The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 8

His Red Right Hand

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2009 on CBS

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  • R.I.P Sam Bosco

    In an amazing episode Red John covers his tracks by having Rebecca kill Bosco and his team because they found a mistake from one of Red Johns previous murders that could have found out who Red John is.When Jane found out it was Rebecca that killed them they arrested her but Red John got to her stopping her from talking.Brilliant storyline proving that Red John can make mistakes.
  • Yellow John continues.

    This is the episode we have been waiting for? Really? Yes, it was enjoyable, and yes, it ventured outside the normal formula for an episode of The Mentalist, and yes, it expanded a little bit on the Red John character, but this was not much different from a regular installment of the show and hardly warranted all the hype CBS put forward with it.

    If I had to distinguish the best part of the episode it was Sam Bosco dying. I do not think anybody liked that guy, but there really was not a single scene that stood out.

    Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed this episode, but it was far from memorable.
  • Masterful! This episode will be the hinge on which the rest of the season swings.

    The attacks by Red John's "tool" had only one purpose-get Jane back in play with the case. The murders of Bosco and the other agents hit Jane very close to home; almost as close as his wife and child. Lisbon, Cho, Van Pelt, and Rigsby also now have a personal stake in Red John's capture. Lisbon and possibly other team members already know that Jane has no intention of taking Red John alive. With the tragedy at CBI Headquarters, it will be interesting to see who gets on Jane's vigilante justice platform. This episode played out almost in epic form. The writer's obviously have no problem with swift removal of main characters, i.e. Bosco and Minelli. Bosco's character was well developed and in the last episode, "Red Bulls," his personality really came to life. The loss of Minelli will be a huge hole to fill since Gregory Itzin is a fine actor and had his part nailed down. As for Jane, it seemed that he was experiencing some of the same emotion that he felt when he found his own family murdered. His affect went from self-assured arrogance to stunned disbelief. His emotional burden is now much heavier and it will be interesting to see how this episode will change him. He and Lisbon will naturally be much closer, but as long as Jane continues to wear his wedding ring, it will probably not be romantic in nature.

    Cho was so cool with all the confusion on finding the dead agents. He never hesitated and almost seemed on auto-pilot in getting control of the situation. It is highly possible that Cho will gravitate to Jane's thinking on how to dispose of Red John. He is a highly focused individual and his background of trouble with the law may have impacted his view of the criminal justice system.

    Rigsby and Van Pelt are questionable on how intently they will pursue Red John. Now that they have each other, that could be a major factor in their effectiveness. Office romances usually have a negative impact on unit cohesiveness and that may possibly hinder how they approach the case.

    Red John has shown he can make mistakes. However, like Charles Manson, he seems to have a way of spotting damaged goods and using them as "tools" or "objects" to further his agenda. Sheriff Hardy(Season 1 finale) and Rebecca(Bosco's secretary) both gave their lives for Red John's twisted campaign of "enlightenment."

    Let's hope the rest of the season is as gut wrenching as this episode. Expectations are naturally going to be high and the writer's hopefully didn't show all their capable of with this one episode.
  • The Mentalist does it again.

    This was definitely one of the best episodes so far. I was sort of glad to see Bosco off the show, but it was still sad. I'm not sure why they couldn't give him more blood (I forget the term they usually use for that), but it was overall a superb episode. I could barely leave the room in case I missed something. It was fast-paced and intriguing throughout the whole episode. For some reason I'm always worried Cho will be Red John or one of his friends, so I was glad and only slightly surprised when it turned out to be the woman who worked for Bosco.

    The only complaints I have are that they shouldn't drag out the Red John part of the show for too long, and having Rigsby and Van Pelt moments for the past four or five episodes is a little much. If it was every other episode, like last season, it wouldn't be so bad.
  • Excellent Episode!!

    OMG, where to start?! At the beginning they show Grace and Rigsby in bed together being woken up by their cell phones for a case. Grace is so cute, she's worried that Lisbon will know that Rigsby is there if she answers her phone in bed with him. At the crime scene (minus Lisbon which I thought was weird) Jane comments that Rigsby smells like lanvender or something like that, then as they are leaving he asks Grace if that is Lanvender she's wearing. Clearly he has figured them out.

    As everyone is coming back to the CBI, Cho, Jane, Lisbon, Secretary chick walk into Bosco's office only to find everyone shot with Bosco being the only one still alive. Major freakout by everyone, Jane is in shock, and Lisbon is terrified Bosco won't make it and the secretary is screaming in the background. After Bosco is taken to the hospital, Lisbon becomes concerned that Jane is in shock, but he deflects her saying she should get herself cleaned up (She is covered in Bosco's blood). I gotta say I'm more impressed with Robin Tunney's acting each episode, when she was washing her shirt in the bathroom, I thought she was going to throwup. More investigating stuff and they find Red John is behind it because Bosco found some evidence that could possibly lead to Red John. Jane wants to take Bosco off the morphine so he will wakeup and tell them what he has learned. Lisbon walks in and is angry with him and calls him a cold bastard. She refuses to believe that Bosco may die. As they retrace his investigation Jane finds himself two steps behind Red John. Evidence gone and destroyed, but they did find Red Johns accomplise, the secretary (shocker) who shot the team and is on her way to the hospital to finish the job. Lisbon and Grace stop her and Lisbon is dangerously close to killing her until Bosco wakes up and distracts her. Jane interrogates the secretary but she doesn't really give anything away, just that she loves Red John and he is a great man. She says that Jane is a lot like Red John, he sees people for who they are. It was kind of unsettling when she compared them. They really are kind of alike, yin to yang sort of thing. Jane does have a dark side, but he usually directs it at criminals and such (like the biker). She reveals that Red John wanted Bosco and his team dead so Jane could have the case back and that Red John missed him. Not much later the secretary is dead (again shocker), Red John killed her.

    Back at the hospital Lisbon is told that Bosco isn't going to make it. They talk and he reveals that he loves her and Lisbon (crying) says she loves him too, to which he says he really loves her. She says she knows but doesn't comment more on it. Bosco asks for Jane. Bosco tells Jane to kill Red John when they find him, not to arrest him. Janes says that's the plan. Then Bosco tells him something we don't hear, obviously about Lisbon as Jane looks up at her through the window. Lisbon is confused as if she knows they are talking about her, Bosco dies shortly after. We really see Jane and Lisbon in alot of pain in this episode and it's funny because they both are incapable from seeking comfort from anyone, even each other. They stand alone. Later Lisbon asks what Bosco said to Jane, he replies that he told him to look after her. Bosco has always hinted that Lisbon cares for Jane more than she should, I just wonder if he let the cat out of the bag before he died. All in all a great episode, but we really are no closer to finding Red John. As usual one step forward, two steps back.
  • After a long time, a perfect 10 episode..

    This may sound a bit dramatic, but it felt really good to see the blood stained smiley face. So Red John is back to give CBI a run for its money. And in this episode you get to see the most action packed in one hour.

    There is just one phrase that can describe this episode - shaken up. After a series of one case a day type episode featuring ghosts, kid killers, and what not, this episode jumped into the zone bringing back a series of Red John or rather Red John directed killings shaking the audience up. The CBI is shaken up, with Bosco, Hicks, and his unit dead. Minelli decides to call it a day. And now Jane has the Red John file. And the best part of all this was that Red John did all this so that Jane can pursue him without any restrictions. The last scene where Jane questions the Rebecca was the dealbreaker. In fact, her reply even gave Jane a panic attack. Now it's time to see how Jane catches Red John, given that all the agents deaths were in a way because of him.

    Perfect episode, loved it!
  • Red John's back

    The Mentalist
    Season 2
    Episode 8: His Red Right hand
    In the quarters of the CBI, a shooting occurs and Bosco is fatally injured, and the rest of hsi team are dead. This puts Patrick Jane and his team back on the trail for Red John.

    This is an excellent episode. It was so exciting, so full of drama, so full of mystery, so full of action! Amazing episode! And Red John is back, and Jane is after him once again. This episode was really really great. Its an amzing episode, maybe the best of the season so far. Great episode. Red John is back...
  • An evening of shockers!

    First it was a pleasant shocker, with that opening Rigsby and Van Pelt scene! Jane already has them figured out, and how uncomfortable will that be when all tonight's fuss dies down? Looking forward to that...

    Unpleasant shockers were of course, the deaths of all the CBI agents. I was really surprised they had Bosco actually die; I thought he'd be around but the others would be "expendable" as cast members.

    Then, the secretary actually being Red John's lackey! Wow! I can't wait to "meet" this guy or gal...

    And then, Minelli "retiring"??!! Surely this can't be carved in stone?

    I've heard of cast shake-ups but this one was really unusual. However, it did make for one great and pivotal episode in the crusade for Red John who has definitely stepped up his/her game. Even if that is to cover up his/her one mistake.

    And all it takes is one...