The Mentalist

Season 6 Episode 14

Grey Water

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 2014 on CBS
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Jane and Fischer investigate a murder at an oil fracking site, while Rigsby and Van Pelt travel to Austin to help investigate suspects in the string of attacks on former CBI members.

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  • janeis becoming boring,,,,

    the wors: Kim
  • Grey Water

    A solid episode here. The corporate hacktivist storyline could have been edgier, and not as simplistic as CBS usually makes these storylines, but the ending more than made up for it.
  • cho rigsby and van pelt the best team

    Just watched for Cho rigsby van pelt and Lisbon.
  • So typical

    Fracking is evil. Corporations are evil. blah blah blah. So many of the premises of this episode are such typical left-wing canards. It was very disappointing. I couldn't even finish it. I give it a "1". This combined with the new (horrible) structure is making me lose interest.
  • Tense, yes ! Mentalist, no !

    After last weeks atrocity, I was hoping for better this time and yes, The Mentalist provided decent entertainment.

    Just a shame that the new FBI dynamic has ruined the chemistry that the original cast created over the years.

    This episode stepped up immediately when Rigsby & Van Pelt came to the FBI office and their interaction with Cho & Lisbon was palpable with even the stoic Cho hugging his old team mates.

    Jane couldn't even be bothered to put down his cup of tea.

    The interplay between Rigsby and Cho about who would drive was classic Mentalist.

    However, yet again, virtually no Jane/Lisbon communication.

    If Heller is trying to set up Lisbon and her soon to be love interest by separating the primary pair, he's doing a damn good job.

    The story, this week, was interesting enough and brought back some old names to the fore but surprising me that Lisbon didn't instantly look at Volker as her suspect choice.

    Tension was high at the start and finish, when Rigsby & Van Pelt were in immediate danger from a potential killer. However, I do have to say that I was shocked that Van Pelt didn't shoot the original assailant dead. It was a pretty easy shot, after all.

    All in all, head and shoulders better than last week but my 6.5 score simply emphasizes just how bad last weeks episode was.

    Let's face it, is it likely that Lisbon wouldn't have gone for a drink with her old colleagues? I don't think so!

    Sorry Mr. Heller, you really need to get this show into a direction the fans (old AND new) can embrace or, given the lateness of the decision to renew the show (I believe April or May before it gets the nod), I can't see you getting a 7th series and I for one would be hugely disappointed.moreless
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