The Mentalist

Season 6 Episode 10

Green Thumb

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 08, 2013 on CBS
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The FBI grudgingly sign up Jane when they need help finding a missing computer programmer, but he won't agree until Lisbon is hired too.

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  • Cho was good

    Cho was good, the rest of this episode was just the usual filler type.
  • Green Thumb

    Hope we get more of Kim and Jane in the field together. Good dynamic there. This was an okay episode, but I didn't like the quick copout of Abbott suddenly giving into the terms without even seeing him do so.
  • no so fun episode

    i din't like this episode. The story was boring, and the fbi agents too.
  • Good turn

    Am happy that finally Red John is dead, and also Grace is off the season. Don't know who told that woman to act. The new FBI agent is a pain, over smart. I think he should be taught a lesson for cheating and not living up to his commitment.

    A one month break disrupts the rhythm and the producers must do something t avoid such long breaks during episodes.
  • I'm Glad

    I was going to miss the mentalist if this was going to be the last season, it's not right? *panics!!*

    Haha anywho. I liked this and the past episode very much, I hope that they will be around for a little while. Also im still rooting for lisbon and jane to kiss and have lots of babies together or something but they're awesome friendship will do for now I guess :p.moreless
Emily Swallow

Emily Swallow

Kim Fischer

Guest Star

Azita Ghanizada

Azita Ghanizada

Defiance Schneiderman

Guest Star

Shannon McClung

Shannon McClung

Agent Collins

Guest Star

Joe Adler

Joe Adler

Jason Wylie

Recurring Role

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    • Lisbon: I have to say, I am impressed. You outplayed the F.B.I.
      Jane: No contest. Did they tell you when I start work?
      Lisbon: When we start.
      Jane: We? What about your job?
      Lisbon: Nah. It was boring.
      Jane: Yeah, I told you.
      Lisbon: Yeah. But you had no right to. It's my life, and I'll decide what to do with it.
      Jane: And you decided correctly.
      Lisbon: There was never any choice.
      Jane: Oh, come on. It'll be fun. Let's see what kind of trouble we can make.

    • Jane: Don't worry. I won't escape.
      Fischer: Oh, I'm not worried. If you walk away this time--
      Jane: I know. I'll end up spending the rest of my life in prison.
      Fischer: No. I'll shoot you.

    • Lisbon: Why are you being so stubborn? The F.B.I. is offering you a get out of jail free card.
      Jane: Well, you make that sound like a good thing.
      Lisbon: Isn't it?
      Jane: Not on their terms. If I can't live on my terms, I'm in prison anyway. Might as well just stay in this cozy little detention suite.

    • Lisbon: How you holding up?
      Jane: Ah... You know what incarceration's like.
      Lisbon: Not really.
      Jane: Well, there's no need to pretend, Lisbon. We're both in the same predicament.
      Lisbon: How is that? I have a home and a respected career. You're locked up for murder.
      Jane: Eh, you're splitting hairs. We're both trapped.

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