The Mentalist

Season 4 Episode 16

His Thoughts Were Red Thoughts

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 2012 on CBS

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  • the one with red riding hood, sleeping beauty

    Really enjoyed this show but don't see it in the episodes. Sleeping Beauty had murdered two other girls and faked her own all most death! I thought I saw it end of Feb or first of March. Anyone else see this?

    MAYBE grace is red john or is working for him:)i love it when the cult leader was talking with her(and sead LET THE RED SMOKE OUT OF YOU)

    and i cant but wonder if the final goal is making patrick a murderer like themXD

    or patrik is red john like a duble personalityXDlol

  • His Thoughts Were Red Thoughts

    A bit of a slow-moving episode of The Mentalist here, but whenever Jane has a real adversary, as opposed to a suspect, it produces a solid hour, and we got that here tonight. I could have done without his odd interaction/flirting with Grace, but their scenes together were not terrible.

    Okay, but there's been a lot better ones this season.
  • Great episode

    Nice change and a good match for Jane
  • Bret Stiles is up to something

    Bret Stiles returned in this episode trying to frame himself to see who would take his place an the CBI are trying to find another murder linking to visualize.In every episode Bret Stiles is in he is showing more how he could be Red John.Bret is clever,cunning and gets what he wants and he is the head of a cult.He is also up to something with Van Pelt as he tried to get her over her problems but he is definitely up to something else.He as always mentions Red John.
  • the pieces are falling

    I think I am beginning to understand what Red John is planning and it became clear as we see Jane not only face Styles again but actually best him while playing the same game. Here is my theory, Red John is grooming Jane to become his hunter. In essence he saw an opportunity for the perfect man to hunt him down and decided to make him. Every little action, every event is meant to make Jane better, and the fact is that Styles noticed this. As a whole Red John seems to be creating his legend, and what he wants is the perfect ending. The ending of the last season was a test, to see if Jane had the character to kill him, and obviously he passed. Now all that remains is for Jane to reach is peak and for Red John to set in motion the final game between them. A game where he might just get what he wants, no matter what. Here is a 9.5 rating to hoping that the ending will be something truly epic.
  • Different but good

    I enjoyed this episode, Jane having a little fun playing around with the cult, I didn't expect who it was on this episode so a nice little twist. Hope Grace gets some serious help seems like she needs someone, the interaction between the cult leader and Grace was good, at least she got something out of it. All in all great episode, I wonder what Jane is planning, that's what I like about Jane you'll never know until its to late. When it comes to Jane what he comes up with is epic.