The Mentalist

Season 5 Episode 7

If It Bleeds, It Leads

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 2012 on CBS

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  • I havent seen it yet

    If I could watch it on this web. then I could give a reveiw.
  • Did Red John Kill all the writers?

    This once was the greatest show on TV. The new season is a huge disappointment. What happened? Did Red John kill all the writers? The show used to have an ensemble cast that interacted in believable ways. Everyone brought something unique to the mix, everyone had a little edge.

    This season the scripts are cumbersome and leaden. The characters are not behaving in the ways we have come to know and love. Patrick is almost absent. His clever plots and machinations have become a guy throwing sticks at an electric fence. Really? Part of what made him so likable was his irreverent humor and his intelligence. Take those away to send him to the "darker places" we are told are upcoming, and why will I continue to watch?

    Lisbon, formerly tough and edgy, is now weak and whiny. Grace is the "elephant in the room". She should have been written out until after the baby comes, on a leave of absence from the CBI because of some hometown crisis, which could later explain the "great mystery" that seems to hang over her head about her past.

    The episode featuring Rigsby and his dad was not plausible, Cho has all but disappeared.

    Instead of the engaging banter between the characters that we have come to rely on to add a bit of lightness to the scripts, the writers seem only able to manage some awkward dialog between two characters on the screen at a time.

    It is like the entire show had a head trauma and lost a whole lot of IQ points. Bring back the Mentalist we know and love. It had a rich cast of characters to explore, all of them had depth. I don't know who these people are any more.
  • If It Bleeds It Leads

    The case here was pretty interesting, as was Patrick's endless pursuit of the truth. The show has been rolling the past few weeks, and in addition to an intriguing case, you had some recognizable guest stars like Henry Ian Cusick.

    Enjoyable episode.
  • Shudders

    The creepy Volker guy probably killed his assistant as a warning to Lisbon, or to mess with her, rather than anything to do with the assistant herself.

    I love how well thought out this show is - they've clearly planned ahead. I'm about 65% sure that the guy from Homeland security isn't Red John, but that he is somehow connected is pretty clear... But I haven't been so engrossed in a crime drama series in a long time. I even prefer The Mentalist to Castle, which I loved before I found The Mentalist. And I just found out recently that Patrick Jane is played by an Aussie - way to go, us! :p
  • Interesting

    Overall the episode was nice. But the plot was a lot thicker than usual, I think with Volker in the picture they can go many ways from here and I hope they will develop a good story. Besides the suspicion of Bob being Red John, did anyone noticed that he is the same guy that was in the limo with that FBI 'director' in Red Dawn? If he's not Red John himself, he at least is related to him in someway.

    There's one thing that bothered me about the storyline: the assistent didn't get protection straight away. Volker, powerful as he was depicted, would certainly have kept an eye on her and would have known what was going on. I knew she would get killed the moment Lisbon stepped in her apartment.
  • If It Bleeds, It Leads.

    To be honest, I think it was a pretty boring episode the entire time, but in the end a lot of interesting things happened, it ended up to be pretty good after all.

    First of all, Lisbon now has a new nemisis in Volker. I liked him, and I hope (and am pretty positive) that he will come back.

    Secondly, of course, the final scene where Jane runs into Robert Kirkland. I don't think he's Red John, but I'm sure he is connected to him. To be honest, I think it would be disappointing if Robert turns out to be Red John. We have been waiting to finally see Red John for 5 seasons, and then they just randomly throw him in the show.

    I hope that there will be a spectacular finale to this season in which we can finally see Red John.
  • Agent Bob

    So I'm not the only one who thinks that this Bob person from the end of the episode is Red John?
  • this was again one weird episode

    Besides from the ending, I was irritated by the temporary absence from the case by Patrick Jane and his attempts to break in a high safety prison (he isn't that dumb) and the teasing of Lisbon ("you are so tough", "you can make it"). But the ending was quite magic. I am wondering where all this will lead us.
  • Lisbon's version of Red John.

    This is another episode left with many questions that started with Jane planning a way to break Lorelei out of a federal prison which on the previous episode is where he found out where she was The murder of a reporter really gets to Lisbon when she finds she has a new nemesis called Volker who is a really powerful man and has proven that he can get away with murder He is like Lisbon's version of Red John At the end you could see how Lisbon felt when she saw the woman dead that Lisbon said would be safe but Volker was able to walk away and is likely to return later in the season The episode ended with a teaser when the man from the limo appears and his name is Robert Kirkland and he came to warn Lisbon about Volker and it was good how he bumped into Jane at the end and Jane asks if he knows him and Kirkland says no but I know you Perfect ending with many questions to answer.
  • There's something wrong.

    Volker. The assistant. Lorelei Martins. Rober Kirkland. Those four characters are key characters at the moment.

    But there's something wrong with it all.

    Pardon me if I'm wrong ... maybe I'm not as observational as I think I am. But the show has definitely dropped a huge bomb.

    First off, Kirkland is NOT Red John, and neither is Volker. Highly unlikely. First of all, the Mentalist is scheduled for at least three more seasons, and Bruno Heller doesn't plan on Red John showing himself anytime soon.

    But then let's think about it logically - it's not Kirkland because Jane was perfectly fine with meeting him (note that smile he has at the very end). Jane would have been on the guard. And it's not Volker either, because I'm pretty sure Red John's style is cutting people open, not suffocating them (even if it for a supposed suicide). On top of that, I'm pretty sure Lisbon would have noticed something, too. And why would he want to get rid of his assistant? Volker's reasons aren't big enough for him to be Red John. But he's a possible acquaintance, just like Kirkland. But they're definitely key characters, because they will make another reappearance. I just don't know when.

    Now what I find fishy about it all is Jane's reaction to the electrical fence. Jane is known for his smart aleck ways to get into places and find things out, and surely an electrical fence won't stop him from getting something that he wants so badly?

    But he stopped. Jane just gave up on the whole thing way too easily.

    I'm not saying he won't be back to try again, I'm just saying that him dropping the whole subject so easily is not right. Not when it's Lorelei Martins at stake. And he was so dedicated to busting her out throughout the whole season, that I found it really, really, odd that he just dropped it like that. He was so dedicated and not focused at all on the case for like the first 45 minutes of the episode, and all of a sudden in the last 15 minutes he's all head over heels trying to figure it out? And all because of the fact he can't get pas an electrical fence? Not right, in my opinion. And the way he was so casual about Kirkland - the whole thing doesn't seem quite right. I know that in the next episode synopsis, it says that he's trying to get Brett Stiles to help him, but still ... it just doesn't seem like him,

    But hopefully next episode it'll be better.
  • Volker?

    @AllaWinter: I think Volker is Red John. And Bob is probably one of his men.
  • rift between jane and lisbon

    the writers have created a deep chasm this season. lisbon begged jane for help. she wound up alone with that poor girl's death on her shoulders. she's angry about loralei. she's in denial about her love for jane. jane is stonewalling her. he felt betrayed when she talked about giving loralei to the fbi. (wouldn't it be amazing if she did betray him there? if she played a part in loralei's disappearance? don't think they could write their way back from that one.) jane also wants to protect her from red john as much as he can. both of them are isolated. she's been threatened by volker and kirkland. she plays poker with bad people. wonder if jane knows about that connection? simon was great in this. the opening scene with the cyclists was so lame. sounded like extras ad-libbing. new week, simon directs. they always give him the best scripts and he does a wonderful job -- always looks like a serious film. hitchcock meets meets nosferatu.
  • Jane again pursuing his own agenda without playing with the team...

    Just seeing this "Bob" at the end of the episode once again after the lemo scene and the contact between him and Jane was really awesome

    If this Bob is really RJ, stepping out to protect "Desmond"/ Volker or maybe to protect agent Lisbon made me believe that this Volker is a villain we will see again and might be also a big threat to the team...

    the story itself was not bad but it kinda felt as it was just to introduce Volker/ or to introduce Bob to Lisbon

    What did Bob mean by "it's being taking care of "... does he mean he will kill him? if so why? for Lisbon's sake?
  • The mentalist ep7

    Now after watching the ending scene of this episode, I just can't wait to see the next one. If im not wrong, Bob (the social security agent) is the same guy who was in limo at the end of episode 5 of the current season. Who's is this guy ?? There's a big secret behind him. Could he leed to red John?? Or he's in fact red John??