The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 8

His Red Right Hand

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2009 on CBS

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  • Masterful! This episode will be the hinge on which the rest of the season swings.

    The attacks by Red John's "tool" had only one purpose-get Jane back in play with the case. The murders of Bosco and the other agents hit Jane very close to home; almost as close as his wife and child. Lisbon, Cho, Van Pelt, and Rigsby also now have a personal stake in Red John's capture. Lisbon and possibly other team members already know that Jane has no intention of taking Red John alive. With the tragedy at CBI Headquarters, it will be interesting to see who gets on Jane's vigilante justice platform. This episode played out almost in epic form. The writer's obviously have no problem with swift removal of main characters, i.e. Bosco and Minelli. Bosco's character was well developed and in the last episode, "Red Bulls," his personality really came to life. The loss of Minelli will be a huge hole to fill since Gregory Itzin is a fine actor and had his part nailed down. As for Jane, it seemed that he was experiencing some of the same emotion that he felt when he found his own family murdered. His affect went from self-assured arrogance to stunned disbelief. His emotional burden is now much heavier and it will be interesting to see how this episode will change him. He and Lisbon will naturally be much closer, but as long as Jane continues to wear his wedding ring, it will probably not be romantic in nature.

    Cho was so cool with all the confusion on finding the dead agents. He never hesitated and almost seemed on auto-pilot in getting control of the situation. It is highly possible that Cho will gravitate to Jane's thinking on how to dispose of Red John. He is a highly focused individual and his background of trouble with the law may have impacted his view of the criminal justice system.

    Rigsby and Van Pelt are questionable on how intently they will pursue Red John. Now that they have each other, that could be a major factor in their effectiveness. Office romances usually have a negative impact on unit cohesiveness and that may possibly hinder how they approach the case.

    Red John has shown he can make mistakes. However, like Charles Manson, he seems to have a way of spotting damaged goods and using them as "tools" or "objects" to further his agenda. Sheriff Hardy(Season 1 finale) and Rebecca(Bosco's secretary) both gave their lives for Red John's twisted campaign of "enlightenment."

    Let's hope the rest of the season is as gut wrenching as this episode. Expectations are naturally going to be high and the writer's hopefully didn't show all their capable of with this one episode.