end!!! He was an obnoxious asshole in this episode, and I didn't like him AT ALL! I cringed half the time and spend the other half close to a nervous breakdown. Jane hitting on Grace wasn't a real surprise for me, but completely in character with his old self- Jane had some "automatic" flirtations with Grace in the pilot (after the pattern "beautiful woman- have to try my luck"), before he formed a true friendship with her that was based on respect. Without his memory, this respect was gone, and of course Jane had to go after every girl he hadn't tried before. So, no, this didn't make a bad thing worse.

    What was strange with this episode: with Jane completely out of it, his team suddenly started to sparkle. Me, who's gaze hardly ever wavered from Jane's face for three and a half seasons, suddenly saw Grace' graceful "goodness" and could nothing but second her heart-felt "I hate him!". Lisbon was plain adorable: her pouts, her tears, her jealousy, her frustration with Jane and, of course, her undying wish to protect him even if he is an ass (I love her for that alone)- I wanted to cuddle her all the time (and I mean that in a good way!). Rigsby's sometimes annoying naivety and honorable "Mr. Nice Guy"- personality suddenly looked sweet and innocent next to an all-evil sleazebag Jane. And Cho was even more the team's rock when its most valuable golden boy wasn't very likeable at all.

    Bruno Heller said, when the audience sees Jane stealing and seducing, they would understand how much integrity he's gained through his tragedy- and boy, did I understand that after this episode! And then there's the basic conflict: let Jane be a happy sleazebag, or tell him what happened and have a chance to get his much improved self back? Sure- I loved to hear him laugh. But I hated to see everything I pretty much abhor combined in him of all people, though I go with Lisbon's "It has been there all the time, the murder just brought it out". You could see it in the way he dealt with the little girl he brought the doll back to, but it didn't make up for all the wrong he did in my eyes. When Jane said goodbye to the team, my heart almost broke- I was squirming in my seat, thinking: No, no, NO!!! This can't be happening! I can understand what Lisbon did. Jane's last scheme (taking the money and then just leave) was so full of deception, of dishonesty, so.WRONG- she couldn't just accept that this is what he'll be from now on. And I can understand her personal motivation- can you just let a good friend, somebody who means so much to you, somebody you've been through so much with, be a happy cheat, liar, thief, a somehow bad person? I can understand Lisbon, even if her decision surely was a painful one.

    Her idea that Jane tries to run away from the feelings that slowly resurface is logical and fascinating. And yes- I believe that Lisbon simply didn't want to lose him, too. When he said "Some doors are better left shut"- Brrrr, I felt cold shudders running up and down my spine. I definitely need some time to get over that feeling, I still feel it icy cold in my gut.

    The ending touched me to tears. I so suffer for him. But I can't stop from silently rejoicing: Jane is back, and damn- I love him exactly the way he is- with his moods and his guilt, his contempt for the killers he catches and his sometimes stubborn attempts to safe the rest of the world from his own ordeal. If I didn't know that beforeI absolutely know it now!!! There is some part of me that's sad that the episode ended on this note- so very sad, without giving us a chance to get some comfort after the hurt. I feel troubled now, and I hope that what Lisbon did won't cause serious problems between Jane and her. She wouldn't deserve that. But classically, after a Fugue, the patients don't remember what happened during the memory loss- I don't know how the show will deal with that. This episode truly affected me. Deeply.

    Merry Christmas.
  • Heartbreaking and hilarious

    this episode is basically an excuse to show what Jane was before Red John paid a visit. Now, between excuse plot, there's one that works and another that doesn't.

    This one works.

    Simon Baker did such a good job portraying the pre-CBI Jane: he managed to both enrage and entertain us with his womanizing, libertine, manwhore persona (think about Charlie Harper from 2.5 men if he becomes a detective). To put it nicely, he makes the Jane we know look like a saint, and that is impressive acting.

    Lisbon and her team, too. We see how the loss of Jane they know alter their dynamics epicly . The butt-monkey resident Rigsby becomes competent handler when Jane takes a shot at Van Pelt. The now-mature Van Pelt becomes stern when Jane tricks everyone in the bar. The all-stoic Cho shows cracks and qualms when Jane says he's a friend (lies, of course).

    But Lisbon, that's another story. It really is touching the way she's concerned with Jane the whole time. From his near-death to his return of memory, it feels like somehow she has eyes on guiding the amnesiac Jane, watching him over so he doesn't screw up so bad.

    He does, and that's what make this episode even stronger.

    Good job, team!
  • The most engaging episode by far

    Lotsa peeps will talk about the plot development.

    So i'll just go in with how the writers are so good at turning us against fan favorites (a no d to their skill).

    I mean why did lisbon have to remind jane of his past? After the show I turned against Lisbon like never before? Y couldn't you just leave poor Jane alone and let him build around a fresh new core rather than a tragic one? What were your intentions Lisbon? Is sorry enough for cornering him to a place with no escapE? I mean after he gets his memory back, he can't help but join the team again. Feel bad for the guy and that leaves me with contempt for Teresa (the one that I always held in high regard)